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leonides said:
it's been 3 mouths befor the battle with marith Nick has been not the same he's been just madatating and lifting waits he reraly talks and manly never leaves his room he walks out of his room to the top room of the tower to get something to drink

"hey Nick havent herd from you in a long time3 mouths to be right"said Robin

"oh bite me.....ass"said Nick angrly

he walks back to his room with out another word

"whao whats his problem"asked beast boy

"l dont blame him after marith got away he's been really angry but he knows him self better then we do"said mazaki

Nick begain to medatat with cyborg looking for him he finds him in his room and ask's"yo you all right man we havent herd from you in 3 mouths"

"get losst"said Nick angrly

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Raijin said:
"Ok, well, while he's throwing a fit, we'll be going on a trip. I'm gonna show you kids what I mean by borders." Mazaki says.

He then gathers them all, and after knocking on Nick's door to let him know they were stepping out of the tower for a bit, then shows them to where the ocean seems to flow on, and it looks like nothing but air.

"Ok kids, follow me." Mazaki says, then steps onto that bit of air that is in front of him, and he just stands there.

"Wait, what's going on? How are you doing that?" Beast Boy asks.

"Come here, I'll show you." Mazaki says, and Beast Boy steps in, and when he looks down, he sees some kind of abyss over the ledge.

"Woah, what the hell? There's no bottom down there." he shouts.

"Oh, there is. It's just, if you fall down there, your powers don't work, and there are very, very dangerous and naturally powerful creatures." Mazaki says, completely calm.

"Uhh, how can you stay so calm? What with what you said is down there, too?" Cyborg asks.

"Let's just move on, shall we?" Mazaki asks.

He then leads them until they end up in a forest nearby a broken pair of statue faces, and says, "Kids, this is called The Valley of The End. It's held within the realm of the Ninja World, where Raijin is from."

"Right, Raijin. So, he lives here." Robin says, then gets knocked over by a speeding ninja that was recently punched out of some kind of base, as far as Mazaki's eye can see.

"Ok, time to go. We're gonna go visit Shinji. Or, do you wanna get caught in the middle of some big ninja battle?" Mazaki asks/says, then leads them back.

"Ok, so this goes to Shinji's place. Well, let's hope he isn't causing a distubance, otherwise I'm gonna have to go hurt him." Mazaki says, after seeing everyone else getting used to the border thing.

Meanwhile, back at the tower, another person walks into the main room. He looks around, sees a part of the screen that shows Nick in his room, and thinks, 'This is the kid I want to see. He knows where my dad is. I know it.'

He then starts to that room, but is stopped by another person.

"I wouldn't go in there. That kid is in a bad mood. By the way, I'm Shinji, a friend of your dad's. You are here about the rumors of a half-demon sister, are you not?" Shinji says.

"What, how did you know that?" the guy asks.

"Come on kid, it's easy to tell. I know alot." Shinji says, then says, "But like I said, don't go bothering that kid."
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leonides said:
then they here a angry yall in the room"AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YOU MARITH"yalled Nick

"tooled ya he's in a bad mood l woulded go neer him"said shijin

Nick walks out of his room and sees two poeple in the room and says"hey shijin what are you doing here and whos this mother fucker"said Nick angrly

"oh nothing but this guy wants you to tell him about his dad"said shijin

"l dont cear not get away from me"said Nick as he was stoped by the new guy

"not till you tall me were my dad is"damanded the new guy

"umm l woulded"said shijin but to late Nick had yalled his head off and punched the new guy

Nick walks off and go's out side
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Raijin said:
The guy who Nick just punched just shakes off the blow and says, "Ok, one, my mother is a psycotic murder. Two, you just punched me. Three, you are so gonna learn what kind of mistake that is. Four, there are no more numbers here, just MY fist!"

He then punches Nick in the head, and that blow has an echo occur, which, Mazaki picks up and says, "Oh great, who just pissed War off? Ok kids, we're going back to the tower."

Meanwhile, the guy that punched Nick watched Nick fly a distance with that one, then sees Mazaki teleport in and says, "Oh, there you are dad. I was looking for you."

"Yep, only Nick would be dumb enough to punch War. Raven, this is War, your Dragon brother. War, this is Raven, your half-demon sister. War, that is Nick, Raven's boyfriend."

War looks at Raven a few times, then says, "Oh, thats her? I was thinking she'd be a bit older. Oh and, that kid a friend of yours? If so, make sure he doesn't make the same mistake he did when he first punched me."

"Grrr, you, Dark Blast!" Nick shouts, angrily.

War looks to his side, sees the blast, then draws one of his swords, and swings in the direction of the blast, and the blast is sent to the sky.

"Next." War says, before adding, "And by the way, in the realm I was in, I've fought and defeated enemies stronger than that. Hell, strength wise, I've gotten stronger than my dad. What can you do?"
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leonides said:

"oh no why did you do that he's angry cuz his brother lived from the last battle 3 mouths ago"explaned Raven

"why would he be fighting with his bro"aasked war

"l dont know there is so much we dont know about him"said Raven as she walks over to Nicks room

"come in Raven"said Nick

"are you ok he did do a hard punch on you"asked Raven

"ya lm fine l dident fell a thing but l just want to know one thing why is my life so fucking shityäsked Nick

Raven looks at him and hugs him he just walks with Raven to the mane room
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Raijin said:
War shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well, we wouldn't have had to go through that, but, he made the mistake of punching me. I wish he had just answered my question, then we could have gotten off to a better start. Ok you damn Succubus, you can stop hiding behind that tree."

The succubus War spoke to freezes up, trying to figure out how he knew he was there.

"I swear, you fail so bad at hiding. You're fucking pathetic. So, what the hell do you want?" War asks.

"Umm, well, I was sent to kill you by Walter, so I was going to do so. Then that kid got real scary and-" The succbus begins.

"Ugh, Walter picked a really pathetic one with you. He can't even do the job himself though? How weak." War says.

"Careful you overly arrogant brat. You keep doing that, you'll end up actually getting killed one of these days." Mazaki says, then shakes his head and thinks, 'To think, I raised a kid like this. Why do the gods hate me so? I swear, one of these days, I'm gonna get an answer to that.'

"Hey, should we just head in, and let you two catch up?" Robin asks.

"Go ahead. I'm gonna be in in a minute." Mazaki says, then he turns to War.

"First off, you owe Nick an apology. You provoked him, by still bothering him even when you were warned against it. Then he owes you an apology for striking you. Then I'll deal with you on the last thing." Mazaki says.

"Yeah yeah, I'll get to it." War says.
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leonides said:
they walk in side and see Nick and Raven Nick says"lm going for a bit"said Nick then adds"and war lm sorry for the punch and dont bother saying sorry l dident fell a thing"

he teleports to his dads grave and talks to his dads ghost"you'v been angry is it because marith got awayäsked Nick's dad

"no wall yes a yes and a no it's like my dark side is taking over my life l'v got a girlfriend good friends good life but why douse it seem like my life is just for nothing like l just want to die"asked Nick

"son everything happens by you say you are to hert one of your friends thats you doing even thow you dident mean it what lm trying to say is you need to let you past go your dark past and move on like you said you have a girlfriend who loves you as must as you do"said Nicks dad

"oh l think l under stand"said Nick as his dad dicapers

"oh my little brother how low you gone but this time lm not asking you to join me lm just gona noke you out"said marith

"Nick grabs his titans phone and says in to it"calling all titans AHHHHH help marith is here l cant take him along AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"yalled Nick as the signl was cut off

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Raijin said:
Mazaki hears this and says, "Yep, I'm gonna get the chance to kill him now. Ok, let's go."

With that, War says, "Feh, I'll track him. I've got his scent." Then War inhales through his nose, and after some time, gets a hit.

"Haha, Dragon Nose 1, Modern Day technology 0." War says.

"Umm, how about, Modern Day Technology 1, Dragon nose 0. I had a hit a while ago. I was just waiting for you." Mazaki says.

"Where is he? How far is it?" Raven asks.

War looks at her and says, "I'm gonna go. He and I need to get something straight, besides, this Marith guy, he sounds like he'll be tough."

He then walks outside and says, "Succubus, use those flowers over there to make me a lift. I'm not gonna go and turn into a dragon in town just to go rescue some kid."

"Uhh, right." the succubus says, then a bed of rose petals are made that War jumps on, and he flies off following to the place where he smells Nick.

Meanwhile, Mazaki says, "In his own way, thats how he makes things right with people. Too bad it gets him in a lot of trouble."

"But will he really bring back Nick? Can he do so?" Raven asks.

Mazaki nods his head and says, "In that, he's definately my kid. He doesn't quit until he's done what he says he's gonna do. He also won't let someone like Marith take him down before he completes his "mission". My bet is, once he gets Nick, War is gonna take him and lay low in his new home realm, while making sure Nick can get back here as soon as it's safe."

Meanwhile, War stops at the grave, picks up the communicator, and thinks, 'I'm not gonna be stopped. I find out I have a sister, and her boyfriend is kidnapped? No way in hell am I gonna be stopped by a mere distraction.'

He then inhales again, after getting more of Nick's scent, and finds him again, and says, "Well, now I can safely transform, because I'm not in town."

With that, he turns into his dragon form, and when he finally does take off, he makes sure he's nowhere around the grave.

'Feh, I'm not doing this for your forgiveness or friendship. My sister wants you back safe. That's all that matters to me.' War thinks, more to himself, than anything.
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leonides said:
Nick says to war in telepathy"it's to late he's taken me to his hide out witch is hard to find even with my scent but l should tall you marith is alot stronger he's stronger then you and you say your stronger then your dad so dont think we will get back safly"

"huu did l just here Nick in my head"asked war talking to him self

at mariths hide out"finaly l will have the power that should be mine"said marith but war jumps in and says"lm mey not like him but lm doing this for my sister"said war as he runs over to Nick grabs him and is stoped by marith

"leve him along marith"said Raven

"raven how did you get here"asked war

"l followed you"said Raven

Marith just looks at them he knows that Nick will get he's strangth back soon and he dousent want to face death so he just says"when l get his power l will be back and you new guy cya in hell"

they get back to the tower and takes him to his room"hmm your weak cant even take on your own brother"said war as he was slaped by Raven

"ow whats that for"asked war

"he's stronger then you think but he can only take on marith in his true from"said Raven as she sits next to Nick

"hmm what ever"said war as he walks out of the room

Nick had some things on his mind whycant he kill his brotherthen mazaki comes in the room

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Raijin said:
(I ain't got much, just a possible training trip, and 1 hour and 33 minutes before I have to leave for a bit. When I do get back, I'm gonna either fix this with a bit more, or just wait for a whole other post.)

"You wanna know why you can't kill him? I'll spell it out for you, but it won't help you out of this bad mood. Your not strong enough yet. There, I said it. Now, you have two options: One, you can sit here, and let me be proven right, or Two: We can go on that trip I mentioned a number of months ago. It's your choice." Mazaki says. "By the way, you can get mad at me for saying it all you want, that also doesn't change anything. If you are gonna come with me on that trip, your gonna need a number of things, one of them being a number of changes of clothes."

He walks out, after that, and heads to his room, grabs his stuff, and thinks, 'When we get where I'm taking him, his powers are gonna be no use to him. In fact, he might be stronger than me in magic, but, not in strength. I can't make him stronger than me, considering my body gets stronger anytime I do bother to go in for an upgrade, but, I can let him fight those things in that abyss."
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leonides said:
"l would go with him who knows you mit be happy by the time you get back"said Raven

Nick walks over to mazakis room go's in and says"ok l'll do it but by the time we get back lm geting my revenge alone"

"l dont this thats possible for one reson the last time you battled with him 3 mouths ago you allmost died do you really think you can take him on after this you will need help"exlanes mazaki

"what ever l've all ready got my things lets just go"said Nick really angry
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leonides said:
*lm adding agien l have a lder*

as they walk out to the main room to get out war ask's"were are you going with this weak kid he's not going to lern eneything"

"ok thats enugh dont piss Nick of it's hard for me to stop his true form and it will be for you"said mazaki

"oooooo l true from big woop like this guy will hert me"said war being a smart ass


"or what huu"asked war

"war dont it's not my problem to what happens with this kid"explaned mazaki but he coulded stop war pissing off Nick so his true from showed and Nick hoverd in the air saying"YOU NO WHAT YOU'V GOT A BIG MOUTH BUT NOW YOU MIT NOT EVEN LIVE TO SEE TOMOROW LIGHTDARK BLADE"yalled Nick as l blade with light and dark eco came from Nicks hand and grabs it

Nick charges at war at a speed farster then light or sound and in sted of killing him or cuting of a arm he just gave him a big cut on the side of the bodie"AHHHHHHHHHH that fucking hert"said war after Nick was his true from agien

"that what you get for PISSING ME OFF"growled Nick
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Raijin said:
War gets up, and says, "You realize, I have two swords right? If you'd looked at them, you'd notice two things. One of them seems to be made of emerald. That's Demon-Based Emerald. It has a very, very potent poison in it. The second, I'm not gonna use on you for two reasons: One, I'm the one trying to make peace. Two, this blade, which is made of Demon-Based Amythest, no one cut by it can survive a cut, unless they ingest melted mythril quickly enough. You may be strong, but you have a serious problem."

"War, that's enough. Quit now." Mazaki says.

"No, because I've already let things go. I went to save him, and for what? An ungrateful brat like this who won't stop getting ahead of himself? His blade isn't the Dragon Buster. I opened my scales to be nice. But, if he wants me to be an enemy, he can keep this attitude up. If not, he can find me elsewhere, because now I feel like leaving here." War says.

He then pulls out a small sword, with no magical enchantments or anything, then says, "If you do want to put things aside, seeing as I already tried, and failed it seems, you'll have to fight me with this. If you can cut through my scales without me opening them, or without that inferior Pheonix Seal made sword, then go and bring your lame and weak ass to this location."

He tosses a scroll to Nick, which, Mazaki already knows what is inside, and asks, "Are you nuts? Your gonna send him to a place like that? Why would you do so?"

"It's no longer your problem. He was the one who was saying with his actions he wanted me for an enemy. If he wasn't trying to say that though, and I somehow misread the situation, which, with all the enemies I have in that other world, I know it's impossible, he'll go there. And you, you won't come to his side. He'll have to do this alone." War replies.

He then runs up to the roof, transforms, and flies off.

"Unfortunately, Nick, he's serious. You set him off. He was calm again, after he let go of your attack on him, and he even gave up his pride to go save you. He didn't have to go rescue you, he chose to do so on his own. And now his ego is returning, and he was enjoying himself. He never means anything hurtful on purpose, he, uhh, just doesn't know how to say anything except bluntly."

"Then why did he go and mock me like that? Tell me that." Nick asks, angrily.

"He has issues with humans. You know he's a Dragon. But, in this age, he's the only one so far that has been seen. He's the only one, while humans far outnumber him. He can't fully accept humans because of that fact. He has nothing against you, and besides, I was human when I raised him, and, well, that's the only reason he has enough respect for me. He takes time to get along with, thats the most difficult thing."

