televisión If tu could work at the employment place of one of your favorito! TV characters for one week, where would tu most like to be employed?

Pick one:
Work Bench (Reaper)
Buy más (Chuck)
The Pie Hole (Pushing Daisies)
MODE magazine (Ugly Betty)
The Tracy Jordan mostrar (30 Rock)
Dunder Mifflin (The Office)
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (The Simpsons)
Happy Time (Dead Like Me)
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The Bluth Company (Arrested Development)
Seattle Grace Hospital (Grey's Anatomy)
The Bridge of a estrella Ship and apart of the "away mission's" (any estrella Trek)
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The Jeffersonian (Bones)
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Sacred corazón Hospital (Scrubs)
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Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (House)
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County General Hospital Chicago (ER)
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ncis Agency (NCIS)
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Karens Cafe
Karens Cafe
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Same as it never was antiqes (ghost whisperer)
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