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Courtney screamed at Duncan and Chris as she was about to take the drop of shame. Chris shoved her and Blaineley out of the plane. The two women shrieked in fear. Courtney desperately pulled on her parachute. It opened. Meanwhile, Blaineley fell to the ground and broke most of her bones. As Courtney landed in China, she blacked out.

"W-What?" Courtney looked around. She was surrounded por clouds. "Where am I?"

"You're in your dream world." A voice said.

"Who's there?" Courtney asked. "Is that you, Alejandro?"

"No actually it's me, Trent."

"Trent?" Courtney looked sickened.

"Yeah. I'm right behind you."

Courtney turned around and saw Trent standing there. Oddly enough, he had wings.

"Why do tu have wings?"

"I don't know… It's your dream…"

"Why are tu here anyway?"

"I'm here to give tu advice."

"Like what?"

"If tu want to get revenge on Duncan and Gwen… Then tu should flirt with Gwen's ex-boyfriend… Also known as me." Trent explained.

"I would… But I'm already crushing on Alejandro…" Courtney hesitated.

Trent frowned. "You don't have to like me… I mean, tu didn't like Tyler and tu flirted with him…"

"Yeah to make Duncan jealous…"

"That's exactly what I'm telling tu to do… After all…" Trent took Courtney's hands, "We might end up liking each other…"

This was really freaking Courtney out. She had no idea what was going on.

"That's not possibl—" Courtney was staring into Trent's eyes. "Have your eyes always been green?"

Trent grinned. "Yeah."

"I… I thought they were brown…"

"Nope. Why are tu staring into my eyes anyway?"

Courtney quickly looked away. "Because you're staring at me and it's kind of creepy…"

"Kind of?"

"Yeah, kind of…"

"Face it Courtney, you're falling for me…" Trent smirked.

Courtney stomped her foot with anger. "I am not!"

Trent held Courtney in his arms. "You are so cute when you're angry…" He pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers. Courtney pleasantly closed her eyes. She seemed to enjoy this.

Courtney gasped. She was sitting on a bed. She looked around. She was in a bedroom. "No!" She shouted, "I want my dream back! Wait…" She paused to think. "I want my dream back?"

The door to the room opened. It was Bridgette. "Oh good! You're awake!"

"Oh! hola Bridgette! Where am I?"

"You're at the Aftermath Studio. Geoff and I came to get tu and, unfortunately, Blaineley after tu two landed. We picked tu guys up in our helicopter. Blaineley is in the infirmary. Hopefully she won't be recovering anytime soon. Anyway, you've been knocked out for a couple hours."

"Really? That long?"


"Wait… I've been eliminated? No! My million dollars! My Alejandro!"

"Alejandro? Oh no, he didn't get tu too did he?"

"What do tu mean?" Courtney was confused.

"Alejandro tricked LeShawna and I with his flirtation. That's how we got eliminated. He just used tu to get further in the game."

"But… He loved me…" Courtney looked as if she was about to cry.

"I thought he loved me too… But he left me stuck to a pole. Sorry Courtney, but Alejandro was just playing with your heart. And as we speak, he's playing with Heather's heart."

The door opened again. This time it was Gwen.

"Hey Courtney… I just wanted to—" Courtney threw a vase at her. "Ah! Hey! No need to throw vases at me!"

"Get out of here tu boyfriend kisser!" Courtney threw a potted plant at her.

Gwen screamed. "Or potted plants! Geez, I was just coming to see if tu were okay!" Gwen shut the door.

Courtney growled. "Ooh! I hate that gótico freak!"

Bridgette put her hand on Courtney's shoulder. "She just wants to be your friend again…"

"Never!" Courtney snapped.

Bridgette took her hand off Courtney's shoulder with hesitation. "Okay… Well… Do tu want to see any of the eliminated contestants?"