"Dad, if, there are no Dragons other than him, how is he even here?" Raven asks.

"I got ahold of his Dragon Egg before some raiders could crush it. Dragon Egg shells, they are quite fragile, and, Divine Dragon Eggs are no exception." Mazaki answers.
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leonides said:
"what ever it woulded make a difents if he did or dident save me and l will go there when l cant use my light dark decepted blast with out dieing and lm not going stuf what ever it is you want to tran me"said Nick angrly

"but Nick"said Raven as she was stoped by Nick

"no buts lm strong as it is and besides the only reason l cut him cuz as you know lm in a bad mood 3 mouths ago l never got to kill the one a hate but why should l tall eney of you no one understands"explaned Nick as he walks of to his room

Nick was brething hevaly he coulded think wall and his angry went to his dark eco"oh brother this never sapaises me but l can now try a new move"said marith

"grrrr what new move you dick nob"growled Nick

"oh its nothing really but control servent"said marith

"huu what l cant control my self"said Nick

"now go kill the titans and mazaki"damanded marith

Nick was walking to were tthe titans are with out control he says"lm sorry please frogive me"Nick shot a hole bunch of light blasts and dark blasts at them with out control

"hahahah next time dont miss"said marith with a smial

"marith what have you dont with Nickäsked mazaki with a angry look

"oh just my new power l dont need to stell his powers l can just make him do what l want. come Nick we need to make you stronger the farst way"said marith with a smail as he teleports Nick to his hideout

"NO NICK"yalled Raven
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leonides said:
(lm adding agien)

at marith's hide out

"haha now that l dont need to stell or ask you to join l can just make you now the shuve these pills down your throt"said marith as he shuves them down Nicks mouth


back at the titan tower Raven woulded stop crying then mazaki says"dam l ant saven him he has to save him self but this is a saprises this is one l havent seen and l've seen alot of mind control powers"said mazaki

"but what l want to know is how he got in Nicks room with out the alam going offä"asked Robin

"mabe the marith wants Nick to go to the dark side"said starfire

then the alarm went off and the titans went off when they got to the crim seen they sore Nick smashing stuf not in his comand and marith was there just laghting at everything
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Raijin said:
War, who had finished eating, after not having seen Nick show up, was also currently in the area, and seeing this, shakes his head and thinks, 'Yep, definately things I will never understand. However, he didn't show, and my challenges have time limits, so, it's not my problem. However, this Marith guy, who's controlling him, he's definately strong, especially in magic. Impressive.'

Mazaki scans the area, making sure there were no injured people nearby, then says, "Alright, I don't see any civilians in the area, so we can safely kick Marith's ass. Actually, I'm gonna do something special for him, and quit my holding back. I'll just leave him alive for Nick to kill when we get him back on our side, as in, we free him, but, I'll just kick Marith's ass for real."

He then charges at Marith, which, this time, Mazaki isn't seen until he's holding Marith by the front of his shirt against a building, and he says, "Surprise. I'm gonna stop handling you with kiddie gloves now. But, I won't kill you, just kick your ass a bit."

He also while doing this, looks over at Nick, scans him, then his body, and sees the drugs in him, and says, "Well well, look what we got here. Your drugging your little brother, how cute. So you can't control him fully without those drugs? Heh, still as weak as always I suppose."

"And you still talk as much as three months ago. Why don't you stop talking, and do something about it?" Marith says.

"Oh, don't worry, I wasn't gonna be all talk. Just trying to make small talk. Now, since I'm done playing, let me start showing you something really old. It's called, Ragnarok." Mazaki says, then he kicks Marith into an area where a sword of Earth energy falls onto him from the sky, but, after the smoke clears, Marith is still alive.

"I told you I'd leave you alive for Nick to kill, but, I also told you I'd kick your ass. Anytime I see you, and we haven't freed Nick any of those times, I'm coming after you, and it'll just keep getting worse and worse." Mazaki says.

"I thought I said you talk too much. Oh well, I guess I'm gonna have to shut you up." Marith says.

"Oh brother, this guy doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Oh well, guess I'm gonna go deal with the kid a little. I'll just leave the Marith guy to Mazaki." Shinji says, then walks over to Nick.

"So, Nick, what say you me leave this area, you know, to make sure we don't accidentally kill any civilians, yeah?" Shinji asks.

"Nick, destroy him, and all of the others. I'm gonna deal with this fool." Marith says, while looking at Mazaki.

"Come on Nick, even drugged out, and having your body controlled, you have more sense than this. Let's go to the canyon, ok?" Shinji says.

War watches them, and decides he wants a bit of the action. He runs in and rams Marith from behind, then kicks him, and says, "Actually, thing is dude, when you deal with one of my family, you deal with all of it. That means you don't just deal with Mazaki, but with me, and Raven if she fights you as well."

"No, I've got him, don't worry. He's just where I want him anyways. Diamond Berg." Mazaki says, then Marith is encased in a block of ice, which, Mazaki runs to, starts punching, and it shatters peice by peice, until Marith gets hit by the last punch, then the ice shards fly at him, and strike him while flying past him.

"Marith, I told you, and I'll keep saying it. I'm not gonna be the one who kills you. That is gonna be Nick, when we free him, and War, you are gonna put aside your issues with him, and save him." Mazaki says.
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leonides said:
then Nick looks at war with marith controling hime marith says"destroy war or whats his name now"

Nick uncontrolably looks at war and begins to firer a hole bunch of dark and light blasts"MARITH LET ME GO SO L CAN KICK YOU'R BUTT AHHHHHHH"yalled Nick

war was doging everymovie Nick had done then he stops but mariths comaed

"this is to hertful even for me but destroy the one you love"comanded marith

"NO RAVEN RUN NOW"yalled Nick as Raven was doging every light or dark shower Nick did then she fell down and a light shower was about to hit her but Nick just in time got 1min of control back and stoped the light shower

then marith comades"all right it seems you need more druging lets get back to the hide out so l can noke you down for not killing her and then drug you"then there teleport to mariths hide out

"l dont get it marith comanded him to stop dident he he's beeing controled so why did he blame Nick for that"asked war

"because that was not marith it was Nick there is a way we can save him when he was useing light showers on raven then she triped that last shower was just about to hit her but he got a small amout of time to stop it"explaend mazaki then adds"there is a way we can save him he needs more good enagy cuz you know how he"s all angry thats how he has control over him"explaned mazaki as the titans and shijin walk back to the tower

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leonides said:
(l dont now why l just like to add so lm adding agien)

at the titans tower everybodie went to bed and Raven was talkless she woulded say a work even when someone was asking her if she was ok she just went up to the roof and was thinking to her self

"so marith got control of my son"said Nicks dad and Raven could here him

"whos here"asked Raven

"Nicks dad you cant see me but you can here me Nick dousent want you to get hert i think its best that you stay away from him just intill he's free"explaned Nicks dad

"l know but l want him back so badly l got to do something to help him"said Raven

"there is a way to get Nicks good side showing to stop the power whos the one person Nick is really angry at but not marith"asked Nicks dad

"wall war but what douse that have to do with it"asked Raven

"if he acts nice to Nick his good side will show l know off the back of my head eneyway say something nice he can do that will get Nick to reacte nice get my pont"said Nicks dad

"l get itok thanks were ever you are lm gona think about it"said Raven with out a nother word and walks to her room
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Raijin said:
Still downtown, War thinks about what he saw, and thinks, 'So, I was right. I am gonna have fun. But still, to see that Nick was fighting, it reminds me of my time working as Lynx's puppet. Is that where Marith learned that skill? No, this is two seperate realms, and those skills, they are different, no matter how much alike they seem. However, the release from the control should be the same, but, bleh, that means I'd have to be nice. Oh well, I'll just prepare myself for this.'

He then walks to a cliff, sits down, and meditates for a bit, then thinks, 'Oh well, I suppose I'll have to do so. Even if I'm the size of a kid, I'm gonna have to be the bigger man. I wonder if this spell can be removed, so I can be a full time Dragon? I"ll have the succubus look into something. I swear, she's so easy to boss around.'

"Umm, someone said I should come here. Did you want me?" a voice behind War asks.

"Succubus, I need you to go to the old ruined Yin-Yang temple. Bring me any scriptures or anything like that you can find. And also, see if you can find anything with any info on both of those two brothers, however you have to get it." War says.

"Right, I'll get to it. But, you only want scriptures and info? No treasure?" the Succubus asks.

"I'm not interested in the sort. Old ruined temples end up the same way as tombs, and I respect tombs of ancient people. However, I need scriptures, which hold knowledge of races and clans of old, so, that is what holds my interest. Now, don't fail me. I don't wanna get angry before I have to go save that kid." War answers.

"I understand. I'll leave now." the succubus says.

'She got here too quickly, and that in itself is strange. I didn't call her yet, and I didn't tell anyone about my need of her for work, so who knew?' War wonders, before getting up and heading to the tower.

When he arrives though, he groans in disgust, as, standing before him, is a weird looking man, as, the man looks like a cat of sorts.

"Lynx, I don't have time to play with you, so scram. I think I saw a nice looking yarn ball back down that way." War says.

The man now known as Lynx says, "Well, I see that if you kept anything, it was that strange sense of humor you have. However, I have something you might be interested in hearing."

"And what could you know that I would want you to hear? Every other time, I either end up on a senseless killing spree, or end up as your puppet. What's different here?" War asks.

"For one, that mind control thing you saw, it wan't mind control. What you saw was a trick out of a different playing book entirely. For two, I came here with good intentions this time. The info I have, it comes for free this time." Lynx answers.

"Fine, lay it on me. I'm listening." War says.

"Alright, what I have is this: Nick and Marith were brothers, but you know that much. Did you know, that like every other person like you, they had a mother? Of course not. Anyway, it seems Marith ended up killing her. That caused that problem between them in the beginning. Now, Marith wants more power." Lynx begins.

"Yeah, well, my mother ended up to be some kind of psycotic murdering bitch, and, you are wrong, I have a mother. But he wants more power, so he's going after his little brother. Hmmph, he didn't read the scriptures." War says.

"Actually, in this case, not all of the scriptures have hidden powers for a person. Anyway, Marith wants Nick's powers. He's probably getting to the point to where he'll kill anyone in his way just to get them. However, I was merely catching you up on the situation. Now for the interesting info." Lynx says.

"I'm still listening." War says.

"Marith is quite possibly growing weaker and weaker by the day. If it's true, don't you think it makes sense for him to do so? Of course, that's merely my thoughts on the subject. Marith has a special stock of those drugs hidden somewhere. And, even if he runs out, don't you think he hs a supplier?" Lynx asks.

"And here I was thinking he home brews the stuff. But, if he does both, he'd need the supplies to make it, and if he does, once he runs out, he'd have to go get more. I see, so, if he does, I can throw a wrench in hs plans by destroying the source. But, if your wrong, I just wasted my time. Now, for the mind control thing. What is it?" War says.

"Next time War, next time. For now, you have some work to do." Lynx says, then vanishes.

"Oh well, guess he's right. I'm gonna have to learn to be nice. Oh how I hate the thought of it. However, it makes sense. I caused some of the problems, but, he caused the other part. I hate my life." War complains.
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leonides said:
it's been three days and every shot they had of freeing Nick there was no luck everybodie was running out of lders to save him and some even stubed if you get me anyway the alarm went off it was marith and Nick with no control

"ok now we just need to see if you will do what l say this time"said marith

"all right this time were geting Nick back"said mazaki

"omg you'v siad that alot and no luck just give up and let Nick destroy you"said marith

"never you donky rapeing shit eater"said Raven

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Raijin said:
War, hearing the commotion all three days, finally gets tired of Marith and thinks, 'This time I got it. This time, I'll end up throwing the wrench in his plans. This time, it's over. Marith's control over Nick, it's broken.'

He jumps down, with some of the scriptures the succubus gained in his back, under one of his scales, and looks over at Marith and says, "Well, they might not have freed him successfully, but I know how. Do you think I'm bluffing? I'm not. But you know I hate this part, so, stick around. You'll get to watch me blow the rest of my pride."

"You can't possibly have figured out a way to free him. I perfected my control over him." Marith says.

War shakes his head and says, "Once you say it's perfect, even in past tense, you always end up meeting failure. Nothing is ever perfect, except for nothingness."

He then turns to Nick, and says, "Ok, I'm the one you want. I'm the one who gave you trouble. Come on, we'll go elsewhere to deal with this issue."

He grabs Nick's shoulder, transforms into a Dragon again, and flies way past Marith's sight range, and then lands.

"Ok, come on, hit me as hard as you want. I'm gonna take it." War says, and just stands still.

Meanwhile, in the other area, Marith was trying to get past the Titans and Mazaki, but, with both the Titans and Mazaki having been more than stubborn to stay down, Marith wasn't going anywhere fast.

"I will not let him do whatever he's doing. I will not stand for it." Marith says, before getting knocked on his ass by Beast Boy ramming into him as a, well, ram.

"Then why don't you have a seat?" Beast Boy asks, and everyone laughs, slightly.

"Oh ha ha, very funny." Marith says, then punches at Beast Boy, before his hand gets caught by Shinji, who was wearing some strange kind of mask.

"You know, your starting to look more and more like a whole meal instead of just an appetizer? Pity I'm stuffed, else I'd eat you." he says, before a cannon from a tank kind of monster grows from his shoulder, and it fires.

At the other area though, War was soon on his knees after all of the hits, but still getting up each time after.

"You good yet? 'Cause you know, I actually feel like I'm not gonna be able to take much more. Or, do you still want to hit me?" He asks.

He then winces as another fist hits him, then says, "I guess I've got my answer. By the way, you can choose whether to believe me or not, but, I have nothing against you personally. I don't hate you or anything, I just can't stand humans in general. I'm not like my dad, who gets along with people easily. I have poor experiences with humans, and I don't intent to trust even you right off the bat."

He then winces as another fist connects, and gets back up again, and says, "And now, just maybe, this ass-whooping I'm gonna give you, maybe it'll be good for something. This ain't because I hate humans, this is for your own good."

With that, he starts punching back, blocking any punches he can, while getting his punches in, as much as he can.

"You back to normal yet? I don't feel like punching you and getting punched by you all day. Let's just hurry up and get this over with, then, after we kick your brother's ass, and you put him in whatever world of suffering you choose, we, as in, you, me, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Mazaki can all go out for pizza. Because believe you me, I'm starved." War says.
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leonides said:
Nick's fist stops for a sec and Nick was able to move freely and says"l'm...l'm free this is odd for me but thanks"

"say one work about this and your dead"said war

"forget that time to get what l want"said Nick as he flys off in the air

meanwill with marith still trying to get past he notests something his power over Nick was gone"NOOOOOOOOOO CURES YOU WAR OR WHATS YOUR NAME FUCK YOU"yalles marith

then a rain of lightdark blasts came from the sky and it was Nick in him true form witch is now much stronger then befor"the next time you control me your head will be on a venomless stick with lightdark fire around it"thretend Nick

"l will get you for this YOU WILL ALL DIE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"laght eavly marith

"dude take a chill pil"joked Nick as his true form went away and Raven ran up to him and gave him a hug

"dont ever let him take control of him agein"said Raven so happy to see him she gave him a kiss on the cheek but Nick was to weak the barking of the controling took to much of Nicks power and Nick fanted in Ravens arms
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Raijin said:
"Hmm, storybook ending I suppose, although, where did that cannon blast come from?" War says, arriving at the scene.

