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 me, Amber
me, Amber
Hey, name's Amber Stark yup last name is Stark. My dad is Tony Stark, I'm also a member of The Avengers like he is. I'm 15 years old plus I'm a werewolf. My best friend of the Avengers is Steve Rogers, I get along with him better than my dad does strange I know. Like the others we hate Loki, I hate him más than others do. My werewolf form is that I have black pelaje, piel (as a werewolf I'm known as Nightshade) and my eye color is a goldish yellow. I was born in Malibu on a June evening. I'm know to be Valiente especially when around Loki, smart like my dad (maybe a little smarter), I'm loyal to the team and also I'm friendly to all the members, I also get along with Bruce Banner because we both have a monster inside us.
 as a lobo
as a wolf
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