televisión Battle of the E's

Pick one:
Eric Foreman {House M.D.}
Emily Gilmore {Gilmore Girls}
Erica Hahn {Grey's Anatomy}
Edie Britt {Desperate Housewives}
Elle Bishop
Eric Forman {That 70's Show}
Eli "Weevil" Navarro {Veronica Mars}
Eric Taylor {Friday Night Lights}
Elliot Stabler {Law & Order: SVU}
Erin Silver
Eric camioneta, camioneta, van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)
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Emily Prentiss {Criminal Minds}
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Elliot Reid
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Effy Stonem
Eric Northman {True Blood}
Emma cisne (Once Upon A Time)
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Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
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 acklesgirl87 posted hace más de un año
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