"Not important. However, good job. I'm not gonna ask you how you did it, I'm just gonna say "Good job", and leave it at that." Mazaki says.

"Well, either way, we may not have kicked his ass yet, but, I'm starving. Too bad we can't go anywhere just yet, because Nick decided he was gonna faint. I mean, come on, now of all times? Couldn't he have saved it for when we were back at the tower?" War asks, more like a joke than him being serious.

"Seems something made you be responsible for once. So, who was it?" Mazaki jokes.

War's face turns red and he says, "It wasn't anything like that. God damn it, now I know where it comes from."

"Yeah well, that's one of us. Now then, you mind, they are tired from keeping Marith from you and Nick, so, they can't exactly travel far like this." Mazaki says.

"Dude, you didn't bring your car?" Beast Boy asks Cyborg.

"We had a lot going on. How was I supposed to think about things like that? I didn't, not with all the trouble we had to deal with these past few days, and it's all Marith's fault." Cyborg says.

War shakes his head, and says, "Oh fine, I'll give them a lift. Although, this is the perfect time to show off my ride."

He reaches into his pocket, grabs out a pair of keys, pushes a button on them, and driving right down the road towards them is what looks to be an R.V.

"Like it? It's my Swiss-Army Vehicle. I call it that, well, you guys will see in a minute. Plus, as a bonus for this situation, I installed a med room in it a number of years back." he says.

Everyone gets in the R.V., and look around to see that it was alot bigger on the inside than the outside. War goes to the driver's seat, flips a switch, then pushes a button on a panel that appeared after he flipped the switch, and the R.V. turns into a sizable plane, with the med room showing now.

"Ok, now I'll show you where to place him. Follow me." War says to Raven.

Meanwhile, Mazaki was scanning the vehicle, and sees that it was a stolen military project, that for some reason, ended up in a car lot.

'Now how did he get this? It costs a fortune, and by fortune, I mean, only the seriously rich could afford one, if these vehicles were on sale. How in the world did he get one?' Mazaki wonders.

In the med room, War takes Nick, then puts him on a table, and says, "You now have two choices Raven. One, you can go and get some rest, or two, you can stay in here with him."

He then types into the computer nearby it something that seems to remove the extra fatigue, or, tiredness from Nick, so he would rest peacfully, but, long enough to be considered an actual good night's sleep.

"I think I'll stay in here a little bit longer." Raven says.

"Alright, fine. We'll arrive at the tower in a few hours, so, don't push yourself to stay awake longer than you need to." War says, before typing in another thing that heals the injuries Nick got in his little punching match with War after War started returning blows.

"Alright, he should be fine. He'll rest a bit more, and then, I won't see anything wrong with him doing things like fighting or anything like that again. Just make sure he understands I'm not a doctor." War says then leaves the room, and goes to set the plane to auto-pilot.
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leonides said:
after a hour or 2 there was still a flit back to the tower and Nick was ready to get up

"ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head it's like a fucked up monster hit me in the head"said Nick as he looks around and add"nice plaen good thing it's on auto-pilot on"then looks agen and sees everybodie was asleep and Raven was asleep next to Nick

"hmm l would get some sleep my self but l've been sleeping for a few hours so ya"wisped Nick
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Raijin said:
"So, you're awake now. Don't mind me, I'm just looking for a 'friend' of ours." a weird cat looking man says.

Nick looks at him, rather confused and says, "I'm sorry, but who the fuck are you?"

The cat man thing looks at him and tells him, "Oh, I'm just a friend of War's. My name is Lynx."

"I'll take that call. Lynx, quit bothering him. By the way, it's not a car. It's more awesome than one." War says.

"Alright, but I'm tired of resting. Where do I go?" Nick asks.

"Well, we'll be near the tower in a couple more hours, so, when we get there, anywhere you can think of." War says, before rememebering something. "Oh right, before I forget. Here, amusing scriptures of sorts that your brother should have read if he wanted your power. It seems to show ways to get past the forms of resistance, and take the power directly. You can torch it if you want. Just keep page 8 through 11."

He tosses the pages, as War seperated them into, to Nick, who then catches them, and after looking at them, looks up to see he's alone in the room.

"Sheesh, how did they do that? I cant even take off that fast." Nick wonders.

Mazaki wakes up, and smells the cat, looks out his window, and sees that it's raining, and thinks, 'No wonder it smells of wet cat in here. Ok, now where's the cat?'

He gets up, starts walking around the plane, and comes across the med room.

"Nick, since I see your feeling better, I'm not gonna ask the obvious question. I will however ask you this: Do you know why it smells of wet cat in here?" Mazaki asks.

"Some guy named Lynx cme in here, looking for War. That might be it." Nick answers.

"Lynx, ok, thanks. Now things go from bad to worse. If Marith ain't bad enough, Lynx is worse. I swear, he always picks the worse possible time to pop up, and then it always involves a fight, and, well, I don't need another problem, not until Marith is done." Mazaki says, while walking off.

"So, about that mind control thing Nick was under. You going to tell me now?" War says.

"No War, this time, there is a price. I believe it's a price you know all too well. Do you still want to know?" Lynx asks.

"I think I'll pass then. I hate being a puppet. It's really dull. I guess I'll get the answers from the one with the most experience with it, after he feels like talking about it. Which, I get this feeling, talking to him about it, it would be like asking a brick wall to move. But, I'm not gonna end up your puppet." War says.

"Your choice. Alright, I guess I'll take my leave." Lynx says, then he vanishes before Mazaki can walk into the room.

"Why were you talking to him? Do you know what he does to people?" Mazaki asks.

"I know what he does. I also find him an interesting source of info, when he's not charging for it." War says.

"Whatever, just don't get in over your head. Once we get back, I'll fill you in fully." Mazaki says.
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Raijin said:
*Warning you, it's not much.*

When the Titans finally do get back to the tower, everyone leaves the plane, which turns back into an R.V. War nods his head and says, "Yep, this is my vehicle. It's any kind of vehicle you need, either combat vehicle, or non-combat vehicle."

"Yeah, yeah. Cool car and all. Now then, seeing as we all seem to be lacking some key elements to taking out Marith, I'm gonna go and get some things gathered. All of you, even you War, will do the same. This is not open for discussion, and if anybody doesn't comply, I will get rough. There aren't gonna be any exceptions to this. We will be going to prepare you kids for real combat, and it will be brutal, this time, for everyone." Mazaki says.

"You think they will go along? I doubt it, but, that's my opinion. Me, I'm pretty interested, but, I have something I wanna discuss with Nick over there." Shinji says.

"I believe they will, besides, this training, I'm serious. They haven't been training for things like this. None of them were prepared enough, no matter what you say. Then again, I'm gonna get to work on the transport, because of what I'm planning." Mazaki says.

"Well, whatever, fine by me. I'll just go talk with Nick now." Shinji says.

He then walks over to Nick and says, "Ok, I know you wanna kill Marith, I get that. However, once he dies, his body will be of no use for being destroyed, because, well, his powers, they go nowhere. So, I was thinking, that, after you killed him, I'd eat him, the same way I ate that demon, that way, his powers, they get used for a better purpose."

Meanwhile, Mazaki had taken this time to speak with War over the past events.

"So, to review, Marith made Nick go bonkers, in the revenge seeking kind of way, Marith teamed up with Slade, then this idiot demon named the Dark Lord summoned Trigon, without Raven over there, and now I arrive to Nick going to finish things. Geez, why didn't you call me when the action was still good." War says.

"Because of what happened between the two of you the a few days ago. If it had happened then, we wouldn't be talking to each other like this, because the Dark Lord and Trigon both would have had openings to take advantage of. You just have this manner of pissing people off, to where they forget all about the things around them, and focus on you, that they could use to their advantage." Mazaki says.
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leonides said:
"no you wont eat him l've have a lder you know how marith gave my all those drugs"said Nick

"ya what about them"asked shijin

"it seems that with those drugs l have something to thank him for cuz now my bodie has more power to handle the lightdark decepted blast"explaned Nick with shaiji understanding what he says

"know if you dont mind lm going to have a bit of sleep"said Nick

"ok but dont go in your room it's still the same with glass and all"explaned Robin as Nick nods his head go's inside and sleeps on the couch cuz Robin tolled him to sleep there for now
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leonides said:
when Nick fall asleep he was tossing and terning like he was having a nightmere

Nicks dream

"MARITH DONT"Nick was in his kid way he was the age of 12 in a flaming house of dark eco and marith was 14 years old

"IT'S OK NICK JUST RUN L'LL BE FINE"yalled Nicks mom


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"scremed Nicks mom as marith shot a powerful dark blast at his mother

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHnow to stell you power then kill you"laght marith

"AHHHHHHHHHHH oh no it was just a dream oh god...sob mom l miss you so much fuck you marith...sob"cryed Nick

Raven herd the screm and see's Nick crying
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Raijin said:
In another part of the tower, Mazaki is having a similar nightmare. Inside of it, is a ten year old Mazaki, and his family.

"Here you go little brother, it's for you." says a girl, who is only two years older than him, and is holding out the familiar cross necklace.

"Wow, thanks. I'll take care of it." little Mazaki says.

He then takes the cross necklace, and then hears a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." the girl says.

She opens the door, then does something with her hands that tells Mazaki to hide somewhere.

"Hello guards, is there something I can help you with?" the girl asks, then shortly after falls back onto the ground, with a slash running across her body.

"Spread out. Find the other one. Kill them all. These are the orders of the Dark Lord." one guard says.

Mazaki, who was hiding under a boat, hears the order, and starts to whimper when he hears the name of the Dark Lord.

"What was that? Find the source of that noise." another guard orders.

They then turn to the boat, as a strange energy starts flowing out from under it, and Mazaki comes floating out, with strange wings that seem to be made of metal on his back. In his hand is a sword flowing with divine energy, but, it also has a strange dark energy to it.

"You killed my sister! I'll kill you now!" shouts Mazaki, and he rushes through the guards, cutting them down.

"Now I need to make sure my mom and dad are fine." Mazaki says, before noticing the sword in his hand, and then wings on his back.

He shakes it off, thinking he'll be able to get answers for it later, and runs into the building.

He soon gets to his parents room, and when he looks in, he sees them both lying dead, blood covering the room.

"No, not them too. Damn it all, I'll kill him, I'll kill the Dark Lord!" Mazaki says, before he feels a sword go through his back.

"So they didn't live to kill you. Pity, but my work is now done. Good bye, brat." says the Dark Lord from behind Mazaki.

Mazaki then wakes up from his nightmare, and puts his hand to his back where the sword wound still proves to be the weakest point on his body.
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leonides said:
"Nick whats wrong"asked Nick
"l dont know all l know is that lm geting revenge soon"said Nick as he walks off to his room calling his inerself as in the true power

when he douse the forbiden chant his true power leps from Nicks bodies in a speret way and anly has 30 min left to stay

"all right why did you sumin me"asked true power Nick

"l think you know you fucked up demon remember that night that night that changed my life that night that took away my mother you sore evrything l sore l should your my true power"said Nick

"maby l did maby l dident even if l did lwont tall you"said true power Nick being a smart ass then normle Nick adds"you beter tall me remember l can hert ghost pluss lm strong enught to noke you down"thretend Nick

"whao whao l was joking l have to let you live or l die now what l remember is marith did this for one reson to stell your power"siad true power Nick

"l know that part the reason im asking is why did he have to kill mom l know you know you the demon of all knowing"said Nick true power Nick looked at him he knew that if he tolled him it would be hard to take and to baleve

"ok here it is the reason is cuz your mother had put me in you to protect the world you come from pluss she is as powerfull as me so marith had to get rid of her to get me"explaned true power Nick

"you mean if l die my world dies lm the power of my world but my mom and dad allwas tolled me the power comes from the cristle in the hart of the world"siad Nick

"hmm you wish no that just a stubed thing to stop eneything bad comeing throw"said true power Nick as he went back in to Nick

Nick just sat down thinking for a bit"l cant vs marith in the fact that l mit die but if l dont then he will come to me what to do"
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leonides said:
"wall theres not much l can do but l gess l have to kill marith wall its l want eney way"said Nick

he walks up to the roof to medetat as he was medetating vistions went in his head ofthings happing in the future

"ok thats weard.....why is it allwas me who has the future vitions but l will worry about that later right now what was that vition about l was in chanes thatl coulded brack then marith gerabes my throt and ...... oh crap but there was more but l cant remember it"Nick walked down back to his room and trying to remember the rest of the vition

"man how long was it when l last had a shower oh thats right 3 days l beter have one"says Nick as he go's to the barth room to have a shower

after a fuw min Nick raped a towl around him walking to his room to get changed"ahhhhh thats better know l small better"

Raven nokes on the door to Nicks room"one min lm geting changed"said Nick

"fine l'll wait"said Raven

a fuw secs Nick says "ok come in l just need to fine my shert were ever it is"says Nick

"whao Nick l dident know you were that strong underneth"said Raven saprized at Nicks bodie with all the mussles

"oh thanks now can you help me fine my shert"asked Nick
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Raijin said:
Shinji roams the halls, trying to figure out what all to make of his life since he went started doing heroic deeds.

'Here I am, the criminal in my own hometown, and yet I'm here doing good deeds in another. For crying out loud, when was the last time I even just robbed a bank? I'm getting soft, if I haven't even done that yet.' Shinji thinks to himself.

He then thinks, 'Oh what the hell. If they see a news report that mentions anything not human done to break in, Mazaki's first thoughts will be on me for the crime.'

He walks into the city, and smiles, because he isn't known here, for anything he's done, and breaks down a bank wall with a transformed cannon shot, then laughs when he sees the security cameras and alarms.

"Ha ha, this is too easy. They don't have much in the way of defense or anything. I'm gonna enjoy this." Shinji says, then destroys the cameras, and the alarms.

Then he goes over to the vault, looks at the door, and smirks, then punches it with his fist after putting back on the mask, and the vault door shatters into many pieces.

He grabs the cash, then walks out into the middle of the street, then stops to think, 'Oh wait, I don't have anywhere to stash this. Oh well, guess I'll have to fix that.'

He then takes off to a warehouse, that he claims for himself, puts the money there, then returns to the tower.

The next morning, Mazaki turns on the t.v. and sees the report.

"Shinji, get in here. I need to talk to you." Mazaki shouts.

When no one walks through the doors, Mazaki gets up and goes down the halls, one by one, looking for Shinji.