"Like who? You're the only friend I have on this show…"

"You know… Like Beth o Eva o Katie o Sadie o Justin…" Bridgette suggested. Courtney merely just shook her head. "How about Trent?"

Courtney gasped at hearing his name. "Trent? He's here?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Can I see him?"

"Why? Do tu have a little crush on him?" Bridgette teased.

Courtney bit her lower lip and blushed. "I do not!"

"Whatever tu say…" Bridgette giggled as she left the room.

"Make Duncan and Gwen jealous por flirting with Trent… It's totally fool-proof!" Courtney dicho to herself.

Bridgette walked down a hallway. She saw Gwen and walked towards her.

"Hey Gwen! Do tu know where Trent is?"

"Probably in his trailer. Why do tu ask?"

"Courtney is looking for him."

Gwen raised an eyebrow. "Courtney? That's strange. tu know what? I'll go get him. Maybe she'll forgive me if I bring him to her."

"I don't think that'll happen. She's still ticked off at tu for besar Duncan…"

Gwen shrugged. "It's worth a shot." She walked to Trent's room. She knocked on his door.

The door opened. "Oh, hola Gwen! What's up?"

"Courtney wants to see you."

"Courtney? I haven't talked to her since the first season of Total Drama… I thought she hated me…"

"So did I… Oh well. Come on, I'll take tu to her." Gwen led Trent to Courtney's room.

Gwen turned the knob and opened the door. "Hey Court—" An alarm clock smacked her in the head. She fell on the floor.

"Get out!"

Trent walked into the room. "Hey no need to throw alarm clocks at her!"

"Trent! Hi!" Courtney smiled.

"Why did you—"

"I dicho get out!" Courtney screamed, cutting Gwen off. She took off her sandalia and was prepared to throw it at her. Trent quickly grabbed a hold of Courtney's wrist, stopping her from doing anymore damage to Gwen.

"Courtney! There's a better way to settle this!" He looked towards Gwen. "Gwen, Courtney would appreciate it if tu were to leave the room…"

Gwen got back on her feet. "As if that wasn't already obvious…" Gwen shut the door.

Trent let go of Courtney's wrist. "So, what did tu want to talk about?"

Courtney put her sandalia back on and stood up. She stared into Trent's esmeralda green eyes. "I just wanted to see my friend Trent…"

"Friend? We're friends? Since when?"

Courtney took a step closer to Trent. "I've always thought of us as friends, Trent."

Trent took a step back. "But this is the first time we talked since season one…"

"Oh… Well… I thought that maybe we can hang out a little more… tu know, have some conversations and stuff…"

"I suppose…"

"Great! So how about we have breakfast tomorrow?"


"Great!" Courtney cut him off before he could answer. "I'll meet tu in your room! Bye!"

Trent walked out of the room. Trent knew Courtney was up to something. He just didn't know what it was.

"Hey Trent! So what happened?" Gwen wondered.

"Apparently, I'm having breakfast with Courtney tomorrow…"

"Ooh! Sounds like tu got yourself a date!" Gwen gave Trent a nudge on the arm.

"A date? With her? As if that would ever happen…"

"You know, you're right Trent… She would never have any interest in someone like you."

"Gee, thanks…" Trent began to walk away from her.

Gwen grabbed Trent's arm. "No! I didn't mean it like that! I meant that tu don't exactly seem like Courtney's type…"

"I know what tu meant. I'll see tu tomorrow." Trent shut the door to his room behind him.

"Someone's got an attitude…" Gwen dicho behind his back. She walked away.

Trent threw himself on his bed. He stared straight up at the ceiling.

"I don't have a fecha with Courtney tomorrow… We barely know each other! All I know is that she used to fecha Duncan and she's a total bitch… Alright, I know she's up to something… I just need to find out what it is…"

Meanwhile, Courtney was putting a pair of pajamas she found in her dresser on.

"If I can just gain Trent's trust, then we can hang out all the time, which gives me the advantage of flirting with him so he can fall in amor with me, thus making Gwen and Duncan jealous! Courtney, tu are a genius! What could go wrong?"

