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Good name for these episodes of my story

Episode 2: Lily is starting the 7th grade but she learns she got dyslexia (a learning disability) and she scare to tell her brother so she decided to run away from home.

Episode 3: After Leo sees Lexi besar another guy he thinks Lexi rejected him so he has a one night stand. Meanwhile Lily make LA have a black out.

Episode 4: After Leo get rejected por a girl at the comic book store and felt like a girl will never like him Lily got a great idea to set her brother up on a fecha with the help of Lexi. Lily find out the girl Lexi set Leo up with is a *****, hate kids & hate Lily.

Episode 5: Lily try to tell everyone that Leo new girlfriend is a ***** but no one believe her so Lily try to prove she is right when she & Lexi see Leo girlfriend is making out with another men.

Episode 6: Lexi is having a halloween party and the guys are invited to it when Lexi ex came to it and start to cause trouble. Meanwhile Lily & her friends Olivia & Emma take Olivia younger sister Skye trick & treat.

Episode 7: Lily & Leo got into a huge fight.

Episode 8: Ravi parents set him up on a date.

Episode 9: Lily enter the 7th grade science contest and ask the guys for help but she got angry when they try and take over her project.

Episode 11: Lily & Leo 4 año old cousin Addison came over to stay at Lily house and have to sleep in Lily room. Meanwhile Albert & Ravi try to pick up a girl in a bar

Episode 12: Lily gets annoyed when Addison decides to start tap dancing. Meanwhile Leo has a one night stand with his lab partner

Episode 13: Lily gets annoyed when Addison decides to do the shadow game. Meanwhile Leo goes on a fecha with Lexi.

Episode 16: Leo lie to Lexi to get out of seeing her mostrar but Spencer tell Lexi with makes Lexi mad at Leonard. At the end Lexi forgive Leonard and she hugs him.
 itsrik3 posted hace más de un año
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