televisión Which TV main character(or almost main) are tu most like?

Pick one:
J.D.- scrubs
Lucas- One árbol colina
Jim-The Office
Betty- Ugly Betty
House- House md
Meredith- Grey's Anatomy
Rory/ Lorelei- Gilmore Girls
Homer Simpson- The Simpsons
Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld
Frasier- Frasier
Peter- heroes
Tim Bisley- SPACED
Added by knifewrench
Blair - Gossip Girl
Added by zarnitev
Brooke Davis-OTH
Added by Chlarkfan
Peyton Sawyer- One árbol colina
Added by rosangie
Rachel Gatina( non main character)
Added by rose2
Dr. John Carter (ER)
Added by Eline_K
Veronica - Veronica Mars
Added by anetted
Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond
Added by pmmom38
Chuck bajo - Gossip Girl
Added by edwestwick
Jenny Schecter - The l Word
Added by Vishee
Andy McNally - Rookie Blue
Added by tonyziva1234
Nick Miller - New Girl
Added by NCISLuverjk93
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