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(I'll be uploading daily)
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Trent opened his eyes and jumped out of bed. He walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Meanwhile, Courtney just stepped out of the ducha, ducha de and was wrapped up in a towel. She was prepared to put her usual outfit on.

A couple minutos later, Trent walked out of his bathroom.

"Hi Trent!"

Trent screamed. Courtney was standing por his door.

"What are tu doing in here? I'm wearing nothing but a towel! How did tu get in here anyway?"

"You left the door unlocked, silly."

Trent paused and realized she was right. He was too busy thinking about what Gwen dicho that he forgot to lock the door before he went...
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So, this is just a little poem I thought of when I was in school today. ^^' Hope tu like it! :D


She had a true love,
a delinquent Prince Charming.
Living behind fairytail walls,
she was cenicienta at the ball.

Then one día he left her,
Causing her walls to crumble.
He left her there to cry,
Being the one most unhumble.

She went into a fury,
Angried por his betrayal.
Although deep inside,
She knew she was frail.

Then one day,
her anger turned to tear's.
She let her true emotions out,
Exposing her true fear's.

She cried for many...
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I yawned and woke up.I went to the bathroom to wash and to brush my teeth.But because I was in love, I accidentally brushed my hair with toothpast.

"Oh no!"

I washed my hair again, and went to get dressed.I was wearing a multi-colored T-shirt and long red trousers.

"I can't wait to tell Trent what I feel!So..How can I start?


I really like you!Do tu like me?I think tu are beautiful like a star.Every word tu say, makes me feel like an ángel between the other angels.

Then I slapped my forehead.

Someone knocked at the door.It was Brittany.

"Hey, Courtney!" Brittany said.


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I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, as always, and I made what I do every day.I got dressed with a rosado, rosa camisa, camiseta and with a tight pair of jeans.

Someone was knocking at the door.It was Brittany, my best friend since the nursery school started.I opened the door and let her in.

"Hey, Brittany!"


We hugged about ten seconds.

"Why are tu looking so?" Brittany said.


"You have red cheeks, small eyes..."

"Oh...I have small eyes because I didn't sleep so well last night and red cheeks because..."

"Because...You're hot?"

"No, because I'm in love!"

"In love?With who?" She gasped.

"In amor with...
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Courtney's P.O.V.

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning.I left my room to wash, to get dressed and to eat.I was wearing a yellow T-shirt and short jeans.I ate, and I prepared my things to take a ride.I walked out and I was playing my iPod to the song Stickwitu por Pussycat Dolls.I heard a "Boom!" while I was listening.

"Um...This song doesn't contain a "Boom!" " I said.

Then I was turning around and I saw my red book.I leaned to take it and I felt a hand over mine.I raised my head and I saw a guy with black hair, green eyes, and a lima, cal green blusa with camouflage on the sleeves and a black hand on...
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I stared at Duncan. He stared at me. It wasn't his usual

"I'm in amor with you" stare. It was a
"you punched me in the gut " stare.

Duncan: I heard from gwen that tu and Trent had a "privet moment" last night.

Courtney: Duncan nothing happened I think.

Duncan: tu think? Why do tu "think" that.

Courtney: I.. Well. Fine we kissed. But tu need to hear my story.
I was watching an episode of TDA were Gwen called tu sexy

Duncan: so Now your going to blame this on Gwen. tu can be a real pain Courtney.

Trents pov

I walked to my friend Courtney's house with a rose to apologize for besar her last...
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Courtney's POV

Me and Duncan had a blast last week. Laughing,drinking,kissing. But are weekend in Hawaii ended and so did our relationship. When he dropped me off at my house he kissed me then dicho goodbye. Then he picked up Gwen and they left. I cried in my room for a week. Until my best friend Trent came to my window.

Trent: court you've been crying all week. He dicho cloning in my window and sitting beside me.

