Hello my beautiful readers. Pikagirl16 here. Let's talk about Nickelodeon. I'm sure a lot of tu have noticed that Nick has been slipping in reciente years. It doesn't have as many caricaturas as it used to and its live action shows are mediocre at best. But the 90s and early 2000s were Nickelodeon's glory days. From the comedic edginess of Rocko's Modern Life to the warm realism of hola Arnold! to the nautical nonsense of Spongebob to the charming corniness of Danny Phantom, Nickelodeon used to be an all-around great channel that both kids and adults can enjoy. But out of all the great shows Nick had at the time, it's crowning achievement of greatness was no other than Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not only do I find it to be the best Nickelodeon mostrar alongside its sequel series, but I find it to be one of the greatest televisión shows ever made and it still stands as my personal favorito! of all time. After watching it again, I decided to write a review. WARNING: Spoilers. As always, this is just my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree. So sit back and enjoy my review of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Setting and Story

Created por Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in a fantasía world that's inicial to humans, hybrid animals, and spirits. Human civilization is divided into four nations: The fuego Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe and the Air Nomads. Some people, known as benders, have the ability to manipulate, o bend, the four classical elements, earth, water, fuego and air, via psychokinetic variants of Chinese martial arts, and each bending art corresponds with the nation. At any dado time, there is only one person who has the ability to bend all four elements: the Avatar. The avatar is responsible for maintaining peace and balance between the four nations as well as the physical world and the spirit world. When an avatar dies, the avatar spirit is reincarnated into the siguiente nation in the avatar Cycle: Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, fuego Nation. The avatar must learn each element starting with his o her native element. The current avatar in the series is an Air Nomad named Aang, who was frozen in an iceberg for a century until he's discovered por a pair Water Tribe siblings named Katara and Sokka. The world has been thrown out of balance these past hundred years because the fuego Nation leader of Aang's time named fuego Lord Sozin started a war, aptly called the Hundred año War, with the other nations in order to spread the fuego Nation's prosperity and influence. After the avatar Roku, the avatar at the time, died, Sozin committed mass genocide against the Air Nomads using a comet, later named Sozin's comet, which provides Firebenders with enhanced power, rendering Aang the last of his people. Now that Aang has returned after a hundred years, it's up to him with the help of Katara, Sokka, and other allies to defeat the current fuego Lord named Ozai and restore peace and balance to the world before the comet returns while going through emotional traumas, growing as a family, and overcoming many obstacles.

The story here is unique in that, while most kids' shows are episodic, it is coherent and there is a clear goal that has to be met por the end. This way, when something happens in the show, it has a much bigger impact. I think it's wonderful that the series has a flowing story because it offers such a different viewing experience for children. With most Nickelodeon shows, tu can tune in to one at any point and not be lost o confused. But with Avatar, missing one episode could cause tu to be lost. This enforces to kids that this is a mostrar in which paying attention is very crucial, and thus, it makes them exited to see what's coming next, especially when a certain episode ends on a cliffhanger. The mostrar gets más gripping with each season, all leading up to the final battle. What I especially amor about the story is the incredibly well-thought out sense of world building. The avatar universe is one of the most engaging fictional universes ever created. The concept of bending, the fact the each bending art is based off of an existing martial art, the culture and society of each nation and how they function, the odd animal combinations, the lore of the Avatar, the detailed information about the Avatar. All of this is combined to make the world of avatar fully realized. I also amor the fact that the world, as well as the show's themes, are based on Asian and, to a smaller degree, Inuit philosophies. The bond between the characters, specifically Aang, Katara and Sokka, is of course another strong factor. Seeing them interact and grow as individuals and a unit is what carries a lot of the story. What else can I really say? The story in avatar is exiting, emotionally stirring and fantastically written, and the series ended on a perfect note.