"Shinji, I'm gonna find you sooner or later. When I do, depending on how long it takes, it will either end up being painless, or I'll hurt you. So, what's it gonna be?" Mazaki asks, still walking.

He then trips on a not so hidden trip-wire, which, well, where it was placed, it told Mazaki that Shinji put it there.

"Very funny Shinji. Now come out, because I'm starting to get angry and bored with this game of Hide and Seek." Mazaki says.

Meanwhile, in another part of the tower, War had woken up early as well, and had been thinking as well, but was disturbed by the crash.

He gets out of his bed, and goes into the hallway, watches his dad fall into every little trap Shinji had set up, laughs and shakes his head, then goes into Nicks room and says, "Okay, two things. One, don't mind me barging in here. I came to discuss something with you, about those scriptures; Two, it's fucking funny out there. I remember I couldn't get my dad to fall into any prank traps I set up, and yet, Shinji's traps catch him every time Dad walks into them."
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Raijin said:
"Shinji, this is your last warning. Get out here, or else I'm gonna rip you a new one!" Mazaki roars, now more fed up than anything.

Shinji, hiding in the air vents, chuckles real quietly, so that he isn't heard, then drops a strange vial from that point, and before Mazaki could track it back to there, Shinji warps off to another point in the tower.

"You're gonna have to actually find me, because you might not be, but I'm really amused by this." Shinji says over the intercom.

Mazaki takes off to the main room, but doesn't see Shinji there, stops for a second, and thinks, 'Okay, he's been playing games only children would play, so where is he gonna be next? And what is in this vial?'

He opens up the vial, and when he does, Shinji runs into the main room.

"Okay, we'll have to put this aside for now. That vial contains soul energy, in a form that draws soul consuming creatures to the location." Shinji says.

"Then why the hell did you drop it?" Mazaki asks.

"Accident? Ever heard of those kinds of things? They seem to be pretty common. I wanted to drop the one that would explode on the person who opened it, but well, you know which one you got." Shinji answers, then says, "But on a serious note, you'd know the soul consuming creatures by a different name. They appear in Karakura Town, Japan after all."

Mazaki stares at Shinji in disbelief, because he made a method of summoning them, and says, "For crying out loud. You made something that brings Hollows here? Now the humans of the Titans will be helpless, except for Beast Boy, and then we'd need more weapons for them."

"I was bored, I'd finished watching what I thought was a strange cartoon in my town called Bleach, and decided I wanted to try and make things like that. I didn't know Karakura Town was only two towns away." Shinji states.

Mazaki shakes his head and says, "Alright, how many do you think we'll have to deal with?"

"None, if we kill them all first." Shinji says, and for once, Mazaki nods his head in agreement.

"Alright, lets get the non-humans out here, and get ready to go. Wait, only Beast Boy and Cyborg can see them, so they'll be able to help too. Geez, these things had to be ghosts." Mazaki says.
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Raijin said:
Mazaki sounds the alarm, and everyone rushes into the main room, to find out what is up.

"What's happening? Is it Marith?" Nick asks.

Mazaki shakes his head. "No, Shinji here made some kind of vialed-liquid, which actually was soul energy turned into a liquid, because he thought it would be harmless. Now we have soul consuming creatures on the way here, which, unfortunately for you Robin, are basically ghosts. These creatures are called Hollows."

"Okay, so what is a Hollow?" Robin asks.

Shinji says, "Hollows are spirits that are filled with rage or sorrow to the point to where they won't cross over, and instead turn into these weird monsters. These monsters in turn will target any souls that haven't passed over or become Hollows, and eat them. If there aren't any souls around, they will next target humans, to kill them and leave their souls behind to feast on. That is a Hollow."

"So, what you're saying is, these things are ghosts that eat other ghosts, or kill humans to eat their ghosts?" Cyborg asks.

"No, it's more complicated than that. You see, the more souls Hollows eat, the stronger they become. If regular Hollows eat enough souls, they eventually evolve, into Hollows called Gillians, which, we aren't gonna let happen." Mazaki answers.

"And the worst part of all, is if Hollows eat enough souls after transforming into their final form, they can easily become much stronger than all of us combined. That's why we have to kill them before they do get stronger. Thankfully, Hollow transformations are slow, so they won't transform as often, and if we kill enough of them, they'll leave this town, and we won't have to deal with them." Shinji adds.

'How does that kind of thing work? I know I'm really powerful using my true powers, but, Shinji says if they evolve to their final form and still consume more souls, they become more powerful than all of us combined? Does that include when I'm transformed?' Nick wonders, in his mind.

"I know what you're thinking, Nick. Your face says it all. And yes, I mean even if you transform. Of course, I'll be honest. Hollows are still spirits themselves, so eventually, Hollows start eating each other. When they do that, the power they get is doubled, for some odd reason. Once I figure out how though, I'll make a way to stop it. For now, we have to hope we don't have to deal with one. I might stay hungry all the time, but, I'm not suicidal." Shinji says.

"And yet you always go and piss me off. How non-self-destructive you are, doing that. But, on a serious note, they'll be here in a few minutes, so we don't have anymore time to talk. Robin, you will need to stay here." Mazaki says.

Then they set out, except for Robin, to different parts of the city, according to Mazaki's notings of where the Hollows will appear.
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Raijin said:
Once everyone is in position, something strange happens. The creatures they were heading to fight, they attack, but in a manner against Mazaki and Shinji's knowledge.

The Hollows attack from all sides, like expected, but, they are well trained, like they were put through some kind of planning for this attack.

"Mazaki, do you see what I see?" Shinji asks, over a communicator.

"That would be a big ten-four. They are definitely fighting as if they were some kind of military. And normally, Hollows just care about eating." Mazaki answers.

"Is this common, or is this the first time you two have seen this?" Cyborg asks.

"Considering neither of us have fought many, or in Shinji's case, haven't fought one, this is the first time we've seen it." Mazaki answers.

"How do you now what they are?" Beast Boy asks.

"Because, I'm able to go between the different realms, and end up seeing more of the world than just one place. I also see things like this, which gives me knowledge of these creatures." Mazaki says.

"Quit talking, they're attacking." Shinji says.

And like he said, one of the Hollows charges up a blast made of spiritual energy, which it then fires at Cyborg. However, because it was in front of Cyborg, Cyborg could see the blast coming at him, and countered the blast with his Sonic Cannon.

"Okay, they definitely aren't here to just to eat, they seem to be here to take us out. Hmmm, I wonder who put them up to it." Mazaki wonders.

"Oh, just an old friend of yours. He wanted to give you a message, Mazaki, but couldn't find you. Now he knows where you are, considering all your battles with that nobody to our group, Marith, and wants to let you know he's waiting to see you again." a voice from behind the group states.

"A nobody? Is that what they consider him? Hmmph, I've seen more from him. Now, tell your boss, I already said I won't be used as a weapon. I may have been put back together by him, but I won't be treated as a mere killing machine." Mazaki says, before turning back to the Hollows.

"Now thats no fun. That means all the weapons you have will be useless. You can't use them without wanting to kill somebody, and I know how you are." the person says.

Mazaki however, had already left his place, because a Hollow was too close to a place the civilians were, and were about to attack from there. He kicks it into the air, then while it's airborne, starts shooting it with the handgun from his side gun holster.

"Why is Marith a nobody to your group? Don't you know what he is capable of?" Nick asks the guy.

"I'm not interested in talking to you. I will answer your question though. Marith is a nobody, because we aren't interested in a weak human. Humans like Mazaki was, when he was still alive, that, we want. Mazaki alive, he had this kind of life where a nuclear missile would not kill him, unless he allowed himself to die. Marith, he is obsessed with power, and one we of my group consider weak and unneeded. That is why we are not interested in him." the guy says.

He then signals the Hollows, then points to Mazaki, and says, "Render him unconscious, and his soul will be yours. My group just wants his body."

All of the Hollows then swarm around Mazaki, but Mazaki just laughs, until he is struck by a blast like Cyborg stopped in the back. He falls to the ground, and the man shakes his head, then heads far away from the danger zone.

A strange energy flows from Mazaki, and when he is up off the ground, he is once again in the form from his nightmare of his childhood.

In his hand is that same sword as well, but Mazaki's eyes are lifeless, and devoid of any emotion aside from anger. He cuts down the Hollows around him, but something is different, from what Shinji and Raven both see. Mazaki then goes after civilians in the area, cutting, or attempting to cut, them.

"Dad, stop. They aren't those monsters. They are people." Raven shouts.

Mazaki looks at her, but his mind is so clouded by his blood rage, that he doesn't recognize her. He then charges at her, and tries to cut her as well, but is stopped by one of War's blades, as well as Nick's sword as well.

"Cut it out. I don't know what you problem is, but I won't let you hurt Raven. And if I have to, I'll take you out to do so." War says.

Shinji, having studied Mazaki's state long enough now, says, "Yep, as I figured. He ends up reverting to this state when he is hit in the back, because of how that wound appeared. But, it's more than that. He's now a hollow being right now, if his actions have given that away. He's not himself basically, he's something, but not himself. I don't know what to call it, but, I know he's able to be restored."

"What's that mean?" War asks.

"It means, Mazaki has fallen into a state similar to what I saw from Mazaki's computer monitor, considering he didn't protect it well enough. He is basically Nick in that uncontrolled form of his, as in, when Nick first turned into that form, and he lost control. He needs to be knocked out, fast. Nick, you can do that, we'll handle the Hollows he didn't kill." Shinji says.

"Wait, by myself?" Nick asks.

"Shouldn't be too hard, should it? If you fail, he'll just keep doing this until there's no one left, then he'll move on to other towns. I'll tell you this though. His gloves, they are irremovable until he either removes them himself, or he falls into this state. No I haven't seen him in this state, but I have seen the methods he uses to keep those gloves on. If you can get him to touch one of his own palms, he'll be knocked out quickly enough." Shinji says.

"Okay, but what about that other guy? What do I do about him?" Nick asks.

"Well, Mazaki probably would've killed him, and besides, didn't he call you weak basically? Don't you wanna prove him wrong? Just either kill him, or make him run. But, beware of blows from Mazaki in this from, because his power, it's not being held back." Shinji says, before turning around and punching a Hollow to death, or, death for a ghost.
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leonides said:
"ok wall if lm fighting him in that form l gess lm useing my true from"siad Nick as his true from came over the light and dark wings came from his bodie and used his light dark blaed"l thinks its only fer that we both use the same things like your wings my wings your blaed me blaed"explaned Nick as he charged at mazaki with a power full dark light blast running throw the sword with a big stabe throw mazaki

"umm that should of work....oh shit please dont dont you dere stabe me or l swe..."Nick coulded finish his saying mazaki had got angry and gave him a stabe worser then Nicks and blood was spilling out of Nick like a water fall

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH shit good thing l lernt some healing spels.......laruptth"said Nick as that spell healed Nicks cut and the blood went back in

"ok now lm angry agien AND LIKE A SAID A FUW DAYS BACK NO ONE LIKE ME WHEN L GET ANGRY"mazaki dident lition he just went charging at Nick with his swored

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH"yalled mazaki

"lightdark blast take this"said Nick angrly

lightdark blasts kept on comeing from Nicks hands and with every one he fireed he only got 50% of hits but mazaki dident cear like they were just rocks hiting water

"oh carp l dident want to have to do this but"said Nick as he hoverd hight in the air and began to chant"the true power wants nothing comes to help it........"Nick never finished the chant mazaki had punched him to stop the chant

"AHHHHHHHH fuck l know your my friend but fuck you god whats your problem"Nick got really angry from the start as in he dident cear if he kills mazaki or just nokes him out

"THATS IT LETS SEE YOU HIT ME NOW WITH MY SHEALED UP"angrly said Nick as he hovers to the air highter them beforand began the chant agien

"the true power want othing wants to help he wants to kill........the power of all........the power of wants to help ALL THAT HAS LOST IT.....LIGHTDARK TIME SPARK"yalled Nick as time stoped and lighting came from his bodie noking out mazaki and mazaki go's back to normle


Raven walked up to him saying"calm dowe he's back to normle"as soon as Raven tuched Nicks sholder Nick tened around and scrached her badly with his clars

"oh lm so sorry please let me help you"asked Nick


"leave now your no longer a teen titan"comanded Robin

"but but"said Nick as he was yalled at by Robin"NOW LEAVE YOUR TO DANGRES TO BE A TEEN TITAN"

"yo man he was angry l understand that yes he did hert Raven but still"said cyborg dafending Nick

"l dont cear he has to laeve"said Robin angrly

"lm with robin with this one you hert Raven shes bleading badly because of you"beast boy walked over to Raven and picked her up cyborg picked up mazaki and all went back to the tower but not Nick

"AHHHHHH WHY AM L SO BAD AT BEING GOOD"yalled Nick as he runs of not leaveing eney messeges to the titans
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Raijin said:
The guy who appeared watches the exchange between the Titans, and thinks, 'Now is the perfect time to grab him. Shinji would've had the stuff for our group, but he is now tainted by inhuman blood. If he had divine blood in him, it would be a different story. However, that Nick boy, he also would have the ability to join us, but, I'm not here to recruit. Now, to retrieve the weapon.'

Shinji looks up to where the guy is hovering, and pulls the handgun Mazaki had from Mazaki's gun holster, does something with it, and in a short time, it's a sniper rifle. He points it at the guy, who notices it, and says, "You got to three to beat it. Once I get to three, I shoot."

The guy just lands on the ground, walks to Shinji, and says, "Those of you with tainted blood do not deserve to speak with me." He then strikes Shinji, who, was wearing some rather interesting clothing, and the guys hand starts hurting really badly.

"1.......2..........3" Shinji says, then points the gun the guy's head, and pulls the trigger. "Alright, that matter dealt with. Now I'll just deal with the other one." he says, after summoning on of his swords and decapitating the guy after the Titans have entered the tower.

"Hmm, should I deal with Robin about this behavior, considering he did similar things but on purpose? Or should I just go get Nick and bring him back? Decisions, decisions." Shinji says.

He then decides to deal with Robin first, because Robin would be the one causing trouble.

"Well, once Mazaki wakes up, he'll explain what the fuck just happened, and he'll also help me deal with Robin." Shinji says, then goes into the tower.

A few hours later, Mazaki wakes up, heads to the Main Room, sees everyone but Nick, and asks, "Okay, what the fuck is wrong with this picture? Where is Nick?"

"He's gone. He's no longer a Titan, after he attacked Raven, and she started bleeding badly." Robin says.

"Okay, so he attacked her. I get that part. Sure I'm a little mad about that part, but I don't see how it got him kicked from the team." Mazaki says.

"How can you be so concerned about him over your own daughter? How can you really act that way?" Beast Boy asks.

"Oh, I'm not concerned about him over her. I'm just as concerned about her as I am him. She's alive, ain't she? I know she'll recover, and I know you kids think I should be right there by her. Only problem is, I'm currently not the safest one to be around. Him, he lashes out like that accidentally. Her, her problem is dealt with. Me, my problems are stuck with me. I don't regain full control over myself at all, not once I lose control. I'm not by her for her safety, because I could easily lose it again. Him, he has methods to take back control, and so does she. Me, I'm the one who has to deal with what happens once I lose it, because, like I said, once I lose it, there is no regaining control. Like with the Dark Lord having come out before, this time both of those things can happen again." Mazaki answers.

