If tu look closely, tu could see silhouettes of Nick and Judy behind Fred.
A few days ago, I read an articulo por Applesauce Doctr, in which she counted down her favorito! disney cine from the Revival Era. I loved the article, and idea behind the articulo intrigued me so much that I decided to write down my version.

Over a año ago, I wrote an articulo where I counted down my parte superior, arriba 10 favorito! disney movies, but because I had so much to talk about each of them, I had to cut my articulo in half.
The reason I'm telling this is because a good chunk of the disney cine from the Revival Era are in my favorites, and I already explained why I amor them, as a result, most of it will be copied and pasted, but I will try to add something new to make it fresh.

With that said, let's begin:

8.Winnie The Pooh (2011);
Personally, I don't have any history regarding this movie. I didn't see any of the advertisements, and I mostly found out about it when I bumped into it on disney Wiki, and watched other people's review of it.
My main problem with this movie is that it's very well made, but it only has two stories. The anterior Winnie The Pooh cine had multiple stories, but this one only has two, which baffled me. Honestly it feels like the creators ran out of ideas of what stories to put in this movie, so they extended the only two ones they had in order to fit the 1 hora mark.

The other problem with it that the animación is maybe too good. I know this sounds like a stupid criticism, but here me out. The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh had an animación style that honestly fit the stories they were telling, as well as the mood of those stories. Here, while the animación is gorgeous, especially during the "Everything is Honey" song, it doesn't fit the mood of the stories, nor do I think this art-style suits Winnie The Pooh, in general.

With that said, I do find this a charming movie. While I wish it had más stories, the ones we do get are serviceable and are executed very well. I especially amor the "Everything is Honey" song, mostly because of the visuals.
The voice actuación is really good too...for the most part. The one casting I loved the most was Tom Kenny as Rabbit. It just feels like a role he fits completely. Jim Cummings is as great as always, but I do have some problems with the other ones. For instance, I'm very disappointed that Peter Cullen didn't get to voice Eeyore. Peter Cullen is credited as being THE voice of Optimus Prime, but nowadays, he seems to be doing nothing but Optimus Prime. The last roles I can remember that he played that weren't Optimus, were two one-shot villains from Megas XLR. He used to play Eeyore back in the day, so why not cast him again? It would've been very nostalgic to hear him (Even though I grew up with the Hungarian dub, and not the English one), and it would've dado Peter Cullen más diversity.

The comedy itself is also very good! I especially loved the joke where Rabbit is arguing with Piglet about tying a knot.

Overall, a good movie, but nothing special.

7.Zootopia (2016);
When I wrote my updated version of my favorito! disney movies, I wrote it as a way to express my new thoughts on the disney animated cine I loved the most, before welcoming Zootopia into the disney family.

I remember back in Spring of 2015, when I heard about this movie and even saw the concept art of it, as well as the people who were directing it. I was thinking to myself that this was going to be a fun and interesting movie, but I was also afraid of it being another Chicken Little (Which is the worst disney animated film, ever!). I remember pondering about this while walking inicial from school on a rainy day.

I finally got to watch it on palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz Time, in front of my desk, and I was impressed with what I saw.
While I liked the characters, (Especially Nick.) the two things that stood out to me the most about it were the visuals, and the humor. I also loved the message as well, but we'll get to that one later.

Judy is an optimist. She believes she can go anywhere and do anything so long as she doesn't give up. Of course, she makes some mistakes, including racial profiling (Yes, tu heard me) and being naive.

Nick is probably my favorito! character in this whole movie. He's guilty of racial profiling just like Judy, as well as swindling, conning, and lying. But he's hilarious, has a huge corazón and a tragic backstory. (So basically, he's Flynn Rider as a fox).
The reason I liked Nick the most is because of his backstory.
When he was younger, he wanted to registrarse the Junior Ranger Scouts. His mother even collected enough money to buy a uniform to fit in, since he was the only predator in the group. However, BECAUSE he was the only predator in the group, the other scouts tricked him and put a muzzle on him instead. Traumatized por what they did to him, he learned two things: 1. He won't let anyone else get to his weak points; and 2. If the worlds only going to see a zorro, fox as shifty, and trustworthy, there's no point in trying to be anything else.

The reason why his backstory is so tragic is because of how realistic it is.
The theme of the movie is racial profiling, which makes sense considering that the movie features both predators and preys, which could cause hostility towards each other, and the unfair treatment of others for being a different race.
When people look at Nick o foxes in general, all they see is a swindling and untrustworthy creature, is very similar how modern times view other races. It would be no different if a group of children called an Arabian boy a terrorist (I bet one of those kids would be Frank Miller.), o a German boy being called a Nazi.

Same thing goes for Judy. All her life, she wanted to become a police officer, but because she's a rabbit, nobody thinks she's up to the job, despite her optimistic attitude, and qualifications of a good police officer.

These stereotypes have painted of how these people are supposed to be, and that's how we treat them; when in reality, not all of them fit the stereotype, and most of them feel less self-conscious about themselves because they don't fit the stereotype.

My friend, Dan was really pissed off por Nick's backstory because of how cruel those scouts treated Nick, even though he didn't do anything. I don't blame him.

Let's talk about something else:
The humor is fantastic. The jokes can range from Animal Puns, background references, sarcasm, not so hidden references, and awkward moments.The movie also seems to be aware that it's a disney movie, which is hilarious. There's also some really fun disney and Breaking Bad references I won't spoil if tu haven't seen them.
I especially remember the scene where Nick and Judy talk to Bellwether. It was February of 2016, and I was suffering from diarrhea, and I had to study for Art History class, because we were going to have a test. I took a brake, and I decided to look t some YouTube videos on my tablet, when I bumped into this scene. I remember laughing at it, but what made me laugh my culo off was when Nick asked "Do tu think she counts herself when she goes to sleep?".

The animación and visuals in this movie are phenomenal. The scene that really summed it up for me was when Judy arrives in Zootopia. The visuals, combined with "Try Everything" por shakira (Great song, btw.), and Judy's expressions, made this one of, if not the best scene in the movie.
Judy's expressions are especially adorable. I amor how her ears fold down like real rabbits do, and I should know this because I own rabbits.
I swear, Zootopia needs to be in Kingdom Hearts 3. Experiencing the gorgeous world of Zootopia while kicking ass, would be amazing.

However, the movie does have its problem.
Bellwether is not an interesting villain. Don't get me wrong, while she was pretending to be good, we was very likeable, and her motivation is completely understandable, and her plan is also pretty good, but because of her limited screen-time, she ended up as a very boring villain, in my opinion.
She's kind of like Hans o Clayton; a realistic villain, that's not very interesting.

