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posted by Kirbylove
NOTE: This is for my fans and others. Please fan this article.NOW LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!

"Darwin where is my game?" "Under my pescado bowl," dicho Darwin getting his lunch. Gumball got his game when he saw Penny walking through the door. "Hey Gumball," dicho Penny. Gumball got surprised and his eyes are now HEARTS. "Hey Penny, what are tu doing here?" "I was looking for you," answered Penny. "Uh... why? I was about t-" Before Gumball could finish his sentence, Penny kissed him. AUTHORS NOTE: Awww! So cute! "Gumball! Penny! Darwin! Me and Richard are going to the store!" dicho Nicole. "Aww!" dicho Gumball, Penny, and Darwin. "So Penny, wanna play games?" questioned Gumball. "Sure Gumball," replied Penny going down the stairs. OUT OF el espacio =( ~TO BE CONTINUED~
ATENNTIOM AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL FANS. If any of tu didn't know o seen the commercails on CN. New episodes of the amazing world of gumball has been annouced and will be airing this summer on, Ofcorse Cartoonnetwork. There are already tow New Epiodes already on youtube. The Dream link
And im alittle to lazy to go buscar for the other episode. The Virus. so just go look it up. Anyway yeah new episodes will be coming out this summer so stay tuned on Cn. for them. int'll then. Bye ^_^
posted by Gumball081
Did tu know Darwin is Gumball Sidekick ? Of course tu know, but this time is different, because Gumball is Darwin boss. I got this when i watch The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Sidekick. Gumball and Darwin look at the name and Darwin name is Gumball sidekick, Gumball name is Darwin boss. I will tell tu 4 facts about the sidekick

1. Don't be the boss for tu pals/friends
2. Help your friend when he/she need you
3. If tu not got some friend, make some friend
4. Don't help friend when he/she wants a bad thing example: stealing, punching, kicking

That's the facts about the sidekick, I hope tu enjoy!
The episode starts out with Miss Simian teaching upfront. Every time she turns around the children gasp. In disgust, they do whatever they can to block the ugly sight. Everyone's reacting in different ways (Masami barfs rainbows, Tobias's eyes catch on fire, Leslie's petals fall out etc.) and as Gumball and Darwin are sheilding their eyes, they decide to write a note to Miss Simian to warn her about her butt, make it into a paper airplane, and throw it at her. But, as she turns around, the paper airplane goes straight into her eyes. Next, they are in the office, as Miss Simian yells about how...
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The episode begins with Richard, Anais, and Gumball sitting on the sofá watching television. Anais notices that her brother smells odd and is covered in cheese, so she asks him about it. Gumball then tells her all about his fun día with Tina, where she held him upside-down in order to take his lunch money, tore his homework to shreds, and shoved his face into his lunch.
Anais tells Gumball that he is being bullied, so she calls Tina and threatens her to quit picking on him. However, Tina misunderstands her and believes that she is challenging Gumball to fight her, so she schedules a fight between...
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The episode begins with Gumball announcing to Darwin his latest creation; "the grossest thing ever." A jar filled with many gross things like bird feces and throw up. Darwin asks if he's sure his Tap Dancing delfín impression still holds up to which, Gumball bluntly explains "no." While they discuss what they are going to do with the jar Richard mistakes it for his coffee cup, which he grabs and throws it into the microwave. Gumball and Darwin agree to nuke it, to their convenience of the jar already being heated up in the microwave.
As it starts to burn an 'eye' forms in the muck of the jar....
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Anais is playing puzzles with her mother. She is bored of them since they are so easy for her. She sees Gumball, Darwin, and Richard playing a game using their butts, and she decides that she wants to registrarse in on their dumb antics. When she asks Gumball and Darwin if she can learn, they agree to teach her how to be "dumb."
The first game the three play is called "I Am The President," which involves a president ordering everyone else to do various tasks, like getting a very stinky sock, using it as a flag, and besar it (and choking). Anais does not understand and they stop playing. Nicole then...
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Nicole asks Gumball to return the DVD of Alligators on a Train back to Laser Video. However, Gumball does not want to, and talks back to his mother. He changes his mind when she punches a hole in the door in anger. He goes to the cocina to ask Darwin if he has seen the DVD, and is shocked to see him using the DVD as a pizza cutter por mistake. Gumball grabs it from him and starts cleaning it with the wrong side of the "scrubby" sponge. Darwin points this out, and Gumball realizes that the DVD is horribly scratched. Gumball screams and the DVD is flung into the air, landing in the waste disposal...
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The episode starts with a view of Molly's árbol house and later shows Molly, Penny, Teri, Leslie, Carmen, Carrie, and Masami in árbol house watching boys, Gumball, Darwin, plátano Joe, and Tobias, attempting a stunt involving Gumball jumping off a ramp on a skateboard over a bus o camioneta, van which ends with Gumball crashing into the van. Masami exclaims that it's lame and says they kiss boys instead. When the other girls become confused in unison, Masami preguntas them whether o not if they have boyfriends. Molly respuestas first por lying that she has a boyfriend who is older than her and goes to high...
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Gumball and Darwin are walking at the corridor. Then, Gumball realized something and stop walking. Darwin turns around to his friend and stops walking. "Dude," Darwin says. "what's wrong with you?"
"I feel something awkward," respuestas Gumball. "Like what?" asks Darwin. "Like, well, um.. something missing in my life," respuestas Gumball. 'Penny,' thought Gumball. "What is missing?" asks Darwin who looks curious. "Penny! She's not here! How do we know where she is?" asks Gumball. "Let's ask her friends," smirks Darwin. Then, they saw Carrie flying around.
"STOP!!" shouts Gumball. Carrie flies to...
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It's navidad Eve, and all the citizens of Elmore are in a festive mood. Many characters wish the viewers a merry Christmas, including the Wattersons, who are driving inicial in their car. Their high spirits are abruptly brought down, however, when they crash into someone. This "someone" turns out to be a filthy bum that looks strikingly similar to Santa Claus, at least in Richard's opinion.
They rush the stranger to the hospital, with Richard voicing his worry about being on the naughty lista this year. He decides to make up for it with several last minuto good deeds, running around the hospital...
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The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin playing a game on the playground. Gumball gives Darwin a couple of tasks to complete, but he fails all of them. Darwin does not want to be his brother's slave for a day, so in a fit of desperation he attempts to jump through his own leg. Soon after, Bobert walks up to them and asks them if he can play the betting game. Gumball obliges, but asks Bobert a trick question, causing him to lose the bet.