"And him? How do you excuse him?" Robin asks.

"I don't know. How do you excuse yourself, former Red-X?" Shinji asks.

"I did it to get closer to Slade. I had to find out what his plans were, but I doubted he'd tell me." Robin answers.

"And you willing endangered, and even hurt your friends? Heh, sounds to me like you just didn't care about anything but this Slade guy, if you went to such lengths to bring him down." Shinji says.

"Why you. That was completely uncalled for. I did it for the right reasons, not to just bring him down. Why would you even suggest such a thing?" Robin asks.

"I don't know. He does bring up a valid point. You did attack them, on several occasions as well, but all of your own control. Nick on the other hand, lost control each time. I'd say, like me, your the danger here." Mazaki says.

"And what about you Beast Boy? You had a point where you weren't yourself, and attacked them, right? Are you gonna say you did it for a good cause? Nick lost control as well, like you had after that fight with Adonis." Shinji states.

"That was in the past. This is the present." Beast Boy says.

"And yet, you still kick yourself for it. Nick is the same way you were, when you couldn't control that Beast of yours, and you turned into it against your will." Mazaki says.

"How do you two know this anyway? No one told you." Robin says.

"It's amazing what you can get from computers these days, isn't it? They hold all sorts of information." Shinji says.
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leonides said:
back over to Nick he just lost it not in the lm gona kill you way the way you regret having friends that your going to hert and all


Nick woulded even talk tothe people who were helping him woulded let his ghost mom and dad help him he just wantedto go some were so he couldend hert eneyone eles

"oh man l had friends and all and l bluw it all l gess my life is nothing more then a fucked up hell hole"cryed nick

"hahahaha oh poor poor brother sill as angry as ever but then agien you've been like this even when l killed owe mother"said marith

"what do you want from me do you just want to control me agien ask me to join me stell my powers what is it"asked Nick angrly

"as unbaleavebul it sounds lm not here to do eney of that stuff but to say this l swere to god this is not me l dont evean know why lm doing this but l over herd the titans saying they kicked you out and there having a chat with the big mouth and demon eater"explaned marith

"whats you point"asked Nick confused about whats going on here marith wasent going to even fight him

"my point you will probley get a beting from mazaki but you have two friends still there having a chat about how whay have hert others robin at his own will beast boy or boy beast l dont know have done the same thing wall beast boy or boy beast was out of control anyway there is no difreonts between you and them"explaned marith

"ok this is weired why are you doing this you hate me l hate you l want tokill you you want tostell my power and kill me so why are you doing this"asked Nick argently

"well l dont know ever god l'vegoten soft but this dousent mean l wont stell your power and kill you lm only doing this the one time"said marith as he teleported to his hide out

Nick just thort for a sec but he's anser will be if they ever ask me to come back is no
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Raijin said:
Outside the tower, War had been trying to figure out a lot of things. One thing had been at the top of his list of things to figure out: his strange reactions to Nick, and wanting to help him.

'It's strange. He's just another human, with another kind of power I could care less about. So why did I go through all that trouble to save him? I must be getting too attached to humans. Well, whatever. No human has the power to harm a Divine Dragon, unless they have those damn weapons. However, why does that thought of concern for a human bother me?' War wonders, until the thought puts him to sleep.

When he awakens the next morning, his nose is alerted to an unneeded scent. "Damn it Succubus, this is starting to piss me off. What now?"

"Umm, the kid Nick, he was kicked from the team yesterday. You didn't know? I heard he had accidentally attacked your sister Raven, and it made Robin and Beast Boy mad." the succubus says.

"Accidentally? Then what the hell is the problem? Or are they trying to make things easier for Marith? By the way, did anyone stand up for him?" War asks.

"Your dad and Shinji did, but, they were the only ones. Do you plan to go after him?" the succubus answers, then asks.

"No. He left after being kicked from the group? That was his decision. I'm not gonna try and make him change his mind. You know how stubborn humans can be. Besides, it'll let him fight that fool Marith how he wants to, without worrying about hurting anyone close to him." War says, then gets up and says, "Now get out of my room. I need to shower."

With that, he goes into the bathroom of his R.V. and turns on the shower. He steps in, and after finishing, steps out and sees someone else he'd rather not see.

"Are you sure women are you preferred sex Lynx? You always seem to catch me whenever I get out of the shower. Forget it, talk. You have two minutes." War says.

"I'll put that rather unneeded joke aside. You were told by the Succubus earlier that Nick left his group. You aware that he and Marith had an encounter without fighting?" Lynx asks.

"How do you even find this stuff out without getting caught? Do you have some kind of, like, anti-detection, anti-smell, anti-sight, anti-sound device in that wardrobe or something? Because this is getting really strange. Never mind, what is so weird or strange about it? Family can have encounters like that every once in a while." War asks/says.

"No, I'm just good, as in, really good at hiding. But, you've seen how they are. You just cast that aside like that though?" Lynx answers/asks.

"It's not my place, not entirely. I'm not one of those kids, nor do I plan on helping all that much. My dad might get involved, but I won't unless I know I'm needed. My dad, or that kid will tell me if either need my help. Otherwise, I'll just wait until he's done being emo about that. Besides, if I'm lucky, I'll get the chance to fight in my real form again, like in the Battle of Dragons. Which, by the way, I should not have lost, but that damn Ice Dragon went and turned down the temperature like that. Damn cheater." War says.

"I don't even want to know. Instead, tell me if your interested in working for me again. I have a target for you, which, was responsible for putting you in that realm with me and your other enemies and allies. I believe you know what it is." Lynx says.

"The werewolf that got lucky because I couldn't fully control everything about my dragonic abilities? It survived? How, I cut it in half, and even decapitated the damn thing." War asks.

"Let's just say it is as stubborn as you, and it has both the Dragon Buster, and the Dragon Block Staff. I believe you'll want to take my job offer, before it decides to give those items to Marith so he can pay you back for ruining all his hard work." Lynx says.

"Fine, but I control myself. I'm not letting you turn me into a killer." War says.

"That part wasn't open for discussion." Lynx says.

"Then I'll see you as your yowling from a tree branch, because it ran you up it. So, deal or no deal?" War says.

"You drive a hard bargain, very well." Lynx says.

At the point where the werewolf is, it is tracking a scent that also smelled of power, and greed for power. On it's back is a sword that looks like a rapier of sorts, but with a blade made that seems to be made of energy. The handle on the other hand, looks to be made or some kind of rock. On the other side of it's back is a staff, which seems to be a mere curved staff near the bottom, and at the top is a kind of gem.

What most people of the era the Titans are in, is that these two weapons, were made to make dragons as weak as mere lizards, except for the Divine Dragon. The Divine Dragon's strength would drop to as low as a mere dragon's power, and would stay that way, until it died. The Dragon Buster's power was to cut even the most powerful of Dragons scales like a hot knife through butter. The Dragon Block Staff, it was made to lower a Dragon's power and strength.

It continues on it's way to the source, unaware of who it would lead it to.
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Raijin said:
When it arrives at the source, it sees the being that to it's eyes, radiates with a high amount of power. It hides itself, after dropping off the weapons, and after placing a hidden seal on the weapons, which activates once a person picks it up. The seal on the weapon increases the person using the weapon's power to a whole new level, and also increases the amount of power that person can use at any point.

It makes a noise, which alerts Marith to something outside his hide out, and when he checks outside, all he sees are the weapons, and a note nearby them, that says, "If you want payback against all the ones who have ruined your plans, these will help you. These weapons are more effective against Dragons, like War, but can be used against others as well. I also did you more of a favor, and put a seal on the sword for you to benefit from, as the seal will increase your powers, and let you use your powers past their original limits, as if those limits didn't exist. You will find that some creatures out there hate the enemies you have as much as you do, and will assist you in any way they can."

"What a handy new weapon, however, I'll need to test this. How should I do so?" Marith wonders, after taking the weapons. And, true to what was said, once he picks up the sword, he starts to feel more powerful than before. He decides to test his limits to his powers, and after a couple hours worth of firing off blast after blast, he sees that his original limit to his powers has indeed disappeared.

"Excellent. Now my plans will go better than before. I'll have to thank the one who delivered these gifts to me next time." he says.

After Marith had returned to his spot in his hide out, the werewolf had scrammed from the area, so as to not get hit by any of the blasts. It changes back to a human form, and it's mind goes to the one who cost it some time from causing more destruction towards humanity. 'That aggravating Dragon. He thinks he can get away with what he did? Heh, this will show him who not to cross. Now, where to next. Which enemy of those kids should I lend a hand to?' it wonders, then after another while of running, finds itself nearby where Trigon was killed.

"Feh, they think they killed him? They are quite wrong. Not while I breathe anyway." it says, before starting up a ceremonial circle.

"Ruler of worlds, bringer of destruction. King of mayhem, lord of pain. I call upon the powers of the underworld. Bring back to the world once again, Trigon, the lord of Azaroth." it chants, before it feels a blade go into it's arm.

"Now we wouldn't be trying to summon a dead demon lord, now would we? You know how bad that is, especially with me around. However, I think I messed up here, but oh well. I'll just kill him again as well." War says, with his sword made of Demon-Based Emerald in the werewolf's arm.

"Indeed, you messed up. Blood was the key to bring him here from the dead, and once again, the little girl Raven was unneeded. If only that kid hadn't of killed him." the wolfman says.

"Now now, don't start talking so big. You now have the poison of a Jade Dragon's breath going through your body. First your mind will die, then your body will. Enjoy the rest of your life while you can." War says, then sees the circle glow, until the glow turns red, and a hand reaches out of it, grabs War, picks him up, and throws him into the window of the Main Room of the Tower.

Shinji, who was currently in there, sees him fly in, and says, "Hey dude. What's up, just passing through? Or were you thrown in here by Trigon, who was just brought back to life."

"You know what, I don't really want to talk, just wanna get out the and kill the bastard. You know what though? I kinda wanna go Dragon on him. Tell dad to keep everyone inside, because this is gonna get rough." War says, before hearing a demon roar in pain.

"You know, this is kinda amusing. Here I was thinking you were gone, and I wouldn't get the chance to kill you. But, seems I get the chance this time." Mazaki says, from outside.

"You were an annoying gnat the last time, and this time, your nothing but a roach. I'll crush you like one." Trigon says, before getting blasted in the back.

Whats behind him is a dragon with six wings, three on each side, with what looks like a cannon of sorts, made from it's skin, on it's back, and on it's chest opens up another bit of skin that fires off a volley of divine energy blasts, that hit Trigon.

"What in hell is a Dragon, no less that one, doing in this era?" Trigon asks, after getting back up, slightly intimidated.

"Oh that? That's my son. He's a handful at times, but, he's the one who comes through in the end. Wait, so is my daughter, you know, Raven? She can be a handful at times as well." Mazaki says.

"No matter, I'll crush you and that Dragon scum. Then I'll get rid of the rest." Trigon says, while the werewolf that had summoned him was already off to get other things set up to get the Dark Lord removed from Mazaki.

It ends up finding it's way to Nick's location though, and thinks, 'This would be the perfect chance to remove that form from him though. I would, but, I think dying once is enough for me. However, I'll come back for it once those others are taken out, and I am the only one who can do such things.'

It then continues on, until it runs across a temple with the symbol for Eternal Darkness.

"Now, for the toys in here. If I'm right, I'll find what I need to release the Dark Lord, and increase my powers as well." it says, before entering.

It disappears into the temple, not to be seen for a while.

Will the Titans defeat Trigon again? Or will Trigon prove to be too powerful? And what about Marith and his plots? And what of the fate of Nick? Find out next time, on Teen Titans RPG 2!

(Don't mind that last part before this message. I was bored after putting this post up, and wanted to do something random.)
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leonides said:
Nick luckly could here what the wolf said"hmmmm foolesh wolf or something the only tipe of people who can remove the true form is my people you are way over your head but l fell power and lm gessing that.......its trigon"thort Nick as his true form pops up with his wings and all and teleports to trigons location

mazaki and war where doing graet of taking down trigon but Nick dident like that he was out of the fight"hu your back lightdark fire"said a failer voise

"AHHHHHHHH wait this power fells the same"said trigon and the wound became graeter

"is that Nick"asked mazaki looking at Nick
"wall l may be kicked out but lm still doing good"said Nick being a smartass

"OH GOD NO NOT YOU AGIEN AHHHHHH"yalled trigon as he teleports to a difrent location

"mazaki please get Raven here l want to do and say something"asked Nick
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Raijin said:
"Fine, I'll get her. Also, keep out of range of War. War wants to punish the arrogant whelp, for thinking he could beat him. And when I say arrogant whelp, I mean Trigon. And therefore, he might accidentally hit you as well." Mazaki says, then goes into the tower to get Raven.

Meanwhile, War just roars, considering he's in his Dragon form, which seems to be as tall as Trigon. He lowers his head, and a strange cannon appears again, and it fires at Trigon again, and this time hits him square in the chest.

Mazaki comes back out, Raven in tow, because Mazaki had further healed her, and he says, "Now Raven, I want you to listen to what he has to say. I believe he's not gonna hurt you, and if he was, I woulda hurt him first. So, don't worry. I know things will work out."
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leonides said:
"first off lm sorry for herting you and l dont expeact you to forgive me seconed hold out your arm"asked Nick

Raven heled up her arm as Nick asked"ok here l go......laruptth"said Nick as healing enagy came from Nicks hand and Raven's wound fading away

"mazaki you mey have heald her but l just gave the finishing tuches and like l said l dont expect you to forgive me just stay alive and away from me"said Nick as he was about to walk away
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Raijin said:
"You know, I doubt you would have wanted to stay, but, telling me to stay alive, thats like me telling Shinji to stop eating. It's unneeded, and it has no effect. I'm gonna survive no matter what gets thrown at me, and you kid, no matter what you did, the same thing still applies, from what I told you. To me, your like family, and I don't plan on changing that opinion. Now, if your leaving, go ahead. It's not my place to stop you. It's your place to do so. Just remember one thing, you ain't facing Marith alone. You tell me when you go to fight him, got it?" Mazaki says.

"Alright, is it time to eat yet? I'm getting hungry again." Shinji says, looking at Trigon.

"What did I tell you, no effect." Mazaki says, then throws a few things to Nick. "These will help you find new places to hide out and practice."

