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lobo Injuries

Wolves can get injuries from large prey animales that defend themselves, when the pack attacks a large moose o bisonte they can receive injuries from kicks and if the prey had antlers o horns it can cause a lot of damage. lobos can be trampled under the hooves, Artist George Catlin reported an 1844 attack on a buffalo por a pack of lobos in which two of the lobos had been crushed to death under the hooves of the animal.

Man also causes injuries to wolves, leg-hold traps, illegal hunting, lobos being hit por cars (rare), poisoning (one lobo was known to die from drinking from a...
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posted by nikaitla
lobos will also eat césped, hierba to purge their digestive system when they have eaten something that does not agree with them. comida sources may differ and change depending on the season and geographical area, when large prey animales are scarce lobos will prey on mice, Rabbits and squirrels, these smaller prey do not provide a substantial part of the wolf's diet but supplement it when larger prey are scarce.

Beavers play an important roll as an alternative comida fuente in the summer months, in some areas 60% of the wolf's diet is beaver.

One of the most odd part of the diet of lobos is fish! Biologist Bod Bromley once observed a lobo in Canada's Northwest Territories catch five pescado in fifteen minutos in the Talston River.

lobos will also scavenge, In one study of moose carcasses in Algonquin Park, of 30 moose only 4 were killed por wolves, the rest died of natural causes.

lobos will also eat wild berries and other frutas as a minor part of their diet.
posted by nikaitla
The eyes of the lobo
Has tales to tell,
The legends and lore
He knows so well.
From survival and feasting
On the vast plain,
From blinding blizzards
And torrential rain.

They have seen it all
As the Indians have,
Almost extinct
As the buffalo calf.
Beautiful creatures
Who stand with pride,
Few do live
And most have died.

His last request
Is a howl at the moon,
Telling his brothers
We'll be extinct real soon.
If tu look into his eyes
tu will see a tear,
His howl he bellows
Is all tu will hear.

If mankind would stop
And try to save,
The lobo would flourish
Again one day.
Let's save these beautiful
Mystical eyes,
To tell más tales
That are so wise.

The eyes of the wolf
Has tales to tell,
His howl at the moon
We know so well.
posted by nikaitla
Ever so piercing
Looking for prey,
Trudging through snow
On a cold winter day.
What belies behind
Those mystical eyes
When he comes upon
The prey he spies?

Basic instinct
Survival is a must,
He licks his lips
His prey he lusts.
With rápido, swift cunning
He lunges and leaps,
His prey has befallen
Beneath his feet.

This is the wild
In this beautiful creature,
Teaches to his young
He becomes the teacher.
To many, a pet
He has become,
But dangerous still he
To most anyone.

Behind those eyes
Lies many a tale,
The mystery behind them
Is without fail.
So sleek and beautiful
A creature as he,
Yet gentle and aloof
As he can be.

Understand the lobo
He's just trying to survive,
Let's respect the beauty
por keeping him alive.
They'll be extinct
If we don't understand,
The mystery of the eyes
Can be gentle to man.
posted by nikaitla
Before I begin this story, tu should know who Aniu is. Her full name is Aniu Durango Kamots, she is a pure white lobo with black tipped ears and yellow eyes. she has big paws and has long soft fur.

Running at parte superior, arriba speed, leaving blurred tracks behind her, a white lobo seems to fly across a snow covered plain. She's been running for hours, looking for the right place. Looking for a pack. She had seen a couple, but the leaders gave her no sign of wanting her. She came to a forested spot por a lake and stops to take a drink. She is alone. Her pack had been killed por men and the deadly disease rabies...
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posted by nikaitla
Shian, a pure silver, male wolf. Shining fangs, and huge paws. The bravest of the world. No other like him.

Shian, Una, and their pups ran throughout the night along with their pack. Close behind is a group of men with torches, pitchforks, and shovels, attempting to kill this peaceful pack. Turning, twisting, and running at parte superior, arriba speed, Shian and one of his sons, Firopi, escape losing the whole pack.