Because of this, Bobert switches to command mode and therefore becomes Gumball's slave for a day. Instead of using him to solve global crisises, Gumball uses...
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 baby gumball
baby gumball
The 10 episode of Season 2.Anais uncovers a secret that she's sure will lead her to the Wattersons's hidden family treasure.It's air at October 25, 2012, but this officialy airs October 30, 2012. Is will shows this:The episode starts in the living room, where Richard is taking a nap. Richard, being a compulsive sleep talker, becomes a fuente of amusement for the kids. After poking fun at him for a bit, Nicole comes back from grocery shopping and scolds them for messing with their father. The kids help Nicole bring the groceries in, but are surprised at the high quality comida she bought. Nicole...
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part 1(USA):The episode starts off with Gumball and Darwin yelling. Then, Miss Simian tells Gumball and Darwin to hurry up and take a shower, but Gumball and Darwin refuse to. Then, Clayton suggest the boys to wet their hair in the water and say they took a shower. When Clayton goes on the sink and puts water water on his head, the sink falls off and the sink's pipe is spraying water. Clayton tells the boys to give them one of their towels, but they refuse. Clayton puts his mouth over the pipe, which fills his mouth with water. Clayton goes flying all over the boy's ducha, ducha de room and causes the...
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Today,I update the poll,Favorite Episode.The two new Episodes is:Halloween and The Treasure.If tu like these episodes,than Go to this website:
Now it's better now.If tu have any questions,Please comment. Now ,If is the new episode I didn't post,Post the comment.
Hallloween:A halloween Specail.Carrie takes Gumball,Darwin, and Anais to a real haunted house party on Halloween.
The Treasure:Anais Refill the Watterson's secret.
If tu are female,
1.What tu do everyday?
A. Relax
B. Be Responible
C. None of above

2.Which tu favorito! sport?
B. Running
C.I Hate Sports

3.Favorite Friend?
B.My Wife

If tu are Male,
1.Favorite Neighbor?
A.The Wattersons
B.I don't like the neighbors
C.Gaylord Robinson

2.Favorite classmate?
A. Gumball
B. Richard as a kid
C.My Son

3.Great father?
A.Penny's father
C.Gaylord Robinson

Results for females only,
Most A:Richard is perfect for you,He relax and sleeping

Most B: Penny's father is perfect for you,He Responsile to he's sisters

Most C:Gumball is perfect for you,He his a best friend is Darwin

Results for males only,
Most A:Penny is perfect for you,She May like Gumball

Most B:Nicole is perfect for you,She loves Richard,even He's in unemployed

Most C:Margaret is perfect for you,She's Gaylord wife and her hair is fake in the car
The episode begins with Anais rudely awakening her mother, demanding that she gets out of cama to take her the "Daisy the Donkey On Ice" show. Nicole refuses and tells her she's too tired, but Anais blackmails her with a tape recording of Nicole contradicting herself por calling any parent who wouldn't take their child to watch it a "horrible mother". Nicole gives in and tells Anais that they would go. Downstairs, Nicole comes down to inform Richard to keep an eye on Gumball and Darwin in the meantime as he tries out a weight loss machine. Richard assures Nicole that nothing would go wrong as...
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The episode begins in the dining room with Richard trying to unclog the cocina sink with a toilet plunger and Gumball serving cereal for Darwin and himself. After having a conversation about why lunch is better than breakfast o dinner, a plastic wand falls out from the cereal box and on to Darwin's bowl of cereal. Gumball grabs it in hopes that it would be able to satisfy his wish of having six eyes, but has no effect instead. Darwin tries wishing for the same thing on Gumball as well, this time he waving it, but still yielding the same result. They conclude that the magic wand is fake. Richard,...
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The episode starts with the Wattersons visiting Elmore Junior High on a Saturday. Gumball asks why they are there, so Richard excitedly explains that Saturday is club day. He happily rushes off to his fantasía Club and leaves Gumball with Nicole.
Gumball asks his mother if he could registrarse her club, but she explains that she becomes a different person when she is in her Anger Management Club. Mr. Small, who is apparently president of the club, greets her, but she suddenly lashes out at him for no reason and sends him flying through the door, knocking him unconscious.

Gumball then attempts to join...
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The episode begins with the Wattersons sitting at the dining room table. Richard had just finished telling his family a story about why tu shouldn't mix Pop Rocks and soda. Nicole asks if any of the other family members want to share anything (besides Richard) so Gumball tells everyone about him planning on going on a fecha with his amor interest, Penny. Nicole is ecstatic and attempts to hug her son and with some effort manages to do so. Darwin admits to his brother that he's impressed por Gumball's confidence, because if he screws up this fecha Penny might not ever talk to him again.
This realization...
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