Robin & the titans stared in horror as Scarlet took out the sparkling, blue diamond. "Hmm, this is cute... Maybe I'll keep it..." she started saying.
"NO!!! That belongs to the museum." Robin dicho in a strong voice. Scarlet looked up. Everyone gasped. "No, she can't look like...." Cyborg said. Starfire held her hands over her mouth as she said,"Why do tu look like Robin?" Scarlet just started chuckled an evil laugh. "Are tu his like, sister?" asked Beast Boy. "HAHA!! Me? A six thousand año old vampire related to that excuse of a um, boy, I'm guessing?"
"TITANS GO!!!!" yelled Cyborg & Robin. Raven picked up a trash can with her telekinesis. She tossed it to Scarlet but Scarlet was at one place, then the next, she was gone. Raven stared in amazement when suddenly, she felt a power of punches at her. She layed, defeated. "You are so boring." Scarlet dicho yawning.
Next, Cyborg shot his laser from his laser cannon. A puff of smoke had hit where Scarlet just was. "BOO-YAH!!" he yelled. Then the smoke lifted & Scarlet was holding his laser, "NUH-UH!!" she yelled as she threw the laser back at him. He ducked & came charging at her. She held up with one hand to block him. As Cyborg struggled to fight her she said,"I hate to say that I am also ten times stronger than you." she Picked him up & threw him on parte superior, arriba of Raven.
Starfire came & surprised attacked her. She threw her off guard & threw some green blast at her. She got up casually & flew slowly to Starfire. She held her arms & dicho in a menacing voice,"I would watch it Princess. I wouldn't want to scratch your pretty little face." Then sent her many electric waves. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Starfire screamed & got knocked out.
She started to leave till Beast Boy stopped her. "Not so fast sweet heart. tu have to go through me." Scarlet then put her flirty face on. "Please Beastie Boy?!" He stared at her all gazed.
As she was leaving Robin got in her way. "Now we can do this the hard way o the easy way." he said. "Well, the easiest way is to let me through." she said. He looked at her like he didn't belive her.She squinted her eyes & soon Robin fell down on his knees.
She patted his head,"I knew tu would see it my way."
Then she left.