Shian and Firopi, jumping over logs and running around trees, loose sight of the group and pack. Sadly, they stop in a unknown territory to catch their breath. Shian senses someone is near. He relieves...
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When Fara opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed was not the blaring traffic outside, but rather the lack of it. In its place were the sounds she was used to- birdsong, whispering leaves and, most wonderful of all, the Cry. It seemed so close, so tantalizingly near, that Fara ran at the cage muro in frustration. But instead of feeling the cold bars slam into her body, she found herself falling through swirling color and light.

Her paws touched the ground again, but this time, the rough concrete concrete had gone, replaced por smooth rock, carved por wind, rain, ice and time. To her surprise,...
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posted by nikaitla
To put a long story short(ish), Solra and Fara are the cubs of Kigra and Auresh, the Alphas of the Frost Lake pack. Auresh dies protecting her young from humans, and Kigra is distraught. Unknown to him, a cub has been born to the Omega Mahyip and young she lobo Swayla. They name him Rusaba, but when Kigra finds out, he is determined to kill the snow-white cub. Mahyip is killed, while Swayla escapes to the mountains... When Solra and Fara are older, they are separated from their family por a fire, and have to survive in the wild. Then one day, Fara is caught in a hunter's trap. Now she is being...
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A big black Alpha-wolf climes a colina in the fading light, so he can sing and howl throughout the coming night.

The dwindling sunlight plays on his eyes and face, as he stands there tall, a noble member of a dying race.

As the sun sets he lifts his head to sing, and his voice causes the very air to ring.

Away in the forest the wolf-pack picks up their Alpha's song, and they all begin to howl togeather - loud and long.

Suddenly a gunshot sounds out through the night, and down goes the black wolf-leader without a fight.

Sprawled out on the hill, bleeding, life dims in his eyes, he shudders and whimpers,...
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It is dicho that a young princess named Youkioko once lived in a castillo within the woods of Japan. She was very beautiful and attracted many suitors but she wanted none of them. Youkioko made friends with animales easily. One of her best animal friends was a young female lobo affectionately named Starbright. She and Starbright shared many great adventures together. No one thought anything could separate the two and they knew in their hearts if one died the other would follow.

There were rumors of a hunter dressed in black and his faithful and intimidating black wolf. It was dicho that the wolf...
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One summer the zorro, fox heard that Ankakumikaityn the nomad lobo was courting his neighbor, the elder she-dog. So the wily zorro, fox made himself an outfit of wolf's clothing: a grey pelaje, piel cloak, boots and cap. Then, when the she-dog's brothers were away and she was at inicial with her younger sister, he called upon her.

"I have two herds of fat reindeer," dicho the zorro, fox to the elder sister, as he sipped the bilberry té she offered him. "I have come to seek your hand."

Thinking that this was, indeed, Ankakumikaityn the nomad wolf, the she-dog treated him to reindeer meat, hot mare's-blood sausages, raw walrus...
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"Often the world around us feels dark and alone, and our hearts cry out for peace, love, stillness, and joy. Yet we forget that we are always surrounded por light and warmth and it is already ours. We just have to reach out for it."
I dicho as I looked out among my gathered pack.
"The men fear us and our beasts because they do not understand the beast inside themselves. The savage part of them that they deny. The part that is más like us. They cannot stand it, so they reject us and themselves. They hurt us and hunt us out of fear that is all."
As he dicho this, a lobo ,old in the pack, approached...
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 this is Jasmin
this is Jasmin
I stood there in shocked silence, gaping at what was taking place in front of me. I glanced to my right and saw Ronna's brothers, Armstrong and Lerbo, standing there with stupid grins on their faces.
They were all cheering me as I exited the cave.
"Lerbo, what is going on?" I growled, this sorta had me uptight, just shake it off and mover on, I thought to myself.
The taller, más muscled lobo stepped adelante, hacia adelante and attempted to keep his smile under control.
"Im sorry sir, but the look on your face was great."
He grined again
"So what is going on?"
"Well, when tu sent Blake out, he told them to come here...
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