Moving on to the characters, the main ones are as lovable as can be and get some really good development. Starting off with Aang, he starts off as a goofy, positive, fun-loving kid, but he harbors a lot of guilt due to the fact that he ran away from the Southern Air Temple because he was afraid of his responsibilities as the Avatar. He was told of his avatar status at the premature age of twelve due to the threat of the war. This, as well as the fear of being separated from his mentor Monk Gyatso, caused him to run away and get caught in storm that triggered the avatar State, a defense mechanism that combines all of the power and knowledge of the anterior Avatars, and this encased him in an iceberg for a century. Now that Aang has returned, he faces his fears, learns from his experiences, and vows to undo his mistakes por ending this horrible war and restore peace and balance back to the world. por the end of the series, he becomes a true hero. Next, there's Katara, a fourteen-year-old girl from the Southern Water Tribe and the only waterbender left in her tribe. She's very mature for her age and often very motherly to her friends. She forms a strong bond with Aang that later blooms into romance, and serves as the center of nurturing and comfort amongst the characters. Her motherly and mature ways, as well as her hatred of the fuego Nation, stems from the fact that she lost her mother Kaya during a fuego Nation raid, which caused her to step up and take motherly responsibly. This later triggers a strong desire to get revenge on the soldier who killed her, but her good will overpowers her and she spares his life. At times she has her mean moments, such as when she snapped at Aang for being a better waterbender than her, but she of course sees the error of her ways and apologizes. Katara proves to be a great, loyal friend throughout. Sokka is Katara's fifteen-year-old brother who kind of serves as the comic relief, but he's much más than that. He's an excellent strategist and always comes up with good ideas in times of need. At times he can be a little sexist, but he overcomes that pretty quick. He can be aloof and silly a lot of the time, but when the time comes, he's pretty focused and serious. He doesn't have as much development as Aang and Katara, but he's always good for a laugh and an all-around great friend. Joining the group in season 2, o Book 2, I should say, is Toph Beifong a 12-year-old blind earthbender who "sees" por feeling the vibrations in the earth with her feet. She is a very strong-willed, confident character. She never sees her disability as a weakness and is quite comfortable with who she is. She ran away from her overprotective overly controlling parents to registrarse Aang and his friends. She can be very defiant and rebellious, but she proves herself to be a good friend. There's also Appa, Aang's flying bisonte and best friend. He's so cute. I even have a plushie of him. Momo, a winged lemur, is Aang's other pet companion and also adorable. All of these characters are very well-written and lovable. They are great as individuals and as a team.

As much as I amor these characters, there is one that I amor above all the rest, and that character is Prince Zuko. Zuko is the 16-year-old hotheaded, banished son of fuego Lord Ozai. Throughout Book 1, his main goal is to find and capture Aang so he can return inicial with his honor restored. At first, he doesn't seem to have any real depth. But in the twelfth episode, o chapter, called The Storm, we learn about how got banished. At a war meeting, when Zuko was thirteen years old, he spoke out when it wasn't his place to speak. He expressed disgust at a general's plan to sacrifice new recruits during an attack. This was seen as an act of disrespect and he had to engage in an Agni Kai, o a fuego duel. But Zuko saw that it was his father he had to fight, not the general. He refused to fight and begged for forgiveness. But Ozai, being the "worst father in the history of fathers", saw Zuko's refusal to fight as shameful weakness and burned the right side of his face, leaving a large scar. He is then banished and can only return inicial if he captures the Avatar. In Book 2, we also learn that he had a loving relationship with his mother named Ursa, who disappeared when he was ten. Zuko is very complex, constantly at war with himself and not knowing what he truly wants from his life. He's also the most dynamic character in the entire series, going from a sympathetic villain, to an antihero, to a full-fledged hero. His transition into a hero commenced when it was revealed in Book 3 that his maternal great-grandfather was avatar Roku. After learning this, Zuko decides to registrarse Aang and his friends to help them defeat his father and restore peace and balance to the world. It's not easy, but he soon gains the other characters' trust and becomes a worthy member of the team. I always saw Zuko as a Shakespearean character, and he's even one of my parte superior, arriba ten hottest animated guys...minus that silly ponytail he has in Book 1. Thank God he cut it off and let his hair grow out. Zuko is just such a great character.

