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posted by hornean
There was a lot of excitement on the banks of the Nile, where William Everett cocodrilo (who was called Bill) and his friend, Pete (who was his toothbrush), lived with Bill’s mama.
“What in heaven’s name is going on?” Mama asked.
“Little Jane Allison cocodrilo is missing!” Pete said. Little Jane was Bill’s cousin.

“How terrible,” Mama said. “Where can she be?”
“At least she wasn’t taken to Cairo to become a suitcase,” Pete said. “The Bad Guy is still in jail for trying to steal the Sacred Eye of Isis from the museum.”
“But he’s the only one who steals crocodile!”...
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added by hornean
Tomorrow was the first día of school, and William Everett cocodrilo (who was called Bill) and his friend Pete (who was his toothbrush) were getting ready.
“Don’t forget your new pencil box, Bill,” dicho Mama.
“And your new lunch box,” dicho Pete.
“It will be so nice to see Ms. ibis, hotel ibis again, Mama,” dicho Bill.
“I wonder what you’ll learn this year?” dicho Mama.

The siguiente morning, after besar Mama goodbye, Bill and Pete started out for school.

It was fun to see all the other little crocodiles again.

“Now class,” dicho Ms. Ibis, “we are going to start this school año por studying...
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posted by hornean
William Everett cocodrilo lived on the banks of the River Nile with his mama.
One día Mama said, "William Everett, now that tu have nice cocodrilo teeth, we must go to Mr. Hippo's store and get tu a toothbrush before tu start school tomorrow."

William Everett liked Mr. Hippo's store because it was full of things. He and Mama walked up one aisle and down another.
They stopped in front of the toothbrush counter. "You may choose your own toothbrush, William Everett," Mama said.
William Everett looked and looked.

"Hi!" dicho a toothbrush. "What's your name?"
"My name's William Everett. What's yours?"...
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