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posted by koalagirl9
ok so i have been asking my bffs about NOCO heres how they reacted:
Patrica (jeffgordon24) Best Girl Scout Friend
(chatting on twitter)
Me:what do tu think about Noah and Cody
Me:*sends link to NOCO fanpop page*
Patrica:this is so funny
(that may not be the full story but from what i remember)
Julie (cartooncudly999)Sister
Me:What do tu think about Noco
(boo her)
Kayla (Kaylapotter) close friend
(Chatting on FB)
Me:What are your thoughts on the Noah and Cody couple for tdi
Kayla:ummmmm just por looking at them i would say they would be a great...
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Everyone was eating lunch at the cafeteria. Noah grabbed his lunch and winced at it. It was... moving... he decided to ignore it. All of the mesa, tabla were crowded. 'Geez, Chris.' Noah thought. 'Why did tu have to pick so many contestants?'

All Noah saw was an empty asiento por Cody. He shrugged to himself, but his head was spinning.

He sat down in front of Cody. "Hey," Noah said, trying not to blush. Cody looked up. "Oh, hey... Noah." Cody said, hoping he didn't sound too stupid.

Noah slowly dug his spoon into what appeared to be mashed potatoes. He slowly raised his spoon to his mouth and stuck the...
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posted by mehparty3
Noah sat in the woods, lectura his book, but for some reason, he couldn't focus. All he could think of was Cody...Cody...Cody...

"Cody!" Noah said, noticing Cody inching towards Noah. Noah stood up. "Uh, hey!"

Cody stopped and smiled. "Hi, Noah.... so, whatcha reading?" Noah blushed. "Um, 'Everlasting'."

"What's it about?"

"A girl and a guy that... um.... fall in love, and stuff..."

Cody blushed. "Oh. Sounds like a good book. Anyway, I came over here to- -"

"CODY!!!!" A familiar voice sounded across the trees, causing some birds to fly away. "Oh no..." Cody moaned, bracing himself. Soon Cody found...
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3 Days after the final of total drama world tour everyone was staying at a hotel for the siguiente 10 days , Noah, the Kno It All, didnt kno why he couldnt stop thinking about Cody
Noah: STOP IT,he screamed
Everyone looked at him, Izzy Slithered over to noah
Izzy: U thinking about cody
Noah: No No No No!
Izzy: Yes Yes Yes




Noah: Yes
Izzy: Gotcha!
Noah: Crap
Izzy: Bye bye
Izzy: Going....going....going....gone !
Noah: Good
----------------------WITH CODY-------------------
Cody: hola Gwen saw u got dumped por Duncan
Gwen: Go away nerd
Cody: Please go out with me plz!
Gwen: NO
Cody walked...
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Date: March 19th, 2011
Time: After TDWT
Place: Chris's Pad for Reuinion Party
Mission:..... Love?

Noah: Ugh I can't belive I'm here with these people again. I mean I've tried to lay off the whole "sarcasm" thing but this is ridiculous. How can I be nice if these losers just tormented me the whole time?
Well I guess my mood will change when I see some familair faces that I can put up with.
Here goes nothing.
-opens door and walks in-

-bear hugs-

Noah: Ugh what does this guy eat? Agh can't...
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posted by 666bloodwhore
I know I can be a little brainless. If it's not food, then it doesn't really catch my attention. I'm not so good at lectura emotions; I can't see people inside and out like others can. I sometimes make matters worse because of my density and end up either hurting o angering someone with my actions. So I'm not good at communicating and seeing how someone, mainly a girl, ticks.

