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ok does anyone know who the pictures of amy and dan actually are in real life i have been looking for a long time but i cant find them

 soccerstar95 posted hace más de un año
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jcke18 said:
Amy and Dan's real names are Haley and Patrick.
If tu look at the dedications in book 1, then you'll see that it says "To Haley and Patrick who accepted the challenge."
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posted hace más de un año 
actually Haley and Patrick are the name of Rick Riordan's two sons
Arakus posted hace más de un año
but still- when i asked this pregunta on, a related pregunta came up where Patrick was written siguiente to Dan
ninjalightning posted hace más de un año
Hey,do tu use go there for almost every pregunta I have to ask!
Blacksword posted hace más de un año
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