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Who Wants To registrarse My Official Avengers Team?

Now I know some of tu may be thinking, "This is fake and so not possible". But tu see I am here to tell you, it is. I am not saying tu are going to have superpowers and be immortal, but tu could help the world and its people. The earth is filled with people who aren't good for it, that is where we come in. In every superhero movie, there is always a person trying to protect the world o certain people. This is what I want to do, and with your help, I can. Yes tu will have to wear a "Costume", but just like in every movie, tu need to keep your identity hidden and yourself safe. tu see these won't be ordinary "Costumes". These will be bullet proof outfits that can protect tu while tu are protecting other people. Now I know this seems stupid, maybe even a little weird, but this is what I feel I was made to do. Protect other people. Save people from other harmful things and to let them know that they are not alone. That their is someone always watching their backs making sure they are safe. And no, this isn't something to try and get your info, I am not a person who would do that, but I understand if tu have your doubts. For now we can just talk and tu can tell me what skills tu have, and maybe at one point in the future, we can all gather together to start the team. If tu are interested in helping me helps others and want REAL info. Then please, send me a message. Also, One más thing. Lets be honest, tu have to be somewhat fit to join. (You can't fight if tu have no muscle) But if tu just want to be a tec for the group and communicate to us giving info, then sure. We need people like that as well. And the youngest people I will accept to registrarse the team are teenagers.
 emily1314 posted hace más de un año
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Son_of_Thanos said:
Why not but I think I will be too far from the team (from France) but Im glad that some people have the same ideas as me.
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posted hace 1 mes 
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