Last time,they all searched to what that noise was and spotted a girl being chased.Then he ended up falling 30ft ontop of their headquaters.

"Robin,I don't see her."Raven said."You don't think she fell into the ocean instead?" Robin looked down and saw harsh waves.Then they heard some whimpering.Raven pointed and they both saw the girl covering her face with her hands saying,"I'm so sorry!I won't runaway again I swear just don't hurt me!!"She then started to cry.Robin knelled down siguiente to her and said,"Hey we won't hurt you."The girl didn't know that voice and she looked up and shrieked and backed away and girl in a ball."I think tu should help your friend."They all looked up and saw Starfire flying in circles.The girl shot a small o and destroyed the missile.By now they all were there and Starfire floated down and hugged the girl."My name is Waterfire."The girl hugged back at Starfire.