Meanwhile, War continues to now smack Trigon left and right, while suffering a few blows himself.
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leonides said:
"ok befor l leave just let me say this he's my fight no one elses lm not going to tall you when lm fighting him l dont even expect robin to let me back in but no one is to interfer in my battle if eany bodie douse dont expect us to stop"said Nick as he teleports away

he teleports to the place were mazki took the titans for training for a long time"hmmm l gess this is a good place even thow its far away from the titans not that they cear l just wish l could take back what l did to her"thort Nick

"Raven you may not fell the same way anymore but l still love you thats why lm never going back"said Nick not saying another word
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Raijin said:
"That fool kid. He'll get killed like that. If he tries to do this alone, never mind. I don't think I'll ever understand children." Mazaki says, then thinks, 'Even if you don't tell me, I'll still know. There's no way I won't know, even if you try and hide it.'

"Let him be. Kids will be kids, no matter what. Besides, he wants to do things on his own. It's not gonna matter what we do. So, let him do his own thing, and when he needs our help, we'll give it to him." Shinji says, before deciding he's tired of watching the fight and goes to try and chow down.

"I'm not you. I can't let things like this go so easy. Not once I get involved anyway, and whether they like it or not, I'm involved already. If Marith get's anymore powerful, I'll have to break my code, and fight with all I got. Nick, he might say he doesn't want my/our help, but, whether he, Beast Boy, and Robin like it or not, he's getting it. That's how I am." Mazaki says, and decides to pull War away from Trigon.
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leonides said:
Nicks teleports back remembering he forgot his ring to give him more power

"if you can let me in my room so l can get my ring of darkand light that would be graet"asked Nick

"ok l will see what l can do"said mazaki as he walks in the tower with Raven still out side lookig at Nick seeing how herting her messt him up
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Raijin said:
When Mazaki gets to the Main Room, he grabs Robin and Beast Boy by the scruff of the neck, and then realizes, he had let go of War.

"God damn it. If only he wasn't a thousand, or less foot dragon in that form. Then I wouldn't have any issues like this. Oh well, you two will listen good. Nick is going to come in here to get his things, what he's taking anyways. You kid's aren't gonna bother him, in any way, got it?" Mazaki asks.

They nod their heads, and Mazaki looks quite satisfied.

When he gets outside though, he sees Shinji punching War in vain, because War went back to attacking Trigon, and ended up "accidentally" blowing him apart, with an attack.

"I don't want to know, I just don't want to have to clean up that mess. Oh well, I got it cleared with them. Now, this time get it through your thick skull. When you go to deal with Marith, you either just let me know, and I myself will come to help you, or you let me know, and if you want, I'll kick those two's asses until they agree to help you as well. There is no third option with me. I was involved with this when it started here, and I'm involved until it's over. And besides, I don't think Raven would disagree, if she really had to think about it. Now then, if that's settled, you can go get your things, and if you decide to stay for even one night, I'll make sure they understand not to bother you. Also, Raven. You are gonna help me with something, but not right now. I'm gonna start that trip soon, but I need things to carry supplies in." Mazaki says, then points to the door.

"Remember, it's one of the two choices I listed. There is no third option, there isn't even refusing either. Otherwise, I'm gonna beat your head in for being so crazy." Mazaki says.

"War, I need to speak to you." Lynx says, but this time, Mazaki was present.

"Don't worry dad, he's harmless." War says, and he walks over to Lynx.

"It's appears it's too late. Marith already has those two weapons, plus it seems the wolfman has placed a seal on the sword. Marith is now more dangerous than before." Lynx says.

"I don't understand. Explain." War says.

"The seal he put on the sword, it increases the power of the person using it by a high degree. It also goes past any and all skills limits, as in, in usage, which tells you, this seal dates back to a time that that wolfman shouldn't have lived in. Anyhow, it also allows a person using the sword to use those powers and skills to use them without feeling worn-out from the usage, until it passes a certain point. Then the seal starts draining from a person's life-force." Lynx says.

"So basically, your saying that that wolfman both did him a favor and us a favor?" War says.

"Pretty much. Now then, I'll be off." Lynx says.

"Okay, everything else is cleared up, now how the hell does he do that? How the hell does he gather info like that?" War says.

"He sends his shadow to do it. He has that kind of ability, to where he can make his shadow look, sound, and fight like him. That's how he get's this kind of info. And it's like specific kinds of clones. Once his shadow is either defeated or dispelled, he retains the knowledge it gained." Mazaki says.

"Okay, weird. Now that that is cleared up, you think Lynx is gay?" War asks Mazaki, out of all randomness.

"No, actually, Lynx is a woman. At least, Lynx is in this realm." Mazaki says.

"I mean the one from my new home realm. You think he's gay? I know the Lynx from my realm is a guy." War says.

"I'm not even gonna comment." Mazai says.
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leonides said:
Nick walks throw the main room with robin and beast boy giving him a mean look Nick wasent even going to say eneything he just had his head down looking saad and felling bad about what he's done cyborg and starfire look a bit the same but they understand why he did it

"*sigh* l gess no one likes me eneymore"said Nick sadly as he enters his room packs his bag and looks at his ring for a bit

Robin notests Nick was in there longer then he thort he would be he went to his room but everything that Nick had was gone and so was Nick he had teleported to he home for now as in the traning place

"good he's gone now Raven can rest ease"said beast boy

"l know he hert me but l think he dident mean bad what he did really mest him up"said Raven felling the slightest bit sorry for him

"and what you forgive him....Raven he hert you badly"said beast boy angrly

"l do forgive a bit not fully and so have you and robin robin on his own free will you in that beast how is he eney difrent"asked Raven

"he is dangres full of dark eco"said angrly robin

"never mind lm going to see him"said Raven

"dont bother he all ready left"siad beast boy
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leonides said:
back over to nick he seemed prity sad and began to sing form sadness

(heres thelink for the song link)

"Now I may not be the worst or the best
But you gotta respect my honesty (whoa)
And I may break your heart
But I don't really think there's anybody as bomb as me (whoa)
So you can take this chance, in the end
Everybody's gonna be wondering how you deal (whoa)
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

Now listen to me baby (uh uh oh oh)
Before I love and leave you (uh uh oh oh)
They call me heart breaker (uh uh oh oh)
I don't wanna deceive you (uh uh oh oh oh)

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]
Whoa, whoa

There's no point trying to hide it (uh uh oh oh)
No point trying to evade it (uh uh oh oh)
I know I got a problem (uh uh oh oh)
Problem with misbehaving (uh uh oh oh oh)

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]

That's all I'm gonna do woman
(Whoa) Listen now, I'm only gonna break your heart
And shatter and splatter it all into little bitty pieces (whoa)
Whether or not you get it all together
Then its finder's keepers and losers weepers (whoa)
See I'm not trying to lead you on
No I'm only trying to keep it real (whoa)
You might say this is Ludacris
But Taio Cruz tell her how you feel

(Eh) and I know karma's gonna get me back for being so cold (eh)
Like a big bad wolf I'm born to be bad and bad to the bone (eh)
If you fall for me I'm only gonna tear you apart (eh)
Told ya from the start (eh)

I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart [x4]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa"sung Nick

*ok if any bodie askeds why l put this up is cuz l had nothing better to do and l was bored so l put this up
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leonides said:
it was a mouth befor Nick was kicked out he's been training all that time no sleep no medetaten just training

"hufe hufe hufe l think l'veover done it as in look at the mess l made"said Nick

He went away to medatat"sarune sarutasu sarugunto"medatated Nick

back at the tower everything seemed to be fine no problems nothing then they herd a loud sound from out side the tower it was marith

"ahahah l thort that Nick was gone l could finaly destroy you"laghed marith

"so he douse have those sworeds were fucked"said war

all the titans even shijin war and mazaki were terying there best to stop him from destroying the tower and alot of the titans were out of it they had taken to much only mazaki shijin war and Raven were left

"hmmm this should get him here"said Marith as he shot a dark blast at Ravenand she went down

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH"screamed Raven

Nick herd the scream from were he was medatating"oh no Raven"said Nick scerdly as he teleported over to titan tower and he could see marith flying to try to destroy the tower

Nick could see Raven badly hert and he Ran over to her

"oh no shes noked out.....marith first you kill my mother you try to control me now you try to kill my ex friends you'v crosed the liine
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Raijin said:
"And not only did you piss him off. I've already said that if you got anymore powerful, I break my code. You see, you probably think you can take me. These borders that seperate the different parts of the world, as a Guardian of those, I have each and every power in existence, that appears anywhere past those borders. So when I say I break my code, that means you feel the pain beyond what you can imagine. Once again, I won't kill you, That's Nick's job, but I will make you suffer." Mazaki says, and he falls into a different fighting stance than before.

"And what kind of people have power like that? Nobody. You are no threat, and I'll show you." Marith says.

However, Mazaki had already grabbed Nick, warped, literally warped behind Marith, and after throwing Nick, he then pulled from his back, a staff that, once he focuses slightly, turns into a scythe, and he slashes Marith with it.

Nick meanwhile, also attacks Marith, with his Dark Blast, but something seems wrong. Both Mazaki's and Nick's attacks seem to have no affect on Marith, and War points out why.

"The seal on that sword. It appears it does more than originally thought. I guess it also increases his resistance to harm. Which means, he's gonna have to be hit harder than before. Also, I can't get to close, considering he has that accursed staff, and that accused sword as well." War says.

"So, no fighting like this? Okay, that won't be too hard." Nick says.

"Fine, guess I'll get serious too. I'll weaken him, as much as I can, you'll help, and then you'll finish him. I don't think we'll be able to do so here and now, but I do believe we'll be able to take him down further than he'd think. Now, for Undead Justice." Mazaki says, and the souls of all the people who Marith killed unjustly, comes to Mazaki, to lend him their powers against Marith.

"Please. That parlor trick won't work. I'm not as pathetic as most to be taken down by that skill." Marith says.

The wolfman then returns and sees that Trigon was once again taken down, and thinks, 'So, these kids are stronger than I thought. But, if they got taken down by him, then it's not all that impressive. Now, to ruin everyone's day even further.'

He then jumps behind Mazaki, and before he could place whatever he was trying to place on him, War had punted him into Marith.

"Marith, there's the suck-up who gave you the new toys. Also, I'd kill him now, because once your dead, he'll end up trying the same stunt you are. And the problem is, he comes back no matter how often he's killed, but it takes a few years." War says, and then sees the wolfman no longer nearby Marith, but behind Mazaki again, with the seal on him now.

Mazaki feels the seal on him, and his only thoughts are, 'Oh, now that's just great.'

"Don't worry. I'll help Nick against Marith. And I'll make sure Shinji takes him seriously enough to not play around." War says.

"Good, because if we don't stop him here, we don't have much else until he's down." Mazaki says.

With that, War rushes in, and breaks out his Demon-Based Emerald sword, more for sword blocking than attacking. "I might not agree with my dad about not killing you myself, but whatever, I'll let you be killed by Nick. Although, then again, you humans are all the same to me."

He punches Marith in the face, and gets kinda disappointed when he doesn't hear the satisfying sound of a cracked skull. Then, when Marith tries to swing, War blocks with his sword, and tries a kick, which gets blocked by the Dragon Block Staff.

Nick attacks with his Dark Shower, and Shinji once again puts on his mask, and he sprouts a strange pair of blades from his arms. He rushes at Marith, and attacks to where Nick has time to change into his true form, and begin his attack like that.

With Mazaki on the other hand, the Dark Lord is indeed back, and has the Symbol still infused in his body. He sees Marith fighting to other two, and looks to his side and sees Mazaki coming in with a right fist.

"Stupid Mazaki, you think it makes a difference? Your wrong. I know your powers inside and out, all of them. Now you'll pay the price, and then, all of them will be destroyed as well. Even that whimpering little brat over there, Marith. I'll destroy all of them, and claim what is mine." he says.

"That's the problem with you, you don't know how to shut up." Mazaki says, and punches the Dark Lord in the face.

Marith, hearing this, stops his attack, and asks them, "Did he really just say that? Did I really hear him right?"

The Dark Lord then looks at both Nick and Marith, and says, "You two are the children of the fool who sealed me away the first time. Once I'm done with Mazaki, I'll take you both out next. And don't think you two can defeat me. It doesn't matter who it is. I'll take them down, and reestablish my empire."

"You know, I can still hear you. And as far as I remember, the score is still 10 to 9, ten for me, nine for you." Mazaki says.

And he goes back to the attack, to defeat the Dark Lord again.

And with Nick, Shinji, and War, the battle against Marith still rages on.

Who will reign victorious? Will it be the team of Mazaki, War, Shinji, and Nick? Or will Marith and the Dark Lord be the winners in their fights? Find out next time, on Teen Titans RPG 2!

*You know what? I might just start ending fight parts like that with that, when the fights are gonna carry on to the next post.*
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leonides said:
Nicks true form poped out and he put on his ring for more power
"l've been training so dont be saprised if l kill you"said Nick as he charges at marith with a darklight fire coming from his mouth

marith just bloked the attack with his sworeds and stabed him endlessly

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck no time to heal time to kill"said Nick weeklythen says"war shijin leave this l will tall you when l need help"explanes Nick as he fires a lot of lightdark blasts at him

"hahahahaha poor poor brother if that fool lives and your still alive l will help you kill the dark load but then lm gonna kill you"laght marith

"marith l wont need help so suve it up you ass"says Nick

Raven wakes up and sees Nick and he was driping blood and he was really weak she dident say eneything but she did get to somewere safe

"lightdarkpunch"says Nick as he misses and get noked down to the growned and the darkload adds"hmmm that marith kid looks prity strong was l know that but he's stronger mazaki will finish this later l have some planing to do to work with him"said the darkload as he teleported away

Nick on the other hand was noked out coled still alive but out coled with blooed over his face and over his bodie

"take him inside"damanded Raven

"are you crazy he cou....""Raven stoped beast boy she adds"he came here to help us he's badly injerd were is he going to go"asked them

"ok bring him in"says Robin
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Raijin said:
"Now, since we have that straightened out. So, question is, if the Dark Lord does decide to team with Marith, what do we do? Oh well, I'll figure that out later. Now for the whole other issue, involving two of the Titans, and their behavior." Mazaki says.

"I'm telling you, it was still an accident. I did not mean to blow Trigon apart." War says, in a fist fight with Shinji over the Trigon incident.

"Your lying. You didn't want me to fight him, so you blew him apart. Greedy pig." Shinji says.

"Well, it seems that two of them can bounce back from events like that so easily. Wish I was capable of that still." Mazaki says, and he steps inside.

"Alright, Robin, Beast Boy. You two are aware he's staying here for a bit. You two are gonna behave yourselves, and are not gonna bother him, or else I'll set up something for you two to learn the hard way." Mazaki says.

"You know, I don't really want to try anything right now? You should probably know what happens when Raven gets angry. And she sure sounded angry when she told us to take him inside." Beast Boy says.

"Alright. One of you seems to be the smart one, surprisingly enough. Now, what am I going to hear from you?" Mazaki asks Robin.

"Alright. I won't bother him, unless it's important." Robin says.

