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The Duggar Family Pregunta

I have a pregunta about something that Jim Bob dicho in episode 08 of season 5, "Duggars Make a Difference," which first aired on 28 February, 2011.

During a voice-over, Jim Bob dicho something along the lines of, "If your children grow up thinking that the world is centered on them, then they will become very self-focused. And this will destroy your children." Or, he said, "...this will destroy your children's lives." Or, something along these lines. Then he went on to talk about the need to find ministries for the children to be involved in, etc, etc. My pregunta is, did ANYONE por chance tape o DVR this episode, because I REALLY would amor to have Jim Bob's EXACT quote. Does anyone por chance have that EXACT quote? And, while on the subject, does anyone know of a website with meaningful "Duggar quotes" featured on the site? Thanks, and God Bless!
 KRMcKay posted hace más de un año
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