The side characters are also great. First, we have Iroh, Zuko's uncle and Ozai's older brother. He's a tea-loving, wise old man who's with his nephew through thick and thin. He helps Zuko realize that he can shape his own destiny and restore his own honor. When they reconciled in Book 3 after Zuko betrayed him in Book 2, I couldn't help but cry. There's Azula, Zuko's 14-year-old evil, slightly sadistic sister who is a firebending prodigy and the pride and joy of Ozai. She also looks to destroy Aang and just mess things up wherever she goes. She's one of those villains tu just amor to hate, and she becomes más and más detestable as the series progresses. She's a machine of evil and doesn't care who knows it. There are also her friends, the gloomy and apathetic Mai, who is Zuko's girlfriend, and the energetic, upbeat Ty Lee. Zhao is a fuego Nation admiral and serves as another villain, though minor. He is also after Aang, thus putting him in competition with Zuko. There are a lot of other characters such as Katara and Sokka's father Hakoda, King Bumi, the king of the city of Omashu, Jet, a rebel who lost his parents to the fuego Nation and is the leader of a group called the Freedom Fighters, Suki, leader of an all-female group of warriors called the Kyoshi Warriors, named after avatar Kyoshi, and who is also Sokka's segundo girlfriend, and the big baddie himself, fuego Lord Ozai, the sinister and intimidating main villain. All them are very enjoyable to varying degrees, although I never found Jet too interesting, but he's okay. There are a lot más characters, but if I talked about each of them we'd be here all day, so let's mover on.

Other Aspects

The animación in avatar is great. Similar to other shows such as Teen Titans, the animación is a combination of Japanese and American animación styles, and this goes hand in hand with the Asain-influenced themes and philosophies that the series explores. The voice actuación is wonderful across the board, with my four favorito! performances being Dante Basco as Zuko, the late Mako as Iroh, Grey DeLisle as Azula, and the freaking awesome Mark Hamill as Ozai. We also have Zack Taylor Eisen as Aang, Mae Whitman as Katara, Jack DeSena as Sokka. Even Jennifer Hale plays a couple of characters. They all do great jobs and fit their characters perfectly. The música in the mostrar is also great, especially main melody. The action in the series is wonderful, being quick and exiting and each bending art being distinct in how they are performed. Airbending is based on Baguazhang, waterbending is based on tai chi, earthbending is based on Hung Ga kung fu, and firebending is based on Northern Shaolin kung fu. My two favorito! bending arts are earthbending and firebending.

So, Avatar: The Last Airbender is looking to be flawless. Well...I do have a few nitpicks. While I did like the romance between Aang and Katara, I felt that it could've been handled a little better. It just seemed to resort to romantic comedy cliches, particularly in an episode called The Cave of Two Lovers. There are also a couple of episodes that really rubbed me the wrong way. One is a chapter called Bato of the Water Tribe, where Aang prevents Katara and Sokka from seeing Hakoda por hiding a letter that was sent to his friend Bato. That just really bugged me because I felt that it went against Aang's character. The other is a chapter called The Great Divide. This one is considered the worst episode of Avatar, mainly because it consists of practically nothing but bickering and it honestly feels the most pointless episode of all. Aang and company have to go through The Great Divide, the largest canyon in the world. But they have to travel with two feuding tribes and all they do is argue. There's even bickering amongst the main characters. At the end, Aang actually makes up a lie to end the conflict between the two tribes. This also kind of goes against Aang's character. At first, I believed the story, but when Aang dicho he lied, I dicho "are tu serious?!" Aang just made it up without even feeling bad. So yeah, those two episode are kind of bothersome. Not bad, but bothersome. Also, as I stated before, I didn't find Jet that interesting. He's not bad, but there's not that much to him considering he had an episode named after him. He even dies in Book 2, and I did feel bad for him, but not incredibly so.


Even with that said, my feelings about this mostrar are pretty clear, as I stated it is my favorito! TV mostrar of all time. I amor the characters. I amor the story. I amor the artistry. I amor the themes and philosophies. I amor the world. It's funny. It's dramatic. It's well-written. But most importantly, it broke the boundaries of what was expected from Nickelodeon at the time. It's dramatic enough so that adults can be invested, but not to the point where kids can't follow. It takes its audience seriously and it still provides a fun adventure. It's a perfect mostrar for children and adults to enjoy together. It went that extra mile that was very welcoming at the time. What's there even más to say? I've loved this mostrar for many years and I'll continue to amor it until the end of my days. Avatar: The Last Airbender of course gets a oro metal. It's a great mostrar and if tu haven't seen it yet, go check it out. tu won't be disappointed. Well that's all for today everyone. Thank tu as always for lectura and the Samurai Champloo review is still on the way. It's just hard to watch it with no laptop and a sucky phone. Like, comment, and I'll see tu siguiente time. Bye :-)