Los Jóvenes Titanes Who would tu rather see together?

Pick one:
Robin and Starfire
Beast Boy and Terra
Robin and Raven
Beast Boy and Raven
Cyborg and Raven
Beast Boy and Starfire
Raven and Slade (yes, I&# 39; m crazy)
Raven and Slade (yes, I'm crazy)
Added by moon_rose
flash and jinx!!!!!!!!!( yes my icono rox!!!!!!)
Raven and Kid Flash (like in the original comics)
Added by ObsidianSoul
bb & amp; terra / robin & amp; star. / flash & amp; jinx
bb & terra / robin & star. / flash & jinx
Added by savedanny
Robin + Starfire/ Raven + Cyborg
Robin + Starfire/Raven + Cyborg
Added by BBfan502
Robin + Star/ Raven + Beast Boy
Robin + Star/Raven + Beast Boy
Added by Random9747649
Blackfir- exRaven
Added by TDI_Angel
aqualad and raven
aqualad and raven
Added by Aquaven
Cyborg and Bumble Bee
Cyborg and Bumble Bee
Added by StarFireGirl4
Starfire and Raven!!!
Added by thegreenone
Robin+ star, raven+ bb, cyborg+ bumble bee, Jinx+ KF
Robin+star, raven+bb, cyborg+bumble bee, Jinx+KF
Added by Skittles98
Kid Flash and allielovestt
Kid Flash and allielovestt
Added by allielovestt
Jack Spicer and Jinx
Added by sturmelle15
Robin+ Starfire/ Beast Boy+ Terra/ Aqualad+ Raven
Robin+Starfire/Beast Boy+Terra/Aqualad+Raven
kyd wykkyd+ raven
kyd wykkyd+raven
Added by pinkmare
RobinxRaven (sorry, couldn&# 39; t find a picture)
RobinxRaven (sorry, couldn't find a picture)
Jinx and raven all the way!
Added by Xorjadn
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