televisión Which was the most shocking cliffhanger?

Pick one:
Friends- Season 4 Ross say's Rachel
Charmed- season 3 Prue dies
Grey's Anatomy- season 1 Mcdreamy has a wife
One árbol Hill- season 3 the limo goes over the bridge
Lost-Season 1 John and Jack looking down THE HATCH =O
One á rbol Hill- Season 5 Wen Pshyco Derek Returns
One árbol Hill-Season 5 Wen Pshyco Derek Returns
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Bones, Season 3 - Booth gets shot
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The Office season 2 - Jim kisses Pam
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House gets shot and asks to be put in a ketamine coma
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lost season 3 -Jack and Kate meet in the future
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Gilmore girls finale season 5- Lorelei Proposes to...
Gilmore girls finale season 5-Lorelei Proposes to Luke
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The Simpsons season 6 - Someone shot Mr. Burns
one á rbol colina season 5 finale [ who did lucas...
one árbol colina season 5 finale [who did lucas call?]
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Sabrina The Teenage Witch Season 4-Harvey Finds Out Sabrina Is A Witch.
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ncis Ziva tied up to a chair in Somalia (Season 6)
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