los 100 (serie de televisión) Moments In a Story That Make tu Want to Scream!

chinamike posted on Feb 18, 2016 at 09:56AM
This is for those moments in an episode when something the characters either do, or the story itself goes off the rails a bit and you just want to pull your hair out!

In Season 2, Episode 3, Fin, Bellamy and others are in the fall out shelter interrogating a grounder. In the end there is an argument and Fin ends it by shooting the grounder in the head, and then says something to the effect "Let's go" and they all proceed to leave the underground bunker.

What drove me crazy was, if this were "real life", this bunker is a really nice asset, so who in their right mind would leave a soon-to-be decomposing corpse in such an important shelter? (screenshot with time stamp)
 This is for those moments in an episode when something the characters either do, o the story itself

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hace más de un año newfan100 said…
Season 3..Clarke and Lexa share a moment but this is the woman who sentenced Finn to death by fire and 1000 cuts that forces Clarke to kill Finn when the hidden knife was for Lexa. Remember Clarke professed her love to Finn.
Later in season 4, they finally hook up which still weirds me out then Lexa get killed. When she talking to Abby, she professes her love of Lexa to her...no mention of Finn...

Love the show, but I'm out on that area and Clarke confuses the hell out of me (which is why I like her)
hace más de un año DarkSarcasm said…
When the gang comes to fetch Raven in the science bunker and she allows them to hug her. With radiation-soaked suits. Which touch her bare skin. You know better than that, Reyes!
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