Trent: come on mostrar me that award winning smile.

Courtney: look Trent Duncan dumped me. How can I smile if the best thing that ever happened to me is gone.

Trent: see this is why I...
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*Trent's house*

Trent:*asleep* *phone vibrates in his pocket* *wakes up* *looks at Anya* At least your getting some sleep.*puts her in her crib* *goes to his room* Wow I'm so tired...*reads text* Awe man!*thinks*I should text her back....*feels a sharp pain in his abdomen* Ow! *falls to his knees* *moans* Help....

*at school in the parking lot*

Bridgette:You want me to drive tu to Trent's?
Courtney:I need to talk to him...and tu need to drop of his homework.
Bridgette:*sighs* Don't yell at him okay...
Courtney:We'll see.
Bridgette:*sighs* Okay...*drives home*

*her and Courtney walk over to Trent's*...
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posted by Isabella121797
My P.O.V
Hi I am starting a series. This series is called The New Arise and it's about how I would have loved to see their Total Drama Lifes tearn out. I hope tu like it. (hint: there is gonna be alot of TxC!)

Courtney's P.O.V:

I was falling...yeah I know what your thinking! Falling out of a plane. I was kind of glad because I had found out my bf Duncan was cheating on me. On parte superior, arriba of that with a girl I was getting to become friends with. Yeah.....what a sick heartless jerk. A sick heartless jerk I trusted. Little did I know that the journey I was leaving was just a chapter in my life yet to...
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*at school*
*in the hallway*

Courtney:Duncan,I'm so sorry I snapped at you...
Courtney:*kisses Duncan*
Duncan:*smiles* Okay....But,why did tu yell at me?
Courtney:*thinks:Don't tell him-DON'T TELL HIM!* It's personal....
Duncan:*sighs* *walks to 6th period*
Courtney:*goes into the restroom* I'll just skip the rest of the day...*texts Trent*

hola Trent I'll be over with Bridgette after school.
We need to talk...

sorry it's short-it's NOT the end.NOT even close!
please comentario to CONTINUE!
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(okay i am so SORRY for not escritura another T+C articulo sooner! it's been a LONG time)

*at school*
*5th period*

Duncan:*whispering*Hey Princess..
Courtney:*whispers*Stop calling me that.
Duncan:You know tu like it-
Courtney:Look I'm having issues right now so-*yells*just shut up!
Teacher:Courtney,is there something tu and Duncan would like to share with us?
Courtney:*thinks*Oh man!I just yelled at my boyfriend.....well...i think he's my boyfriend..

*at Trent's house*

Trent:*rocking Anya*Gavin,go to school before i call Roy.
Gavin:Yeah,right,You wouldn't...
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Video por SimzMaster. Awesome vid about TxC and DxG!!! YAY!
posted by Isabella121797
Trents P.O.V
Man I wanted to be with her forever!
No mater what I had to do!
I know I didnt know her at all but we had the rest of our lives to figure it out!

Me: Can I walk tu home?
Courtney: I dont know....
Me: Please...listen im not some jerk like Duncan who will try to get in tu pants!
I just want tu to give me a chance and you'll see!
Courtney: Ok...I live kind of far though!
Me: Its ok...I have got the rest of my life!
I will dedicate that Courtney to figuring tu out!
I will know your favorito! places, songs, foods, and everything else! I will NEVER once stop loving tu even when I die!
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Courtneys P.O.V
Why was he being so nice to me?
I was such a jerk to everyone!
I realize that now.....after everything

He did look really cute!
His hair perfectly perfect without looking gay!
His breath was minty!
His eyes a pretty light green!

Me: Thanks for being so nice! Its been hard lately!
Trent: I know what tu mean!
Me: hola the concierto is about to start!
Trent: I didnt know tu liked Green Day!
Me: I can surprise you!

*The música to 21 pistolas started*

Do tu know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And tu feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh...
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