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Koalagirl, as tu may know, helped me with this.

"AHHH!" they scream. Scott just pushed them down the endless pit at their outdoor wedding.It looked like it was up to them to save themselves and the rings. They're falling and suddenly stop. A hand grabbed them. They get pulled into a hole in the, well, hole. It's one of their guests, Sierra. "Hey guys," she says "I think we may be able to get those rings. But Mike, one little favor." "Sure," he says "what?"

"I need tu to bring back your personalities."


Will Mike's MPD save the day? Will they survive? And will they ever get married? Come back to find out!
When we left of, they were pulled into a tunnel por Sierra in the endless pit. Sierra asked Mike to bring back his personalities. Will he?

"Sure!" says Mike "But ONLY Svelantia and Mannitoba Smith. The others won't be much help getting out of here. I mean, Vito might help if we encounter a monster, o something, but Chester... no." "Great!" says Sierra."Zoey, are tu OK with the whole Vito thing?You know,with Anne Maria..." "Sure,as long as it will help us get out of this pit and back to the surface." "Okay then, let's go!" So they flew farther down the pit until they all got grabbed por Izzy. "Hey!" says Izzy. "What's up!" "Izzy? I didn't invite YOU!" says Zoey. "I just like falling on stuff!" "Oh...kay" says Mike. "Why are tu guys here?" says Izzy. "Um... it's our wedding!" says Mike. "Oh... ri-ight" Izzy says. "I have a pregunta for Zoey, though..."
So, after TDROTI, Mike and Zoey started dating and decided to get married. So, they go and Mike wears a tuxedo and tie and Zoey wears a dress with a big string of pearls in the back. "You look beautiful" says Mike. "You too." says Zoey. Then, they say vows and then for some reason take an intermission. (The best lady Takota wanted to have people take pictures of her). So they all decided to have cake and beverages then. One o two people fell down a pit because the wedding was outside. So they went on with it after Takota was done with her papparazi ambush. So the priest says "Does anyone object?" Then someone gets out of a taxi and says "I object!" Then, he pushes Mike over and he falls on the ring bearer, and the rings fall down a pit. "SCOTT!" says Mike. "Why don't tu go and make sure the rings didn't fall to the bottom?" says Scott. Then, he pushes them in. "Whoops! Butterfingers!"