Warning: This is yaoi-boyXboy. If tu don't like it then don't read it and don't give negative criticism solely based on the fact that it's yaoi.

Stein and Spirit walked back to the motorcycle, Stein’s forehead still bleeding. “How are we going to drive all the way back to Death City tonight? We can’t do t with your head bleeding like that.”
Stein wiped at the blood. “We’ll have to get a hotel to stay in.”
“Fine. But let me drive there. tu can hardly see with blood in your eye.”
“Good idea. tu drive. That way I won’t have to deal with this pain. We’ll probably crash and die on impact.”
“I am an excellent driver!” Spirit got on the bike. “Just get on and keep your snide comentarios to yourself for once.”
Stein got on. “Calm down, Spirit. I’m just messing with you.”
After about a half hora of driving they finally decided on a place to stay. Spirit parked the bike and they walked inside. “Make sure tu ask for two rooms, Stein.”
“I’m not going to get two rooms when we need to be able to converse at any time.”
Spirit glared at him slightly. “Fine, then just ask for a room with two beds.”
“I will.” Stein looked at him. “Quit looking at me like that. I really miss the time when tu used to be cute and quiet. Where did that go?”
“It vanished! Never to be found again!”
“Clearly.” Stein walked up to the front desk. “Je voudrais une chambre avec un lit grande taille.”
“Placez-la sous Stein.”
The man working at the front escritorio wrote down the name then handed Stein a key. “Ici, c'est votre clé, monsieur le president.
Stein and Spirit walked down the hall to their room and Stein unlocked the door, pushing it open.
Spirit looked inside then turned on him. “You bastard! I told tu two beds! I’m going to get my own room!”
Stein grabbed the back of his capa collar when he tried to walk away. “This could have been avoided at the front escritorio if tu had dicho something then.” He pulled him into the room and shut the door.
“You know I don’t speak French!” Spirit yanked himself away from Stein once they were inside. He walked to the cama and sat down, taking off his shoes. “You’re sleeping on the floor. Here’s your pillow.” He threw a almohada on the floor on the other side of the bed.
Stein sat down in a chair and lit a cigarette. “But there’s no extra blanket.”
“Then tu can take this one.”
“But then you’ll be cold.”
“Then tu can freeze!”
“Give it up, Spirit. I’m sleeping in the bed.” Stein put his cigarette out and stood up, walking over to the bed. He picked the almohada up off the floor and set it down on the bed.
“Fine! But there are going to be some ground rules.”
“Shut up. I’m tired.” Stein took off his shoes and coat. He started taking off his camisa, camiseta but Spirit stopped him.
“Hey, hey, hey! Nuh uh! Keep your camisa, camiseta and pants on! That’s one of the rules!”
“But that’s no way to sleep.” Stein took off his camisa, camiseta and pants. “You don’t look very comfortable that way.” Stein grabbed Spirit and set him in his lap, trying to undress him.
“Hey! No! Stop it!” Spirit struggled against his hands.
“Hold still.” Stein trapped Spirit against his body and undressed him down to his underwear.
“Fine. Fine! Just leave the rest on. So help me Stein, if I wake up in the nude I will kick your ass.”
Stein rolled his eyes and dropped him back down on the bed. He took off his glasses then laid down, his back to Spirit, and pulled the covers around himself. “Sure tu will.”
“And just so tu know, the other rule is that tu can’t cruzar, cruz the line.”
“What line?”
“The imaginary line between us. tu can’t cruzar, cruz over into my space.”
“Sure, Spirit.”
Spirit glanced at him then moved under the covers and turned his back to Stein. He closed his eyes and started drifting off to sleep.
Just as he was about to fall asleep Spirit felt himself being turned over on his other side. He felt warmth enveloping him. He opened his eyes and saw that his head was being held against Stein’s chest. “What happened to the line, Stein?”
“I haven’t followed any of the rules so far and tu think I’m going to follow this last one now?”
Spirit glared up at him then put his head back down, leaning his forehead against Stein’s chest. He didn’t want to admit it to Stein, but he was happy. It felt good to be held in Stein’s arms, wrapped in his warmth. Spirit put his hands against Stein’s chest, enjoying the feeling of his lover’s smooth skin beneath his palms. Stein rubbed his back and looked down at him. “You don’t seem very objective, Spirit.”
Spirit’s hands tightened on Stein’s chest. “Shut up. tu got this smaller cama so we’d be pressed up against each other didn’t you?”
“You know me so well.” Stein kissed his head.
Spirit shook his head slightly then started fading off to sleep.
“Hey.” Stein tilted his head up. “Good night.” He kissed him.
Spirit pulled away. “No. I know what you’re trying to do. tu kiss me and then tu kiss me más and the siguiente thing I know you’ll have your way with me.”
“Finally figured me out have you?” Stein locked his arms around Spirit and kissed him more, moving over parte superior, arriba of him.
“No. No!”
“Shhh. Our neighbors will hear you.”
“No! Stop! Let go! No! Wuaaaaaa!!”

(English translations:
“I’d like a room with one full sized bed.”
“Put it under Stein.”
“Here is your key, sir.”)