While it is low on the list, because I like the other cine more, I still think this s a damn good movie.

6.The Princess and the Frog (2009);
I have watched this movie a couple of times and I really enjoyed it, except that there are problems with it.
For instance, most of the songs aren't very memorable and feel kind of bland. Most of that has to do with the fact that Randy Newman was the one who made the songs for the movie and if tu recall from the older article, I mentioned that I really didn't like Randy Newman as a musician, because it feels like he's been canto the same bland song over an over again. Most of the songs in the movie are bland too, except for two, "Almost There" and "Friends on the Other Side".

"Almost There" is a really fun song in my opinion and probably my favorito! song from the movie. I really like Tiana's determination to get her own restaurant and having her work so hard to achieve her dream, and being so positive about it is really admirable in my opinion. Anika Noni Rose (Tiana's voice actress) does a great job canto it. The beat and rithm are catchy and the instruments work really well with it, in my opinion.
"Friends on the Other Side" is also really damn fun. Keith David, (Doctor Facilier's voice actor) one of my favorito! actors, feel like he has a lot of fun with this song. It honestly feels like a disney Villain song during the Renaissance era like "Poor Unfortunate Souls" o "Be Prepared". Heck, it actually kind of feels like a mix of the two.

My favorito! characters in the movie are Tiana and Doctor Facilier.

I really like Tiana personally, and I think she's quite underrated. I admire that just like Cinderella, she works tirelessly mostrando very little signs of being annoyed o burdened with all her work. I like that she believes the only way you're ever going to achieve something in life is if tu work hard for it, however, in the end she learned that even though tu can't have everything tu want at the end, tu will always have some worth having, like family.
Also, I think she shares a lot in common with Cinderella. Both of them lost their father, are 19 years old, are working hard tirelessly, are helped por women who have magical powers and abilities, have a dream they work hard for, both are really nice people, and get married to a prince in the end.
Plus, not to sound racist, she's the first African-American disney Princess and I am glad we get a role-model for younger African-Americans, and not just have them be white all the time.

Doctor Facilier is a really fun villain, in fact one of my favorito! disney villains. Much like the movie, he feels like a classic Renaissance villain like Ursula, Jafar, Hades, etc.
Keith David does an awesome performance as the character; he captures the creepy, sneaky, slimy and loud personality of Facilier. It's actually one of my favorito! Keith David voice performances along with Spawn from Spawn TAS and Goliath from Gargoyles. And the fact that he uses voodoo allows for a lot of interesting visuals and a lot of great possibilities, and the movie takes advantage of that too.

The other characters are decent and likable too.
Prince Naveen is really fun and charming, the comic reliefs are likable enough and the supporting characters charlotte and Mama Odie are very funny characters.

The colores of the movie are also wonderful. The colores just pop every segundo tu look at it and it's just really fun to watch, especially during "Friends on the Other Side."

So how come it's only at Number 6? Well there are 2 major problems.
One being as I dicho before, aside from those 2 songs I mentioned, the rest of the songs in the movie are really bland and for a disney musical that's a big problem. But it's New Orleans so it would make sense to have that kind of music. While this is a problem, the feel of the songs do fit well with the settings of the movie.
My other problem with it is the story. It's not that the story is bad, it's just a little too complicated. I mean, yeah, you're all familiar with the basics, but I didn't even tell tu about the fact that Doctor Facilier has a deal with the underworld so he can take control of the town, but in order to take control of the town he has to have the guy who looks like Naveen marry the daughter of the mayor of the town, but in order to do that they constantly need the blood of the frog-prince to constantly give to that guy o else his disguise will fade away, but it turns out that Naveen has to be kissed por the daughter of the mayor because the mayor always says he's the king of the parade which technically makes her a princess, but that has to be done before midnight on a certain day, but on parte superior, arriba of that tu also have to have the two main characters fall in amor with each other while they're discovering how to fix their own faults as well as each others. Oh! And I also have to mention that there's a totally unnecessary death with a totally silly and goofy funeral that will either make tu laugh o cry o both and...Oh my God, it's too much! They should've called this Loophole: The Movie, because that's what it always seems like that every minuto they're trying to look for a new loophole to get around something.
Now is it a major problem? Well...I guess not because you're constantly guessing what's going to happen, but one of the charms of cine like: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame is that the story was always very flowing. They knew exactly how much to give to the characters and how much to give to the details. This movie has WAY to many details going on in it, but it's not that bad but it's not as good as other disney cine did it.

And yes I am aware of how much it went away with the fuente material like setting it in New Orleans, making the characters black, having the villain be a voodoo, witch doctor,etc; yes it did took a lot of liberties with the fuente material, but so did cine like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen,etc. The same thing can be dicho for shows like the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist. They did something different with the fuente material and ended up making something good and I applaud them.

What can I say, the main-character's great, the villain's great, the side-characters are fun and memorable, the animación and colores are gorgeous, I felt like I was watching The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast all over again.

5.Big Hero 6 (2014);
Back in November of 2014, when I saw the trailers for this movie, I was actually quite excited for it. Most of that has to do with the fact that it is the first disney animated movie to be based on a comic book. And because I'm a big fan of comic book stories I was actually quite interested in this movie when they released the trailer.

What do I think of it now. Well...I amor the first half to death, but think that the segundo half is merely good. Not that it's bad, but it could be stronger. It's just that the dynamic between Hiro and Baymax overshadows anything else this film could offer. Tadashi is a wonderful character for the time he's there too. And then, of course, there's the big one...Baymax is one of the best characters disney has ever created. Scott Adsit's voice actuación is as perfect as a voice performance can be. He is also a perfect extension of a theme that I feel was previously explored in Frozen. I loved how Olaf was a representation of the sisters' relationship. Baymax is like that for Tadashi and Hiro, but instead is made the central focus than being reserved to a comic relief. If anyone needs reassurance that disney is back, watch the scene where Baymax sacrifices himself. They’re still able to balance emotion and character easily. Even if it is predictable, the ending of the movie is both heartbreaking and logical. If Baymax wasn't rebuilt, people would just nitpick at how Hiro could have just rebuilt him. It may not have deserved the Oscar over Lego Movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2 o even Song of the Sea, but that doesn't mean the film isn't phenomenal.