"I suppose I'll accept that. But, only if it's important." Mazaki says.
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leonides said:
it was a night and Nick was still noked out robin was thinking"he did save us l gaess l couled give him oe last shot"

Raven was siting next to him he was still coverd in blood but he fialy woke up

"oh fuck what happend"asked Nick as he looked at him self coverd in blooed"oh god is this me"asked him self

"so your awake no miner injareis"said Raven

"look Nick you did save us even thow you did hert Raven would you like one last shot"asked Robin

"you know first off l was going to say no if you asked me but l had more thinking so ya"answers Nick
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Raijin said:
A short while after the conversation between Robin and Nick, Mazaki was once again on top of the tower. He was looking at the stars again, watching them more and more.

'They seem to be getting closer and closer to being aligned. Must be about time again. It's a pity. Guess I need to finish up here fast. It's a shame too, a lot of promising people here, however. If it does happen, unless we want our planet enslaved, and it does come faster than I thought, we'll need to pull together. Oh well, good luck explaining that to Marith and Tsukiyomi.' he thinks.

"Another one of those nights? You seem to have them a lot recently." Mazaki's mother asks.

"Yeah, it is. Well, at least, tonight anyways. Have I ever told you how much I hate my life? Especially with all of these responsibilities put on me?" Mazaki asks.

"No, you haven't. But, I will say, you do it well." Mazaki's mother says.

"Not really. But, either way, I guess I'll just go about things my usual way. Which is, with a headstrong, never give in attitude." Mazaki says.

"Then good night. I'll talk to you again." Mazaki's mother says.

"Yeah well, maybe not here, I hope." Mazaki says.

And he goes back into the tower for the night.

*the planet thing, it's not gonna happen in the story. it would be another thing you wouldn't know about, and would have not be able to get enough ideas from it.*
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leonides said:
the next morning Nick was still the same from last night he looks in the mirror"oh god lm coverd in blood l look like a zombe mazaki was right lm not strong for me to kill him even with allthe amout of power l have"

he go's and haves a shower and is back to normle but dousent put back on his shert he just lifts waits and punches punching bags all day and was sweeting like no humen could
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hey i know it's just you two right now and i was asked to join a while ago but i have no clue where we are and i really don't want to spend like an hour reading the whole thing soooooo.................yeah maybe like someone could fill me in???????

psst!!! sorry i didn't get to it sooner had other things to deal with............
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leonides said:
ok lm the one who asked you to join and whats happing is that my charcter Nick has a brother marith and he wants to kil him raijin mit explaen the rest about that

whats happend now is a mouth ago in the story Nick got kicked out because he hert Raven and Nick and Raven were bf and gf but not anymore and after that mouth Nick dident stop training for as long as he was kicked out then began to medatat so when he did that he herd Ravens screm from his medatatin and stops marith from destroing the titans and all and is now back in with the titans agen as he's a titan agen
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leonides said:
get it now and yyou have to find away to enter your self in but one thing nobidie is alowed to kill marith in the story cuz Nick is the one who wants revenge l will send u a letter about my charcter oh wait u all ready now about mine walll will ask raijin for his charcter for u

and not trying to be a ass but mazaki somewhat war and shijin are the only ones stronger then me at the moment and like l siad not trying to be a ass but just saying
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Raijin said:
Okay, for the one just now joining, as he said, there were some issues between him and the others, because of Mazaki's recent loss of control. Nick, after managing to knock Mazaki out cold, accidentally attacked Raven after she touched his shoulder I believe it was. Anyway, he ended up clawing her pretty bad basically, because she ended up bleeding badly.

However, these incidents, they were started four or so months ago in story, when Nick and Mazaki first joined.

When they both first joined, they weren't really titans, not then anyways, but they got along well enough for them to be accepted, one of them because of how scary one of the titans can be when angered, though, that isn't what happened.

Of course, over the course of the first story, they both ended up becoming titans, one at a time. then came Shinji, my second character. He is more of the criminal type, however, he sticks his head out for the ones in need of help, or however that saying goes.

He showed up in the first, but after Mazaki returned from his little break, Shinji left for a bit.

He reappeared when my third and final hero sorta, character arrived, Mazaki's son. He's been around since.

Anyways, Nick is apparently the only other one of his family, because of Marith killing their mother, and it seems Mazaki's old classmate of sorts killed his father, although that wasn't what I had planned. Leonides decided that one. So now Marith is targeting Nick for his powers, basically, his full, or as Nick calls them, his true powers.

So yeah, that's all I can say, because that's all I recall without looking at the first story right now. I'll fill you in on what I find later, and if you want me to send you both lists of Mazaki's other powers than what are listed, I will. Also, if you don't mind, could you send me a copy of your character if you've already made him or her?

I say him or her, because I don't know what your gonna do. Anyways, if you don't mind it, could you send it in a message to my inbox please?

never mind, I derped. I missed the obvious "make your own teen titans character" thing leonides made. okay, I saw that, and is that who you'll use? if not, please let me know.
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leonides said:
Nick finaly stoped lifting waits for the day and went to the top to medetat

"hmmm l thort someone would be here like raven at this part of the day medatating oh wall"said Nick

Nick began medatating and was floting in the air

*hey l did this so the new comer can add and put in her charcter
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Raijin said:
*just a random event, nothing much. only to pass the time while waiting.*

Mazaki had resumed his search for Shinji over the recent bank robbery, but still wasn't having any luck.

"Alright Shinji, this ain't funny anymore. Get out here, right now!" he yells, while Shinji just snickers from the air vents a number of halls away.

"When I catch you, your really gonna get it. Now hurry up and get out here before I start filling the air vents with lead." Mazaki yells, and aother vial is dropped on Mazaki's head.

That time, Shinji had managed to successfully sneak up to where he could drop it, and when Mazaki opens this one, to find out what would happen, like the last time, it blows up in Mazaki's face.

"God damn it Shinji, now I'm fed up. Get out here, now, or so help me I'll, well, all I'll say that it will be worse than Manfred von Karma from that game Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney! And that was a nightmare." Mazaki says.

Shinji, who had also played that game, drops out of the air vents, dusts himself off, and says, "Come on now, you don't have to go that far. Besides, you know I can't be the good guy forever, I gotta act how I am sometimes."

"Still, in this town? After all the work we did here? What nerve." Mazaki says.

"Anyway, on a serious note. You've seen how much stronger they've gotten. The enemies, that is. Marith was tough enough, now that Tsukiyomi guy, as you call him. If they do team up again, we're in real trouble. We need new people, ones they haven't met yet. If we gain that upper hand, and save them up for when they think it's gonna be the same-old same-old, we can suddenly gain new ground to stand on, and we'll again be closer to winning." Shinji says.

"I hear you, problem is, how will the others think about it? I mean, sure, it was just Slade before we, as in, me and Nick, arrived, but then things got more complicated." Mazaki says.

"I tell you what I think, pops. I think for once, I agree with Shinji. However, he's still wrong on one thing. I didn't purposely blow Trigon to pieces. He made that one up, and I know it." War says.

"Liar. You did that on purpose." Shinji says.

Mazaki shakes his head, seeing as that arguement has resumed, and goes up to the rooftop, to nap.
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Raijin said:
got nothing right now. I don't know where things stand for this story, because of the newcomer to the story not telling me, even in a separate message, what's going on, and I don't think I have anything for a few days. I'm working on my plans, and I'm trying to figure out how to move my own story along. plus what with the Naruto one and all, I'm shot right now.

if anyone can help me move things along, please, because I get this feeling right now that I'm one of the only ones who is stuck like this.
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leonides said:
dude you and me both
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*bout an hour into Mazaki's nap he wakes up to see something bright in the sky*

"what is that??" wondered Mazaki half awake. he thought it was just a small meteor expecting it to pass over the city. then he noticed that it started to spin around and swerve "what is that?!" just then the object left the sky and crashed into the park.

from the tower he could see smoke began to rise. then the towers alarm went off and Mazaki rushed downstairs to see everyone looking at the screen "what's going on?" he asked. "something just crashed into central park" said robin "that meteor thing?" said Mazaki "my scanners are picking up something more then a meteorite" said cyborg "you mean like............alien? dude!"said beast boy as his eyes got all huge "not sure but we better go check it out. Titans, move out!!" robin commanded

*central park*
the titans ran pass the crowd of screaming people and found the meteor object. "that sure doesn't look like a meteor" said nick "it looks like a ship of some sort" said robin "well whatever it is there's something in there and it's comin' out, get ready!" said cyborg. everyone stood ready to attack whatever was coming out

then the ships door opened up showing a glowing light and a dark figure. the dark figure came out of the smoke making it visible to the titans "it's a.......girl" said raven "stay there don't move" commanded robin "sto-stop" she said coughing badly walking towards them "stop right there!" yelled robin she took a few more steps forward and fainted "everyone stand down!" commanded robin "cyborg" he said "her life signs are low" said cyborg "how low?" asked robin "lower the half" cyborg responded "we'll take her with us"

that's all i got for now sorry i took so long!!!!

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leonides said:
ok good now we wait for raijin
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yeah like i said sorry it took forever just couldn't get on the computer although the last part for me sounds dumb buti was in a rush so yah.................
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Raijin said:
Once they get back to the tower, they make sure she's set up to one of the beds in the infirmary, and Mazaki goes back to the crash site to gather the ship up and move it back to the tower. After he arrives, he first makes sure the on-lookers move away, then he picks up the ship, and makes his way back to the tower.

'I have this feeling, I'm gonna get nothing new to my data from this, unless it has her name in it. If not, I'll have to wait for her to wake up.' Mazaki thinks, while running.

After he returns, he puts down the ship, and he decides to return to the Main Room of the tower before anything else.

"So, whats the status? Any recent changes, or not?" he asks, while walking in.

"Unless that girl can recover from injuries as fast as you and Nick can, none as far as we can see." Robin says.

"I see. Very well. I guess I'll go take a look in there, and maybe work a little magic of my own." Mazaki says, before heading into the hallway to the infirmary.

When he walks into the infirmary, he sees the injuries, and decides to himself, 'Yep, I need to heal her. Alright, here goes nothing.'

He holds his hands up, making a small chant, before his hands start giving off a warm glow and feel, and then he places his hands on the points that appear the worst. After a bit of that, he then thinks to himself, 'Alright, a bit more rest can take care of the rest, because now I need some rest. Divine Magic really takes it out of me.'

He stumbles out of the infirmary, and after stumbling into his room, passes out on his bed, and starts his own recovery.

*yeah, I couldn't do much just yet it seems, but just what I could. And that as they say, is that. For now.*
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hey i wasnt's sure if i should post right no i was sorta waiting for leonides so i'll just wait
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leonides said:
the only reason l said now we wait for raijin is cuz l dident hav a lder then

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leonides said:
Nick dident really cear about how the girl was going he just began reading his books

"hmm there is nothing here about marith he's a top rank killer and this is a log of kilers in my world"thort Nick and then thinks agen"l gess l could check how that girls is going but l dont what anything to do on what her problem is"

he walks to the infirmary and sees mazaki had all ready healed her he began thibking agen"hu she looks better then when we found her best to leave her alone"
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leonides said:
ya l dident have much lm having brain problems nothing bad just makes it harder to get lders for anything sometimes l will fall asleep with out my doing but the doc says it should pass soon
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leonides said:
ok that brain problem is gone but when is anybodie gonna add cuz for the amount of times lv been on no one has added so ya
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leonides said:
l gess l will add agen lv got nothing better to do
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leonides said:
"l'v got nothing better to fight marith with he knows all my moves and the only one power left is lightdark decepted blast l shoudev used it when l was fighting marith befor but to late the drugs ran out and my bodie is back to normle"thort Nick

he go's to the top of titan tower and think"s for a bit"there is one other move but there is a good chance marith knows it but the time blast is only ment for people in my world and they let nobodie not even me the king have it but whats the difrents lightdark decepted blast is way stronger but l will do what has to be done"

Nick walks down the hall with beast boy coming his way"hey Nick l herd your back in wall one thing if ever hert Raven agen l wont holdback"thretend beast boy

"ummmm is this the part were lm ment to be thretendäsked Nick being a smartass

"no this is"said beast boy as he becomes his iner beast

"ah yes your beast wall sorry to brack the news is wont do a thing"said Nick and he sent beast boy flying with one poke
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Raijin said:
Mazaki awakens from his rest, and, though his first thought is to check on the new girl, when he steps into the hallway, Beast Boy, in Beast form, crashes into him. He grabs him before he can try and charge, and says, "I'm guessing you threatened Nick. Oh well, I'll go see what it's about."

He heads down the hall towards Nick, and asks, "Alright, what was it this time? Why'd you beat him up like that?"

"Your kidding, right? I beat him up? I only sent him flying. And why? He tried to threaten me." Nick answers.

"I say you beat him up, because he ended up crashing into me at the end of his flight. I wonder how far he would have flown if I hadn't stepped in the way?" Mazaki asks.

"I don't know, maybe, two, three, four or more feet? I guess I really don't know my own strength." Nick says.

"Well, whatever. As long as there was a reason for that. Now then, I'm gonna go back to what I was originally going to do. Keep out of trouble, and don't get yourself in way over your head. Also, make sure you live, otherwise, I'll have to pick someone else's deaf ears to lecture endlessly." Mazaki says, then heads to the infirmary.

*I won't say it's alot, but it's what I got at this point in time.*
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while mazaki was in the infirmary the other titans were just hanging out. Nick went back to reading his book, robin was eating, raven was meditating, beast boy and cyborg were playing video games, and starfire was watching them.

"take that bb!! i'm kickin' yo butt" said cyborg "dude what are you talking about i'm not even that far behind" said beast boy unsure "winner cyborg" said the game "boo-ya!!!!!" he shouted "hmph! whatever!" bb said mumbling under his breath just the the mazaki appeared on the screen "you guys she's beginning to wake up! hurry!" he says "on our way"

"how is she doing?" asked robin as they all rushed in "good" said mazaki. the girl began to mumble words "what is she saying?"asked beast boy "i don't know" just then the girl shot up out of her bed "hello friend!" said starfire "ahhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed. she looked around and saw everyone and panicked, her hand formed into a fist and fire came out of the side in the shape of a blade "who are you?" she asked "whoa!!!" said robin "we're friends we bring you no harm you can trust us." he assured "yeah right, last time i trusted someone they turned their back on me" she said "give me one good reason why i should i trust you?" "umm i don't know maybe cause we healed you up and took care of you!" pointed out beast boy. then flame dissappeared from her hand "i didn't ask you to do any of that" she said "but thank you." "so what's your name?" asked mazaki "umm, seea" she answered "well okay seea, right now your still healing up but you should be god on a few days" said mazaki "but for now get some rest" said cyborg

that's all i got sorry i took forever (kinda)
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leonides said:
ok befor l add samoangirl if u havent notest l have bad spelling so forgive me if there is something miss speled ok
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leonides said:
"big woop she's felling better l dont cear now if you dont mind lm going to my world for l fuw days"said Nick

"why what are you looking for something to make you gayer"said beast boy being a smartass

"for the record beast boy no talling you beast is strong but not as strong as me so l would shut up if l were you or l will do more then just send you flying you can bet on it"angrly said Nick as he teleports to his world

when he got there it seemed like no one was home or even on this world anymore it was like a wastland only with eco

"whats going on were is everybodie"asked Nick as he walks around with houses bernt with dark eco flames still berning then sees on of his friends face down and berly brething and Nick yalles"DEGAMETH"as Nick ran over to him he was still alive but he dident have much time

"degameth tall me wha happendäsked Nick worred about his friend
"mmm......mmmaaaaa....mmmaaaarrrrrr.­...­.mm­mma­rrr­iii­th&­quo­t;s­aid degameth not able to talk wall

"marith.....please tall me are there any savivers"asked Nick geting really mad at marith

"yeeesss owe frrrieends lllmmm the ooonnllyyy ooonnneeee wwwwhhhhooo dideeeennntttt ssaavviivvee"said degameth as he past away

Nick was crying and very angry that his world had been destroyed and a powerfull aura echoed from his world to mazaki

"oh crap what happend with him"asked mazaki
Nicks true power was geting more powerful then ever but to much for Nick to control Nick agen lost control of his true power agen
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Raijin said:
"Alright, it's official. Marith has crossed the line. For the last time. He's pissed off Nick more than ever now, and that's obvious for me to feel. And though he said some really cruel things, he's still our partner, which means, what we can do for now to help him, is track the location of that son of a bitch, no offense to Nick's mom." Mazaki says.