But this is different… I can see it, when he looks at him, I can see it all. The longing, the love, the heartbreak, the jealousy, the anger, the pain, and everything else mixed into those dark chocolate eyes. Like the...
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 before the season started :] ...... and before sierra
before the season started :] ...... and before sierra
First season, first love
first budding of us secretly coming out.
i feel your anxiety por the clenching of your hand, más nervous por the second.
lifting your chin up i say "don't worry, we'll get through this hard time." a small glimspe of hope appeared in is beautiful verde azulado, trullo, teal eyes.
once aboard the metal plane, we sneaked off into the darkness of the cargo hold where even the smallest of camera eyes could not see our presense.
i hold tu tightly as tu shake, losing all control because of a new face. the face that knows to much, in the meeting of too little.
throwing off even the hardest of aspecting...
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posted by uhuhuhuh
Noah was sleeping in his cabina por himself.
Cody came in.
Cody: hola Noah?
Noah: Yeah?
Cody: What are tu doing?
Noah: Trying to sleep
Noah: What are tu doing?
Cody blushed.
Noah winked..
Cody seemed confused. All Cody was picturing was Noah sleeping with him.
Noah: Like your camisa, camiseta Cody... looks good on you.
Cody: Can I ask tu a queation
Noah: What?
Cody: Uh never mind...
Noah tell me
Cody: No it's uh I forgot.
Cody: I forgot....
Noah pulled Cody por his hips closer to Noah.
Cody seemed confused.
Noah stood up and closer to him.
Cody: fine...
Cody: Who do tu like!
Noah: I'm not telling.
Cody: C'mon
Noah: I'll give...
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posted by Raven9087
Codys Prov:

I was so glad I was off that island and Im glad Noah lived right down the calle from me cuz we were really close and all and we gaved each other our addresses and cell numbers. Now tht school was starting I could call him to ask him wat classes he got
Cody:Hey Noah its Cody did u get ur classes yet??
Noah:Yah My homeroom teacher is Mr.Martenez
Cody:Me to
Noah:So tht must mean were in the same classes then huh
Cody:Yepp I g2g cloths shopping txt u l8er
Noah:K bye

Noah Prov:

Im so glad me and Cody are in the same classes cuz I like him but I couldnt tell him tht o else he will...
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posted by neonwalflower
~after the season ended at Noah's apartment~

-Noah and Cody are watching BrokeBack Mountain-
tv:"..Jack...I Swear..." ~sad music~

Cody: Oh Noah that was sooo sad!!!!
-gets teary eyed and lies body over Noah's lap-

-Noah holds palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz bowl over Cody so it won't spill-
Noah: Hold yourself together. It's not even over yet.

Cody: But Noah the amor of his life is dead and he's crying! Isn't that sad a little bit to you?

Noah: Mmmm... no. Now can we atleast finish a movie for once without your whining?

~a couple minutos later~

Noah: Finally that movie is over....

Cody: Aww come on dude tu didn't like it at...
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posted by nocofangirl218
This was something I came up with when I was one día when I was day-dreaming. I hope tu all enjoy! Don’t forget to read and review!

Also: I don’t own anything in this story! Not the TD character, not the movie “Thor” and anything else that already belongs to some one else.

As I checked myself in the mirror for the millionth-time, I hoped my boyfriend would find this place okay. I mean, I even had trouble finding it when I first moved to these apartments. I took my gaze off the mirror long enough to glance...
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this makes me miss TDI but well... check this out ;)
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posted by koalagirl9
I was at the tdi reunion pancake breakfeast i honsestly dont know why i bothered coming but sitting in frount of me was the awnser CODY my true love. He was sitting there enjoying his pancakes.
how can i impress him i thought i grabbed some surup and made the best mistake in my whole life i chugged the bottle so i could get his attentoin.He was laughing i impressed him! Then somthing bad (and somewhat good) happened my lips got stuck. Help i mumbled.
Lick your lips Cody said.
I shook my head no to say i couldnt.
Id lick them he dicho but that would look gay..
Do it i tried to mumble noticing this was a 2 and 1 prize. He came closed fine he dicho then he licked it of but then his lips stuck to my mouth.I grabbed him in a hug this was like a kiss.To my suprise he did it right back.
Gross Duncan yelled.But i honsetly didnt give a care.This was the perfect mistake