I think that my only real beef with it is that the superhero half isn’t as good as it could be.
The action is pretty underwhelming dado the powers available to the team. This wouldn’t bother me as much, but the movie went to great lengths to set up all the super powered antics and never really delivered on it. There are only two fight scenes that take up a combined time of less than 10 minutos and their powers aren’t used in creative ways minus one o two things. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that these sections of the movie are made just to sell toys por turning every character into an action figure. I never got why nobody ever talks about this. It really feels like 2 movies. One is a great character drama about a boy learning to cope with the death of his brother via the brother’s final invention and the other is a hastily put together superhero film. It’s not awful, but it’s less engaging and is más predictable; which hurts because the first half is so good.

I really like the soundtrack of the movie, mainly the main theme song "Immortals" por Fall Out Boy. Much like how transformers made me a fan of Linkin Park, this movie made me a fan of Fall Out Boy and I owe it for that.

I also really like the villain Yokai (Robert Callaghan). Mainly because he's a great contrast to Hiro's story. After the failed experiment, he believes he had lost his only daughter and blames Alistair Krei for her death and wants to avenge her por using Hiro's Microbots to steal Krei's company's tech to build the dimensional portal to suck everything Krei worked for as an act of revenge. However after being defeated, he discovered that his daughter is still alive and after she was saved por Hiro and Baymax, he can't be with her anymore because his anger and thirst for vengeance made him commit a huge crime, which got him into jail. As oppose to Hiro who almost went down the same path as Callaghan, por wanting to avenge his brother, but thanks to Baymax reminding him that his brother would not want him to cause even más pain because Tadashi wanted to help people.
Another good contrast is that Hiro managed to become a hero and help people, even though his brother's dead, while Callaghan's daughter was still alive, but he still managed to let his anger consume him.
This shows the message that vengeance for a lost loved one is utterly pointless, as it will resolve nothing and it will only cause even más pain.
Personally, much like Brother Bear, I think it does the message of trying to cope with the loss of your loved ones well and I applaud it for it.

While it is a well done movie, the other problem I have with it is that after it came out and even before it came out, and they only showed the trailers - nearly everybody in the comentario sections were saying of "How much better it is than Frozen!";"Creators of Wreck-it Ralph? Yay! Creators of Frozen? Nay!",etc. This hurt me because I just turned into a frozen fan.
While they're both good cine in their own right, I have theory why they acted like this. I think the reason why this happened was because frozen was everywhere to the point where people got really sick of it, and seeing something new coming out por the same company made them happy because it was something different, for a change. As I said, they're both good cine in their own right, but just because I like frozen más doesn't mean this movie is not good, because it really is.
Also, Stan Lee cameo in the post-credit scene!

4.Tangled (2010);
Eugine is freaking hilarious!
I actually used to have a somewhat reluctant disposition towards liking this movie because it seemed that the only reason people liked it was because it appealed to that "Tumblr Quirky" side of people. Rapunzel and Eugine kind of felt tailored to the people that would yell,"Omg, that's soooo me. Rapunzel is literally my fave." It also didn't really seem to be doing anything that original o inventive on the surface. But when I looked past those flaws, I saw a really funny, really entertaining disney movie. As factory produced as the two leads can be at times, they are still well written. Sure, they feel like products, but the machine did a damn good job. They are so likable and each represents a different side of traditional disney characters.
Rapunzel is a perfect giddy alternative to the traditionally classy princess role and Eugine is an interesting take on a dashing hero with a perfect backstory. He's not really the dashing thief; he's an orphan who wants to live the life of his fictional hero. There are two scenes in this film that I think are as perfect as scenes can be; there's simply nothing wrong with them. The first is the Kingdom Dance. The music, the pacing, the energy and the animación is all spot-on-perfect. Watching the two of them bond is priceless. The segundo scene is the lantern ceremony, right from when the parents are seen about to light the first one until the end of... one of the most perfect songs disney has ever written. First of all, the animación on the parents face is perfect. They don't say anything, but they still get across every emotion we need to feel.
Then comes I See the Light. The animación is beautiful here. I amor the shot when the lanterns are reflected on the surface of the water and it’s almost like the góndola is floating in space. And um... this song is the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life (yes, even más adorable than "Do tu Want to Build a Snowman"). It's just so sweet that my corazón can't help but melt, and yet there actually is a serious (albeit 1st world problem) message being delivered.
A lot of cine focus on following your dreams, but enredados is one of the first to talk about what happens when your dream actually comes true. Where do tu go from accomplishing everything tu ever wanted to? It addresses the, "Now what," factor. In this case, both Rapunzel and Eugine discover that their new dream is found in each other. It also briefly talks about the fear of having your dreams coming true, yet having them not be what tu thought they would be.

There are also some things in the movie that I think work really well. For example, the story. It's rare that I say this,but the story to this movie is brilliant. This is the classic retelling of a fairy-tale that disney used to do best. It's not as accurate to the original, but the changes are not only incredibly creative, but half the time they're improvements. It transitions the story into film perfectly.

I also really like the comedy in this. I already mentioned Eugine and Rapunzel, but there's so much more. Pascal is a really fun side-kick, mostly for being and overprotective but snarky chameleon.
And then there's Maximus. In my opinion as stupid as it sounds and I do apologize for that, Maximus is without a doubt the best horse character in Disney. Every time he was on screen I was laughing my culo off! Most of that has to do with his energetic personality, his dedication to catch Eugine and his rivalry with him.
And the thugs from "The Snuggly Duckling" are also really funny and memorable.

However as I dicho the movie is not without it's flaws.
As brilliant as the set up is, everything feels like they're trying to convey that traditional disney film. Sometimes it works but other times, much like Hunchback of Notre Dame and Frozen, it feels a little forced at times. Like the musical segments, they just sort of come out of nowhere and I don't think it matches the style of the movie. Don't get me wrong, the songs are good songs, especially "I See the Light",it's one of my favorites. Granted I'm not a Randy Newman fan, but it was New Orleans, so it made sense to have that kind of music, it matched in the Princess and the Frog. Here, this sort of pop-guitar/broad-way/bill-board hit sound I don't know, it feels a little out of place.

Mother Gothel, while a decent villain she seems to go back and fourth from trying to be menacing and trying to be a silly obstacle. Where other disney villains like Captain Hook, Ursula, Gaston, Hades, etc; managed to balance being both comical and threatening very well, Mother Gothel seems to be half the energy at both which makes it harder to get invested in her.
However, the thing I like the most about her is that she's basically a modern version of Judge Calude Frollo. They're both old, cruel people who imprisoned a child with special capabilities in a tower, and wanted to keep them inside the tower, por saying the world is a dark cruel place, and they both die because of gravity.