"Anyone ever tell you you talk too much? I got a headache just listening to all that." Beast Boy says, obviously not caring about Nick's current state.

"Beast Boy, roof, ten minutes. I got something special in mind for you." Mazaki says.

In Shinji's room, Shinji can be seen throwing together multiple chemicals, which, when he tests every one of them he likes, seem to explode. There are also a few that he labels "Power Sealing" and "Poison", but also a few others as well that seem to be deadly, each in their own ways. His wardrobe has also changed.

At first it was some kind of Battle Mail and such outfit, but now it looks more like something every one wears. It includes a shirt that says, "I used to think being lazy was bad for me... so I gave up thinking", a pair of blue jean pants, and a Suade Jacket.

He also has some kind of belt, with his own handgun visible, and two regular swords on his back.

He pockets the chemicals, and then he leaves his room, with a sure sign that something is wrong with him, considering, any other time he leaves his room, he makes a lot of noise. This time, he's silent, and doesn't leave a trace.

Back on the rooftop, it had been 10 minutes since the conversation in the Main Room.

Mazaki and Beast Boy were on the rooftop, standing across from one another.

"You know why we're up here? I'm gonna kick your ass a little. But your not the only one. It's true, you might have started the whole new set of issues between you and him, threating him and all, but he continued it, and because he wouldn't let it go by ignoring you, he further pressed this. I'll be kicking his ass a little next." Mazaki says.

"Like I could care about someone like that. Someone who acts like he's mightier than the rest of us, and he can't even do anything either. SO why should I even help him?" Beast Boy asks.

"There's no questioning it. You two are partners, no matter what. Like you and Cyborg, you two have your own weird friendship. It's the exact same thing that makes up Nick and War's friendship. Wait, I'm giving a friendship speech. Prepare yourself." Mazaki answers.

He then charges at Beast Boy, who, even though he heard the "Prepare yourself", hadn't even had the time. He tries to shift into a bird to escape a punch, but, Mazaki had pulled another fake-out, and grabbed Beast Boy once he turned into the bird.

Beast Boy then tries to turn into a Gorilla, to try and attack, but his fists, which were swinging downwards at the time, were blocked by Mazaki.

"Come on. Quit trying to hit me and hit me." Mazaki says, before kicking Beast Boy in the gut.

Beast Boy flies far off of the tower, and ends up on a downwards fall, before returning to reality and shifting into a pterodactyl.

He then flies back over to the tower, and tries turning into an armadillo and falling towards Mazaki, but Mazaki catches him with his foot, and procedes to bounce him on his foot a bit, until kicking him back onto the tower top.

"Now, since we're done for now, we'll prepare to find Marith." Mazaki says, and walks back into the tower.
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Raijin said:
Once they arrive in the Main Room, Mazaki's mind once again turns to the girl who had crashed on Earth, Seea. 'I wonder if she wouldn't mind? I mean, I'd be asking a lot, but still. I mean, though I'm sure she needs it, I bet she's tired of just lying around resting. I'll ask her in a bit.' He then goes over to the coffee pot, sees it's empty, and sighs. 'Is it really too much to ask? There aren't just teenagers here anymore. Theres a few adults now, and they need their coffee.' he thinks.

"Alright. First off, has anyone seen Shinji? He's supposed to be around here by now. I haven't heard anything from him though." Mazaki asks.

Behind him, Shinji just stands there, waiting for Mazaki to turn around. He then gets bored, and clears his throat.

"Woah!! The hell did that come from?" Mazaki asks.

He turns around, and sees Shinji, blinks for a few seconds, and then says, "Alright, who and what are you? Shinji isn't that quiet. I'd still be able to hear his footsteps."

"Or maybe you don't know me as well as you think. That might be it." Shinji says, and even his voice is different.

Mazaki senses this sudden change, and quickly goes on guard enough for if something happens. He doesn't have to wait long though, because someone up and gets punched through the Main Room of the tower. He looks at who was punched through, and sees that it's Tsukiyomi. "Who or what kicked your ass that bad?" he asks.

"A rather disobedient demon, nothing more. Also, while I'm here, I guess I'll tell you. I have the same information gathering abilities as Lynx, but not as effective. I just know that Nick lost a lot more this time. However, it won't matter. And your friend behind you, he's been touched by the devil, for a number of years. I just kept that quiet." The Dark Lord says.

"Okay okay, lets start with one subject. Do you know what exactly it was that Marith did this time?" Mazaki asks.

"I don't give away info, not like him. Shinji's case though is different. He's a very different person than you. Like me, he's lived in reality his whole life, but I won't tell you what that means." the Dark Lord says. He gets up, and jumps out of the window, only to be swatted back in.

However, Mazaki had gone back to ignoring him, and set his scanners to start looking for Marith. He soon finds him again, but this time, not where he expected to. "Guys, I found him. He's getting take out, at a fast food joint. Guess who else will have most likely found him?"

"Great, just what we need, Marith, and Nick. Not to mention assuming I understood what you meant, Nick has lost control again." Robin says.

"Yes, however, I'm gonna pick a group to go with me. The other group will wait here, until she wakes up, and if she chooses not to go, then that group will come along. No one will force her. Now, who to take along?" Mazaki says.

He then thinks for a bit, and says, "Alright, it's risky, but I'll have Raven come along. If we're lucky, she'll get through to him. I'll also take Shinji, so I can keep an eye on him, War, and, Cyborg."

"Got it, then we'll remain here." Robin says.

With that, Mazaki and his group set out to meet Marith before he can get away.
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leonides said:
At the fast food take out marith leaves with Nick following him in a normle human form

Marith notest Nick following him but dousent see him as Nickök who are you and what do you what"asked marith

"oh but you know what l've wanted all these years Marith theres no talling what you've done to me now oh ya thats right destroy my world"said Nick laghing evily

"oh it's you Nick so you found out l destroyed mine and yours world..."Marith couldend finish whats he was saying Nick came at him with a speed faster then a speed faster the light and sound

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what the fuck when did you become this powerful""asked marith saprized on Nicks strangth and speed

"just when my dark side became more stronger then ever and my evil side wall lets just say it would take someone l love to stop me and seen as how thats no one anymore thnks to you your fucked"evily said Nick as he came aty him with dark blasts coming at him not even mazaki could stop them not even see the blasts

Robin was watching every thing that was happing and found maazaki and said in the titans phone to mazaki"umm mazaki we have a problem"

"what is it now is it Nick"asked mazaki in the titan phone robin adds"ya it seems Nick was full of anger thats he's gonna some what evil he said what it was about but the saying was to soft for me to understand what he was saying"

"oh fuck all right were all most there

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(i'm just gonna guess that you guys are in the main room so that's what i'm going with)

*in the infirmary*

seea begins to wake up "eh! what the heck is going on out there?! i'm trying to get some sleep!" she gets out of bed and and walks out the door. she hears more noise down the hall "you think these people were raised with manners" she said following the noise. she finds her self standing at a door from where the noise is coming from and walks through. "would you guys keep it down!! i'm tryin' to get some-" see's the room all wrecked "what happen here?" "nothing you need to go back to the infirmary, and get some sleep like we told you to!"robin commanded "yeah that would be easier if there wasn't that much noise!"said seea "plus you guys look like you need help for whatever reason.where's everyone else?"she asked "at a fast food place trying to stop nick" said robin "oh you think they can get some food i'm starving!" said seea sarcasticly

don't know where to go from there that's all i got!!!!! maybe i'll edit it when i can figure sumthing out
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leonides said:
*wall lm waiting for raijin cuz l need him to add from there or l cant add cuz right know if u read my post u could see lm short out
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big smile
hey bye the way umm i told raijin that i'm not going to be on for that long for the next like three four days i got v-ball camp and it's going to be an all day thing so yeah i'll try and get on when i can and if i do it's probably going to be late and short so yeah...................just to let you know :P
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Raijin said:
well, even though it doesn't appear that way, with me being off as long as I have, I'd long since been pushing myself with my posts. I'm still trying, but, I've never been the social type, and posting like this, and all the chatting as well, it's been taxing.

what I'm saying is, for the longest time, I haven't spoken to most people, keeping quiet a whole lot, and all that I'm doing now, it's different for me, and difficult to handle for some strange reason.

so, if you two wanna do what you two can, you when you get back, somoangirl96, and leonides, while your here, that would help me.
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leonides said:
oh man wall we cant add now cuz ur the one who can add to my post cuz right now ur allmpst over to my location and l'v got nothing till u add and l think the same for somoangirl96
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leonides said:
is someone gonna add lm geting bored just waiting for someone to add but menly lm waiting for raijin to add cuz l have school tomororw and l wont be able to add often so ya raijin plz add now
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Raijin said:
I'm so glad I'm the important one. You go and say mainly me, like your leaving out samoangirl96 for the most part. Oh well. I guess I'll take a swing at it. After this post. But don't blame me if there isn't much.
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Raijin said:
As soon as Mazaki and Co. arrive at the scene, Mazaki scans the surrounding area, and after seeing the coast is clear, considering all of the city folk moved away from the fight, doesn't say anything, but everyone with him knows, he's saying,"Attack."

War, who had his own plans, tries to grab Nick, to drag him away, but quickly finds, it's like an ant trying to stop a bull from charging at a matador in all red. "Someone, I need some help here. I need to get this guy away from Marith, and somewhere Raven can help him, but, he's being stubborn."

"What do you know? It seems the dragon can't do something after all." Marith says, before adding, "Except ruin my best played plan, that was working for a good bit of time. You'll be taken care of for that."

"Take your hands off of me. He's gonna die this time. I'll make sure of it. Nothing is gonna stop me this time." Nick says, rather evilly.

Mazaki, who was taking his time, was suddenly holding Marith's arm in a grasp so powerful, the bones were reduced to, well, nothingness. "Geez, we leave you alone for a bit, and you up and destroy Nick's world. Did you really miss us that much?" he says.

"Not in the slightest. Really, I had to draw him out somehow, right? I won't stop doing what I'm doing, not until I'm dead." Marith says.

"You know, we get so tempted to make that happen? We don't though, considering, we're here for different things. Me, I'm here for snacks." Shinji says, which, causes Mazaki to groan in annoyance.

Cyborg meanwhile, was trying to help War pull Nick away from Marith, and somewhere nearby Raven, but was still having no luck.

"Shinji, can I trust you not to eat him if I leave you to deal with Marith?" Mazaki asks.

"Uhhh, not really. I'm gonna go help them now." Shinji says.
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leonides said:
ok raijin it not that l dident want her to add and just u it cuz ur manly gonna have to bve the one for that part as in oh god dam its hard to explane but ya raijin plz dont get mad
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leonides said:
"AHHHHHH LEAVE ME ALONE HE'S MY FIGHT"yalled Nick louder then anything

"ahhhhhhhhh wall this is harder then l thort but l like a hard aponet"laghted marith as he somehow get out of mazakis grip and behind Nick and adds"you know what brother you got strong but no matter how you try you will never kill"said marith as he punches Nick in the back but ends up neally bracking his hand

"AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK MY HAND"yalled marith raven looked at Nick more sceard at him then ever she was scered that Nick would do more then scrach her agen

cyborg and war back off seeing they coulded pull back Nick"ahahahahah marith you took away everything l had my mother my happyness now my world ahahahah because l never got to finish what l began lm gonna BRACK YOU'R FUCKING SOUL TO TINY PEACES TILL THERES NOTHING BUT DUST OF SOUL"grould Nick

Raven could not watch Nick like this then she yalled"NICK CANT YOU SEE THIS IS WHAT HE WANT HE WANT TO GET RID OF YOU"

Nick looks at her and Nick began to drop on his knees and fellet pain in his head he was in so much pain marith punched and kicked him around like a weak peace of dust
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leonides said:
and ur add was long enugh
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hey you guys! I'M SOOOOOOO FREAKIN SORRY! my internet got cut off and i've been trying to find a computer! i finally got on to one and i can't be on that long, so yeah i'll try and get back on when i can. I'm sooo sorry!
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leonides said:
omg fine but we really need someone to add now lm not gonna bother raijin agen and lm out of lders so u or raijin need to add cuz lm fresh out
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leonides said:
ok lm adding agen it will maby give u guy a lder
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leonides said:
Nick was down for the count he still dident give up and still seemed evil"ahahahahah l'v been waiting for this day for a long time"said marith as he grabs Nick by the neck mazaki thretens"let him or..."

"or what l've got the upper hand here try anything and ur last hope to kill me die's"thretens marith and a power transfer begins marith get what he wanted he began stelling Nicks power


marith let go on Nick"ahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA finaly the power that was ment to be mine IS NOW MINE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH no one can destroy me now the my poor little brother is out of power for life AHHHHHHHHHH"marith had Nicks true from and was more powerful maby to even destroy the gods

He was about to use lightdark firer on Nick to finish him off but Raven used her power to get him away from marith"oh crap this is one thing l had hoped would never happen"said war

"ok he's is fucking done"growed mazaki as he went to attack marith but marith was to fast mazaki mist and ended up punching a poll

Nick was mubbling thing".....must.....stop.... world.....end"
"ok keep that weak peace of shit now but u wont be able to protect him forever this will be a dead give away but he all ready knows it he wont be geting he's powers back unless he douses what l did to stell his this isent over you will die all of you will die as soon as he is dead"thretend marith as he teleports to his hideout
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leonides said:
l hope this is good l did say to raijin marith will be stelling Nicks powers and l thort this would be a good time
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Raijin said:
Hmmm. Secretly, somehow I knew this would happen soon. I wonder how.

Now, for something I had planned. Something different, and something I would think of at this point.

And don't worry, it won't hurt, much. Just, not yet. Only after I here back from leo, who will be back on later tonight or something like that.
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