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la elección de los fans: sometimes kissing, sometimes cute moments, but usually they're like just friends
la elección de los fans: Gwen
la elección de los fans: Gwuncan
la elección de los fans: no i amor her style now and so does duncan
no i amor her style now and so...
la elección de los fans: Gwen
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xRainbowNinjax dicho …
Hi. I just rewatched the first three seasons and i'm fully within this ship. I'm having major Gwuncan feels after so long! I remember I started to watch the mostrar within the first couple of episodes because i was intrigued who this "goth girl" was. That was back in literally third grade and now i recently graduated high school?? My amor for this ship hasn't gone away at all haha. I like to pretend anything past season 3 isn't canon though, in my mind gwuncan are happily together. i amor tu all! publicado hace más de un año
iDxG101 comentó…
I totally agree hace más de un año
Scoobynate1313 dicho …
Hi I am new here and am a big fan of duncan and gwen pairing publicado hace más de un año
gwuncanfan17 dicho …
hi! I'm new here publicado hace más de un año
iDxG101 comentó…
Hi there! Welcome! hace más de un año