The things that are good are really good and I think they're enough to forgive the problems of the movie which really aren't such big problems.
It's a fun ride that I'm always ready to return to!

3.Moana (2016);
Out of the two disney animated cine that came out last year, this one is my favorite.
I admit, back in 2015, while lectura about this movie on its disney Wikia page, I was skeptical about this it.
When I first saw Zootopia, I thought I was going to like it more, but after watching Moana, my thoughts changed completely.

It all started out when my friend Dan watched Moana himself, and he recommended it to me. I told him not to spoil it for me because I want to see the movie myself. I wanted to watch it not while escritura a homework, o while making a new drawing, but por sitting down in my bed, peacefully, and alone.
Ironically, I managed to watch it on the night before April Fool's.
After watching it, it became one of my favorito! disney movies.

The way they represented Polynesian culture is really impressive. They didn't just focus on Hawaiian culture; tu have Maori, tu have the Solomon Islands, tu have Samoa; they have all kinds of islands and cultures tied to it.
From beginning to end, the movie shows all kinds of little details about Polynesian culture, and I was really blown away por it. In fact, the very first song "Where tu are" talks about everyday life, and according to my research it's all completely true. They say things like: nets made from fibers, coconut water sweet, using the leaves to build fires to cook the meal inside, etc. Fun fact! The men are the ones who are cooking the food, and in the movie they mostrar the men cooking the food.
Ironically, both Moana and Pokemon Sun and Moon premiered on November of 2016, and both of them focused around Polynesian culture.

Another interesting thing about this movie's representation of Polynesian culture, is the main villain Te Ka. Te Ka and Te Fiti mirror one of the most important Goddesses in Polynesian culture, Pele, goddess of: volcanoes, wind, lightning, and the creator of islands. While many people respecter her, Pele was known to be jealous, wrathful and spiteful; which mirrors Te Ka's personality, although they have different reason for being so. This leads me to my other favorito! thing about Moana, the theme of identity.

Throughout the course of the film, there is a theme of identity, the loss of one's identity, the circumstances that lead to the loss of ones identity, and the discovery of ones identity.

I know it may be weird, but let's start with Te Fiti and Te Ka.
Te Fiti's known to be the Goddess responsible for creating the islands. When Maui estola the corazón of Te Fiti to give it to humans, Te Fiti turned into Te Ka, a morbid and wrathful version of her former self, who destroys anything in her path while searching her her stolen heart.
Having her corazón stolen is meant to symbolize the loss of ones true identity, and becoming something they know they're not.

When Maui estola the heart, he did it because, as an infant, his parents threw him into the ocean, causing him to feel unloved and unwanted. The Gods took pity on him, and turned him into a demigod and gave him the hook which allowed him to shapeshift. In order to feel loved and respected, Maui used his powers to give people islands, fuego and coconuts, but it wasn't enough. He estola the corazón of Te Fiti, so he could give people the power of creation, as a way to find amor acceptance to replace the affection of his parents. However, this instead turned him into a villain, and not only lost the heart, but his magic hook, as well.
While this may pain Maui as a villain, he had sympathetic reasons for doing so. He wasn't evil, he just wanted people to amor and respect him because, as a child, he didn't get any of that.
When the Gods made him into a demigod, he believed that's who he was, and without his hook, he's nothing and has no identity. However, in the final battle with Te Ka, Maui's hook was destroyed, but he still stood up to Te Ka, because the hook isn't his identity.

Moana is kind of in the middle. While Maui thought the hook was his identity, and Te Fiti lost her identity, Moana didn't know what her identity was, ans why the ocean chose her.
In the beginning, Moana, was told that her purpose and identity is to be the chief of her tribe. Her father wanted Moana to forget sailing the Ocean, because, as a young man, he was just like Moana, but he completely changed when he lost his best friend in a storm, once again harkenning back to the theme of losing ones identity because of awful circumstances.
Throughout the movie, Moana tells Maui that she's the daughter of the chief, when in the end, it turns out she's más than that.
After Maui left her, she says the ocean chose wrong and wants the ocean to chose someone else. She's completely distraught, until her grandmother's ghost and her ancestors, helped her realize who she is, she's Moana, the one who will save her people, and restore the identity of someone who lost hers.

The ocean chose her to restore the corazón for many reasons. The ocean couldn't do it; Te Ka can't touch the ocean. Maui couldn't do it, he's just a demigod with his own problems trying to solve everything to might and magic. It's precisely Moana's humanity that allows her to connect with Te Ka. She can actually identify with not knowing o forgetting who tu are.

The scene that best exemplifies that is my favorito! scene in the movie, the song "Know who tu are".
Moana asked the ocean to let Te Ka come to her, because she realized that Te Ka is Te Fiti, but Te ka doesn't know that.
The scene makes it look like she's going to sacrifice herself, for someone who was trying to kill her. When in reality Te Ka lost her way, and Moana helped her realize who she was por restoring her heart.

The reason why that scene is my favorito! is not only because it's a beautiful moment, but because of the song. I'll be honest, but this is my favorito! song in the movie.
A few days ago, I rewatched this scene on YouTube, and I loved it even more; then I listened to the audio version while having my eyes closed, and I started crying, a lot. Mainly because it feels like Moana was talking to me. That's what I amor about the song; that it's meant to feel/sound like Moana was talking to the viewer, not just Te Ka.
It made me think of myself when I didn't have to hide my emotions and fears from people, out of fear of hurting them. As a result, I've become cold and stern, made me think of my playful side as just a mere distraction. But this song reminded me of my true self, as a mature, but selfless, kind and funny artist who's sacrifice anything for his loved-ones.
Combined with the gorgeous choir, and it made me cry like a baby. It's ironic how the calmest song is the most powerful.

This can also be implied to characters like: Elsa, Anna, Wreck-it Ralph, Nick, etc; who either lost their own identity, o didn't know what their true identity was.

Let's talk about something else:
The animación in this movie is phenomenal, it probably has the best water effect I've ever scene, and the way the hair of the characters behave is very realistic, especially when Moana's hair slaps her across the face.

The comedy is pretty good, too. Not as good as Zootopia, but still funny. I especially laughed at the scene when Moana was checking if the water was warm o not, and when she thinks it is warm, it turns that Maui pissed in the water. I always amor adult jokes like that.

