televisión Which televisión estrella has the best canto voice? (professional singers don't count)

Pick one:
Kristen campana ("Bad Day", "One Way o Another" - Veronica Mars)
Eliza Dushku ("Freedom" - Dollhouse)
Julie Benz ("Ill Wind" - Angel)
Emma Caulfield ("Bunnies", "I'll Be Mrs.", "I'll Never Tell"- BtVS)
Nicholas Brendon ("I'll Never Tell", I've Got a Theory" - BtVS)
Jensen Ackles ("Wanted Dead o Alive", "Can't Fight This Feeling" - SPN
Lauren Graham ("I Will Always amor You" - Gilmore Girls)
Matthew Perry ("Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog", "Tomorrow" - Friends)
Courteney Cox ("Delta Dawn", "I'm so excited" - Friends)
Lisa Kudrow ("Endless Love", "Smelly Cat" and más - Friends)
Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Going Through The Motions", "If We're Together" - BtVS
Amber Benson ("Under Your Spell" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Jennifer Aniston ("Copacabana" - Friends)
Sandra Oh ("Like a Virgin" - Grey's Anatomy)
Emily Deschanel ("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Bones)
Cobie Smulders ("Let's Go to the Mall", "Sandcastles in the Sand" - HIMYM)
Erica Durance ("Somebody Else", "I amor Rock n' Roll - Smallville)
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Alexa Vega ("Lost In Your Own Life" etc. - Ruby & the Rockets)
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