And the songs are really damn good. One thing to know about the songs though, is that most of them have "are" in the name: "Where tu are", "Know where we are", "You're Welcome", "Know who tu are". I believe it's a reference to the theme of identity that I talked so much about.
Originally, my favorito! song was "Know where we are" because of the choir, until "Know who tu are" take the spot as my favorite, because of it affected me emotionally.

Another song worth noting is Maui's "You're Welcome". mainly because of Dwayne Johnson's singing. I was honestly surprised to see wrestler, turned actor Dwayne Jonson is going to be featured in a disney animated movie, but I was even más shocked that he will sing. Dwayne Johnson in not a good singer, but he has so much fun and puts so much passion into his canto that it's barely noticeable.

The movie does have it's problems though.
Hei Hei's pretty annoying, sometimes the comedy doesn't hit, and there are some scenes that don't serve that much of a purpose.

But despite it's problems, I think it's an amazing movie. However, it's only Number 3 because there are 2 más that I like better.

2.Wreck-it Ralph (2012).
Now before we begin my explanation as to why I amor Wreck-it Ralph, I need to tell tu a little bit of history first.
The last game I managed to finish from beginning to end was Pokemon Sun, and the very first game I manage to finish from beginning to end was Pokemon Black.
tu see I amor knowing about video-games,but I'm only a casual player. The only franchises I'm interested in playing are Pokemon and Sonic The Hedgehog. But just because I'm a casual player doesn't mean I don't want to know más about other franchises.

The point of this is that when I first saw the trailers for Wreck-It Ralph back in the Fall of 2012 I was legitimately excited to see this movie. Most of the students in my class wanted to see Hotel Transylvania, and while that was a pretty good movie, it doesn't hold a candle to Wreck-It Ralph, in my opinion.
The trailer for Wreck-it Ralph was amazing, in my opinion, mostly because of the song "Some Nights" por Fun. It's a fantastic song, but it isn't the main theme of the movie. Instead, it's "When can I see tu again" por Owl City, which is also a great and catchy song, but I would've preferred "Some Nights".

When the movie came out, the term that was thrown around the most about it is that it's the Roger Rabbit/Toy Story of video-game movies. And from the advertising, it kind of looked like that. We got some sort of Donkey Kongish knock off suddenly interacting with all these famous video-game characters, like: Bowser, M.Bison, Zangief, The Pac-Man Ghost, Doctor Eggman, etc; nothing like this has ever been done in a movie, o at least not with video-games. It really was the equivalent of seeing Mickey ratón and Bugs Bunny together, some elements of Toy Story - it was just so serial. However, unlike Roger Rabbit, where the characters keep popping up in the entire film, in this one it's just the beginning, because of that, some people were disappointed since all of the advertisements showed video-game characters we knew. But the story, characters and themes are so good that tu almost don't notice.
Much like Roger Rabbit, the movie can still stand on its own even if tu didn't have those famous characters in there.

At it's core, it's about a villain who has been playing that role for years but nobody appreciates him for his hard work.

tu really feel for Ralph's character. He's not a villain o a jerk, he's just a man who's doing his job as the villain for 30 years but nobody seems to respect o appreciate him for that.
Vanneloppe is also very likable. Not just for being a cutey-pie like Anna from Frozen, but because there is tragedy to her, much like Ralph. Everybody around her, especially the other racers treat her like she's worthless o just a mistake when really she just wants to be accepted like everyone else (Which is something I can sympathize with).
The relationship between the two feels really genuine and it doesn't feel forced at all.

I'm also impressed that the movie has a pretty complicated story-line when tu get down to it, but they explain it in a very simple way. The film is very good at throwing different surprises and turns every corner and explaining how the world works. Through warp-zones and cheat-codes, tu can actually change your identity and anything about your environment. Really, the movie takes complete advantage of what's dado to them; it isn't just using popular video-game characters for nostalgic imagery, they're totally embracing the idea of what they have. Incorporating both the retro games of the past with the modern games of today.
Throughout the clever escritura and satire though there's also a very heartfelt story between Vanneloppe and Ralph. This is the focus of the film and I applaud it for knowing where the actual focus should be.

The voice actuación in this is beyond pitch-perfect, I mean this quite possibly the best voice-acting I've heard in a disney movie since The Hunchback of Notre Dame. John C.Riley as the big doofus with the corazón of gold. Sarah Silverman as the smart-ass, one-liner spewing, but cute brat. Jane Lynch as the awesome commander with a backstory that will either make laugh o cry o both, the lista goes one. The fans always say the reason as to why the voice actuación is so good is because the voice actors look almost the same as the characters that they're voicing. Personally, I think it's just because of sheer, good talent, but I think that plays a part in too.

This is one of those cine does well at combining really great humor in with the story that it's telling, they almost go hand in hand; like something that's a pretty funny joke can also be a major plot device. The explanation as to why Vanellope can't leave the game is actually both pretty funny and really heartbreaking. Even though these are all video-game characters and tu play them all the time, they're still human.

And to be honest, I thought the final monster fight with King Candy/Turbo fit in with the film. I mean, it's based on video games, it needs a final boss fight who's scary and intimidating. Sure, it didn't work perfectly, but I liked it at least.

Speaking of King Candy/Turbo, much like Callaghan from Big Hero 6, he's a good villain to mostrar that just because tu don't get appreciated for your work doesn't mean tu didn't do a great job. Which leads us to the central theme of the movie: the movie's moral is that doing the right thing isn't about winning accolades o looking like the good guy o even doing what society SAYS is good. Its about doing what tu believe is the right thing even if its in defiance of people say and even if it doesn't necessarily make tu look like a good guy.

What más can I say? Yes it's really nice to see characters like Zangief and Sonic in the movie (It would've blown my mind if I saw pikachu in the movie), yes it's neat that they reference Lara Croft, but that's not the focus of the movie nor should it be.

One más thing, a few weeks ago, while looking at Disney's facebook page, I saw a post that revealed the título of Wreck-it Ralph's sequel: Ralph Breaks the Internet.
tu see, Wreck-it Ralph and frozen will get sequels in the following two tears. Frozen's sequel is meant to arrive in 2019, and Wreck-it Ralph's sequel is meant to arrive siguiente year.
I'm honestly quite excited, and the premise of Ralph and his friends exploring the internet would bring up a lot of possibilities.

1.Frozen (2013).
This wasn't surprising.
Yes, seeing how much I've been praising this movie for over 2 years now and obsessed over it, it's no surprise to see it as Number 1.

My opinion changes A LOT about Frozen. I guess most of that has to do with how much I obsessed over it in the past two years and, now it feels like it's fading away. As of now, I amor this film.

This explanation is probably the longest of the explanations, so if you’re not interested in finding out why someone who loves this movie más than anyone else here on fanpop (And because I've written dozens of artículos about it), just skip it and say I’m falling for the Zeitgeist already. I just want people to see why I amor this movie. Yeah, maybe it’s selfish and cheesy, but I think I’m Frozen’s biggest fan on this site.

frozen has a message about how amor among family is just as strong as amor between significant others, but the cleverness about it is the other messages that are just as valid are never presented directly. A lot of people seem to think that Elsa’s turmoil represent the repressed feeling that homosexuals o other convention defying traits they may have. While I see how people could think that, it’s not what I see. Elsa and Anna are complete opposites in that they are extremely extroverted and introverted respectively. Obviously these exaggerated traits are what set the whole story into motion, but what’s so perfect about this is that neither side is ever designated as right o wrong. The film never states that one side is right, much like Demolition Man and shows the consequences of both.
Elsa’s introverted nature resulted in an inability to keep her powers hidden and caused this whole thing, whereas Anna’s extroversion ended her up with a double-crossing amor interest and a near death experience. It never says that one side is correct, but implies that a balance is possible. Also the message Anna teaches obviously shows to be careful about whom tu fall in amor with. These are messages that children need to know today considering the world is tailored in a way that urges people to completely give themselves to people without a segundo thought.(Which is another reason why I'm not a romantic person.)

The escritura for frozen is very strong. Every scene is important and contributes to the movie in one way o another without seeming too linear. There is only one o two scenes that I deem chinks in the plot armor: the lobo chase does come out of nowhere and exists mainly as transitionary filler until they meet Olaf. But at least it contributes to the story. I guess I could also deem the song "Fixer Upper" pointless because it does overstay its welcome a bit and it is my least favorito! song in the movie (as well as my least favorito! moment in the movie). Even then, the chase only lasts a minuto and the two of them did have a conversation prior in which they got to know each other.I actually think that the conversation in pregunta is one of the best examples of escritura in the film. It is a prime example of Frozen’s ability to be subversive in ways that one would not expect.
In the conversation on the sled, I actually was convinced that Kristoff would end up with Elsa. We all know now that he didn’t, but look closer at the scene. Kristoff tells Anna the exact same thing Elsa told her when he finds out she got engaged to Hans after just a day. He was certainly level-headed and introverted like Elsa; even to the point of his best friend being a reindeer. Plus, he’s also an ice salesman who claims, “Ice is my [his] life.” Doesn’t it make sense for the ice loving man to be with the magic ice queen? Heck, even their hair colores match (Sort of, they just have different shades of blonde).

When I thought about it, Anna and Hans seemingly had the same relationship. They were both extroverts to the point of being ready to marry after one day, they both felt excluded por older siblings, and they had the same hair color. From there, you’d think Kristoff would soften Elsa’s corazón realizing that someone can appreciate the beauty in the gift she thought was a curse, but that didn’t happen. Look at another scene that tries to trick tu like, “Fixer Upper.” As much as I really dislike that song, the entire point of the song was to convince the audience that Anna and Kristoff were meant for each other. Then they find out that they have to kiss Hans to lift the spell. The audience assumes that the kiss won’t work because Anna and Kristoff really amor each other, they kiss, and happily ever after, but that didn’t happen.
I’ve heard some people say that Elsa should have been a villain (Heck, I dicho the same thing too, back in January of 2015.) There are moments where it looks like she might, such as when she summons malvavisco to get Anna away o when she almost kills the Duke’s henchmen, but that didn’t happen either. Every turn that would have seemed predictable was not taken. I feel that people would talk about how predictable the film was más than they already do if any of these things happened. They didn’t happen because the characters are written like they’re reacting to the scenarios they’re put in. The story does not dictate what they do, but rather the other way around. Right after every character was established, the decisions and choices they made felt very natural.

Writers often say that a character is truly good when they lose control and the character starts to write itself. That is how I feel Frozen’s characters were; and there is proof that this happened when escritura the movie. Director/Writer Jennifer Lee dicho in an interview that Elsa was going to be a villain, but after "Let it Go" was pitched to her, they reworked the story because they didn’t think Elsa would become evil, dado what the songwriters had written (Which would explain Elsa's lack of screen-time [I even wrote an articulo about it] but I won't complain about it, here.). That is a great decision on the writers’ part because they were más concerned with keeping the integrity of the character rather than satisfying some sort of formula. Whereas, even in cine I amor such as enredados and, I felt like the characters knew the conclusion they were going to come to from the beginning, frozen never felt like it knew how it was going to end. I really feel like I’m just watching the characters be themselves and it just makes them seem so real. It’s like how many people describe the characters of Avatar:The Last Airbender.
It’s not every día I come across a character I almost believe that they’re real. Sure, I KNOW they aren’t, but I certainly wish they were (Elsa and Anna especially).

My favorito! characters in the movie are Elsa and Anna, but I also really like most of the other characters as well.
As I just said, they feel very natural in what they do and are very relatable to me.

Anna seems to suffer from a bit of, “Tangled Syndrome,” on paper; where she acts like a typical hyper person, yet is still a self-insert for girls. Luckily, it’s rather downplayed compared to Rapunzel and is giver far más context. For one thing, we see that she was like that as a kid. I am astounded at how well the animators and writers captured Anna and Elsa as children. They act like they do as adults, yet in the minds of children so audience has no trouble believing that these two children grow up to be the people they become. As a result, her personality doesn’t seem as out of left field as it did in Tangled. When she makes a decision as stupid as getting engaged to Hans after one day, it’s believable. Plus, she’s not just quirky. She has high energy and contagiously exciting, but also is willing to take responsibility for causing Elsa to start the winter; never going off the deep end and becoming so crazy that the audience forgets that she’s a character.
I relate a lot to Anna's character in that I'm very imaginative, clumsy, stubborn, awkward, ignorant and I can be energetic at times, but only when I see something funny,and I hate rudeness and selfishness. I also view Anna as an older sister who would stand up for me an cheer me up when I'm depressed o feeling down.

Elsa is my favorito! disney character, but I won't go into full detail why I amor her so much because this articulo would take as much time to read as watching Return of the King, uncut.
Many people say that Elsa is boring, but Elsa is a very interesting character to me. She has so many emotional problems and it's so hard for her to contain, I find that really interesting. Near the beginning she was optimistic where she didn't have to hide her powers. She then hit Anna with her magic and nearly killed her and has become a very mature young lady. I find that she can contain her emotions very impressive because she had so much in her life: she almost killed her sister(out of accident); her parents died; she has to live alone for the rest of her life amongst many subjects. I don't think Elsa is a boring character at all.
There seems to be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Elsa's strength, in which I say: ?!?!?!.
I think people mistaken Elsa's vulnerability as weakness when really it just shows she's human. Although Elsa wants to be Anna just as much Anna wants to be with Elsa, she keeps herself away. When Anna says she wishes things would go back how it used to be, tu can see the hurt in Elsa's eyes and how she wishes that too, but she can't because she keeps herself away from Anna to protect her. Also, Elsa was left alone in her room to suffer(But she did stuff that she liked like studying and geometry). She didn't have Anna's optimism that someday things would get better, she had the idea that she was a monster who hurt her precious sister and that's all she's going to be.
And much like Anna, I view her as an older sister who would comfort me when I'm feeling depressed o down.

Kristoff is a nice, likable counter to Anna’s bubbly nature as a good straight-man character should be. Most of the comedy that doesn’t involve him talking with Sven involves him reacting to how weird some of the things she does are. I think my favorito! is his reaction when Anna tries to climb the mountain without any equipment, which is a great bit of visual humor as well. His connection with Sven also is a clever way to mostrar how isolated he actually is from other people. It’s stuff like that that goes the extra mile that makes me appreciate the characters.
I relate a lot to Kristoff in that I'm an introverted straight-man who's also an animal person. Plus, we share the same name.

Hans seems to divide the viewers because most people either saw the twist coming, o think that it is a complete turnaround in terms of his character.
Big surprise, I don't hate Hans and I think he's a decent character. The twist did surprise me when I first saw the movie, but I think there’s enough evidence to justify it being a well written twist. First of all, he looks like other romantic interests disney has made, so it’s not as predictable when he turns. The only other character who comes even close to his archetype is Gaston and as much as I amor him, it’s pretty obvious he wasn’t really going to be the hero. With Hans, he was a seemingly perfect match for Anna as I mentioned earlier. He was kind, suave, charming and the lista of things he did to help Anna seemed endless. When Anna randomly thrusts responsibility of Arendelle on him, even though he didn’t ask for that, he was willing to do that for her. When he thought Anna was in trouble, he went up the mountain to look for her with a buscar party. He even saved Elsa’s life when the rest of the party clearly wanted her dead;he was a pretty supportive guy making his turn all the más surprising.
However, none of these good deeds seemed out of character when he reveals his true intentions because they all supported his plan. Letting Anna go on her own was as good as killing her and bringing Elsa back to the castillo would supposedly keep her captive until he could blame Anna’s death on her and sentence her to death. Most villains tend to be very straightforward with their evil nature, as in they are easily spotted as a bad guy. Hans, although not as good a character as some of them, is less easily spotted and más manipulative than some of the other villains. The few people who did like him as a bad guy to begin with enjoyed that he wasn’t blessed with any powers like Ursula o Maleficent and didn’t have control over anybody else like Mother Gothel o Frollo; both of which are claims I agree with.
Look at it this way: he was just a guy with a sword and his wit, nothing special in terms of villainy, but he came so close to his goal despite those hindrances only por lying to people. Plus, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in how he tries to manipulate Elsa’s guilt on the frozen lake before he tries to kill her. “Your sister is dead… because of you.”
Another thing I likes about Hans is that he's practically the perfect villain for a story like this. Keep in mind that in real life, there are instances of women falling in amor with men, who in reality never loved them int he first place and was just using them. Hans is a perfect example of that, as he was using Anna's desperation to get the throne. And it's also quite tragic on Anna's part, as she abandoned her sister, the person who loved her the ones, for someone who never loved her in the first place.

The side characters like the Duke of Weselton, Oaken, and the trolls are perfectly functional as well. Though, they do feel pretty superfluous sometimes.
Sure, the trolls don’t really make as much sense in the grand scheme of things but that’s a nitpick.

One of the things I’m happiest about is the way the writers chose to handle the comic relief. I amor how they follow through with the, “relief,” part of, “comic relief.” disney really exercised restraint with them and actually made them clever characters in Olaf’s case. The más I think about him, he’s actually a really good character. The choice to make his delivery reserved and well timed versus loud and obnoxious is both a good direction for disney to take as well as a new one. He’s not like Timon and Pumba,or like Gargoyles from Hunchback, nor does he feel like a retread of the good comic relief examples such as anyone from Beauty and the Beast.
Even taking that out of it, he serves a purpose other than telling jokes. From a plot perspective, he helps them find Elsa’s castillo and even saves Anna’s life after Hans betrays her, but that’s not even the best part. It’s no secret anymore that Olaf is representative of the bond that Anna and Elsa had when they were children, but I think there’s something else there too. Something people like to harp on is the idea that Elsa creates consciousness in Olaf. This is a bit of a stretch, but I’d argue that Elsa is actually controlling him subconsciously. She can control all the ice and snow she conjures up, so since she built him while canto "Let it Go", so who’s to say she isn’t controlling him without even knowing it? If it is subconscious that also would explain how she has no idea she’s doing it (Controlling him). I think that makes más sense than just creating life. Besides, Olaf does eventually find the staircase to her palace. Maybe she wanted to be found in the same way depression victims secretly want someone to empathize with them even though they don’t want to discuss their sadness. Not to mention, when he does decide to be funny, it’s never out of place o inappropriate. There are serious moments in the film that a bad writer would consider too heavy for children; and it would be easy for them to make Olaf break the tension and not let anything sink in. For example, when Anna’s corazón is first frozen por Elsa, he doesn’t crack a joke o anything. The other comic relief, Sven, also exercises a lot of restraint on Disney’s part. How easy would it have been for the writers to make him talk? Very easy, but they don’t and instead choose to make Kristoff talk for him. This, again, serves más purposes than comic relief and actually helps characterize Kristoff; not really give any deep insight,but it shows the kind of lonely goofball he is. He’s no Charles Foster Kane, but it does its job.
I don’t get when people say that the comic relief was, “obnoxious,” o "distracting". I’d understand más if they just dicho that Olaf wasn’t funny, because his humor obviously won’t strike a chord with everyone.

The movie is drop dead gorgeous; only complimented por brilliant cinematography. When animated films are made, I almost feel that directors forget that they are not bound por traditional camerawork conventions. They can mostrar anything from any perspective, get any shot and any angle they want. frozen takes advantage of this más than any other animated film I have ever seen, probably only beaten por Hunchback, Zootopia and Moana. My favorito! example in the film is during the climax when Anna calls out to Kristoff and we get a beautiful overhead tracking shot from where Anna is standing to where Kristoff is. The shot lasts an uncomfortable amount of time; just longer than I expect it to, giving the perfect emphasis on how far away the two of them are causing the audience to think, “Oh my gosh, he’s not going to make it, is he?” There’s this primal, chilling howl that plays during this shot causing a visceral, deep tension in me. I legitimately get chills every time. In fact, this same howl plays every time the movie makes the cold seem threatening. What about other shots like mostrando Anna and Kristoff just walking over a mountain? That was just as good as the shot of the Fellowship of the Ring traveling over the mountains. What about the whole "Let it Go" sequence? Even before all the ice magic happens and Elsa starts canto there is a vast, empty backdrop of the mountains that goes on and on. It’s just so effective for me that I may as well be watching the song from 5 feet away on parte superior, arriba of that freezing mountain feeling the wind with her. But, this stuff is just cinematography, as in (because it’s animated) nonexistent camerawork. I know that I throw around a lot of “one of the best” and “best ever”s, but it is no exaggeration that frozen is one of the best animated disney cine ever. I get that other disney cine have fantastic animación in their own right: Tarzan swiftly moving around the trees, the colores in Pocahontas, the Hellfire scene from Hunchback,but frozen is the only computer animated film that I felt ever fully embraced the medium of CG animation. Even in Tangled, it felt like it started as a hand drawn film and the animators were told to change it during production. frozen takes advantage of just how detailed the animación can be and how dynamic the extra dimension can make the environments feel. Everyone’s talked about the animación on the ice and snow and how wonderful it is…could be because it’s true. People who worked on the movie proudly reported many times that they watched snow mover around to appropriately capture its movements and it shows. The snow bunches up and acts like powder as it’s supposed to. It even sticks to clothing. The animators literally walked around in snow wearing skirts to see how it would behave. Olaf is composed of particularly well-animated snow. I noticed on multiple occasions that individual flakes would shine like real snow does, rather than just make him completely white. It’s más obvious in some scenes over other ones,but the point still stands.Something disney has never had trouble with is giving the world color when it needs it, and frozen is no exception. All the characters are designed in a way that makes them pop. Anna’s magenta capa especially stands out as a nice contrast to the snowy environments. If tu notice, the snow is never just solid white while Anna and Kristoff explore the mountains.There’s always a shade of rosado, rosa o cyan to go with it and are absolutely perfect compliments to the visual.When Olaf is first introduced, the ice hangs from the branches of the trees in little frozen droplets and when he is impaled, the icicles are formed horizontally with a stunning light blue hue.
And, of course,Elsa’s ice palace. Oh my goodness, Elsa’s ice palace!
Right from when she builds it, it’s immediately impressive animation. The way it raises out of the snow, the way the additions are created out of nothing, the way the colores splash into the floor, the way her magic travels up the walls to create the roof, and the chandelier she creates are all well animated and simply beautiful to look at. The inside carries this ambience and atmosphere that at times I felt like I was whisked away. The beautiful wide shots inside mostrar all that she’s build in its spacious, cyan splendor. Every frame looks so clean and beautiful. I amor that every time it is shown from the inside, a new color is shining through. When Anna arrives, everything is crystal blue, when Elsa is fruitlessly trying to control herself, everything is dark red and black, when the guards attempt to kill her, it’s a muddled yellow splashed in the blue. There’s this elegance and mystique to it, for there’s only so many times I can say that it looks beautiful. What I amor also is the way the ice and snow itself seems to be its own entity. At times the winter sounds inviting and other times it seems frightening. As the story continues and Elsa’s sanity starts to dwindle, the ice and snow becomes más vicious and furious, especially during the climax. The ice seems to be out to stab the characters and the snow furiously blows around in a storm. When Anna’s skin starts to freeze, she doesn’t just turn to ice immediately. Her skin turns white, the markings of Elsa’s magic appear on her, the tips of her fingers turn blue, and her hair changes even unhealthier shades of white. The ice magic seems so violent and sickening that way; like it’s a real disease. I guess the one thing wrong with the animación is that Elsa’s hair swings through her arm…but that’s not even a segundo long.(Blink and tu miss it.)

Now as a disney musical I’d most likely enjoy the songs anyways, but I still think that frozen has some really great music.
Songs are subjective in terms of sound, but I like the way they’re written musically. I find that any criticism of them comes from the fact that 5 of them are shoved into the first 30 minutes. For someone who watched the film many times, I can understand not remembering some of the songs, but only because they happen almost immediately after one another. Most of that has to do with Frozen's bad pacing.
Granted aladdín did this too por having "Friend Like Me","Prince Ali", and "A Whole New World" take place with very little time between them, but I’m not talking about that right now. I also think that songs wouldn’t fit into the narrative if they were placed anywhere than exactly where they are, so I don’t really care if over half the songs are in the first third. I get that listening to them time and time again would get grating,but I think that’s all personal taste. People inevitably get sick of something if they’re constantly exposed to it, yet the quality of the medium in pregunta never actually changes. With all that said, the songs actually are some of my personal favorites, 3 of them to be precise:"Do tu Want To Build a Snowman","For the First Time in Forever" and of course,"Let It Go". However, I will only talk about two of them, because this is already too long.

"Do tu Want to Build a Snowman" has to cram all this exposition and character development into 3 and a half minutes, but it doesn’t do too badly.
At the end of the song, when Elsa was crying in the room, I felt so sorry for her that I started crying. I just wanted to hug her tightly saying that everything will be alright. During her isolation, her parents we're the only ones she could interact with, but now that they're dead, Anna was the only one left and she could never see her again because she wanted to protect her from herself, so she basically had no one else left in her life, only her grief and loneliness. I also felt really sorry for Anna because Elsa was the only one left and yet she is shutting her out of her life, thinking that Elsa hates her, and making her feel less self conscious about herself. Both of them want to be family again they can't because their parents forbid them.

"Let It Go" is the signature song in frozen for conveying just how close Elsa was to completely "losing herself." por pushing everybody she knew away from her, she was losing her soul and her humanity.
"Having power" should make one wary. Way too often, the emphasis is placed on the empowerment feelings, while neglecting the slippery slope that actually awaits.

I would amor to tell más about it, but I have to stop here, because I don't want to separate my article.
I preffer this poster over the American one.