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posted by trentgwenfan1
Gwen:trent i am going to be late i'll be inicial aroung 8 ok
trent:ok i amor you
gwen:i amor tu to*leaves*
gwensmom:*runs in with a3 blads and a knif*
mom:*pushes trent on the floor
trent:ow!*puts his hand on his head*
mom:*stabs trent**cuts him on his forhead and both of his arms* die!
trent: *gets knocked out por all the beleeding*
(at work)
gwen:what why are tu here
james:mom was at your house and she killed trent!
gwen:WHAT!*tears up*
James:i called the ambulancia and their at the hospital
gwen:*runs out*
(at the hospital)
gwen:what happen to him*crying*
docter:he got...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
ON FRIDAYduncan om trent and gwen r comeing 2morow and we need 2 trun inn their rent *duncan truns in the rent
trent gwen r u packed
gwen yes sweetie we need 2 gertt on the plan in 1 hr
trent ok *kisses gwen*
WHEN TXG GET inicial
trent runs in * guys i am going 2 get gwen her wedding presnt
duncan dude u aredy married her is that enough
trent i don't know what were is her presnt i swer it was right there
duncan i though that was the rent form
trent yes he did i told him were it was...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
carlose: no i must kill tu por doing this!
i heard loud screaming and yelling it sounded excatly like gwen she needs my help
trent:*runs insideGET OFF OF HER!*pushes carlose off of her and shots hin*
gwen:trent your here*hugs trent* i amor you*crys of releaf*
trent: i amor tu to whos idiea was this
gwen: my moms*they leav
*they get on aplan*
trent: why did your mom do this
gwen: she hates me
trent: did anyone else come with you
gwen: my younger brother but he didn't make it*crys a little*
trent: i'm sorry*hugs gwen and kisses her*
gwen:thank you
*they get home
baylor: ma wa ware wur wu
trent: its along story
trent: tu tried
trent:*puts baylor to bedyou feel ok
gwen yes i'm fine
*they kiss and go to bed
posted by trentgwenfan1
Gwen: why do we keep time traeling
trent: i don't know but it is going to be ok*kisses gwen*
Gwen: we need to find some where to stay
trent: i thubnk i see a hotel right over there
Danny: why are tu here
Trent: who are you
danny: danny
trent: tu look just like are firend duncan
danny: i know i am duncan's great great great grndfather
trent: that makes sense*gose to the other room*
danny: oh what is your name princess
gwen: gwen why are tu hitting on me
danny: cuz i have a crush on you
gwen: i have a husbend
danny: i know
gwen:then why are tu trying to hi ton me!
dannyz cuz tu are not right...
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oh yeahh yeah ummm
u had my hart and well b nothing world apart not even in magazines we r in venaty

cuz when u in the dark u can't c chiny cars thats when u need us their with txg all always share

bcuz when the sun shines they'll shin 2ghter told u well be fans 4ever dicho i'll always b your fan nothing much stick out 2 the end

now their fighting más than ever as long as we got echother

u can stand under my un=mdrella u can stand under my umbrella

their diffrnet teams well never come iiin between were a family 4 infenaty

and when the wold takes supreis

and when the wollld takes supries

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posted by gwendiamond

Hi everyone, this is my fan fiction. Please fan it if tu like it and if not comentario and we'll see if I can fix it. Just one last thing. There's language and some violence in this story.


Gwen's p.o.v

I walked to school with tears down my eyes. I had another argument with my mother. I loved her but she always made me do things I hate doing like going to school. She didn't know the pain I went through every time I walk through those large doors. I was teased about my fashion statement.
I was bullied about the fact that I was smart but
not pretty or...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: Gwen do tu want to go
Gwen: can we stay here of a while
Trent: fine
Danny: i pronis tu trent that Gwen will be mine
Trent: no she will not she well never fall for tu
Danny: don't speak to soon
Trent: *gives him a angry look*
Gwen: what was that about
Trent: tu don't have a crush on that guy do you
Gwen: no of corse not i amor you
Trent: i amor tu to *kisses gwen* i think we should go now
Gwen: trent i don't want to
trent: what just a few minuts hace tu dicho i don't like it here and now yo want to stay
gwen: i guess so
trent:are tu stayig cuz of him
gwen: ye i mean no
trent: just forget it*gose...
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posted by iDxG101
 a drawing I did of this story a long time hace
a drawing I did of this story a long time ago
Gwen P.O.V

I walked through out the dark forest with my little brother,Alex,still wondering where we're going."Mother!"Alex called out,getting as worried as I was.We're not worried that we would get lost,since we've been through the woods since we were young,but mother was greatly sick.We finally made it to the cottage,we made are way to mother's room where she was lying peacfully asleep.She started coughing,Alex got the bucket of cold water we collected from the river nearby,and let me drown the piece of cloth in it.I slowly settled it on mother's forehead.
I pushed my brown hair behind my...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent *sleeping*
gwen trent r u awake
trent gwen *waks up* GWEN*hugs gwen* i'm happy that your alive
gwen trent i luv u
trent gwen i luv u 2
trent i was scread 2 death y did u make yourslef get shot
gwen i didn't want 2 c u get hurt
trent it's ok
gwen weres payton
trent he got arested
gwen y
trent i told the police that he shot u
gwen oh
trent i'm just really happy u r alive

the cractwers r trent gwen payton and courtney and duncan
i might make a sconde book u can coomet some idieas
posted by gwendiamond
Song:Together Forever

tu are the redness in my Heart
WE shall never be apart
We shall be together
Forever and Ever.

Together Forever
Together Forever
My amor for you
Your amor for me
We shall be...
Together Forever

Our corazón shall never Break
Neither shall our shake
Our corazón shall always be stuck together
Just like our brains and our love.

Together Forever
Together Forever
My amor for you
Your amor for me
We shall Be...
Together Forever

May a monster atackk you
I will defend you
May tu die
I'll be por your side

Together Forever
Together Forever
My amor for you
Your amor for Me
We shall be...
Together Forever

There are nights were we just stare into the sky
Side por Side
Our corazón as Red as Ever
We shall be together Forever

Together Forever
Together Forever
Together Forever
We shall be....
Together Foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

I hope tu like my Song for TxG
and may they be together forever in our hearts!
posted by trentgwenfan1
gwen's p.o.v.
well its been a año that me and trent are dating he is going to take me to as movie then a reteruant baylor is going to sleep over at trent's parents house
no ones p.o.v.
trent:you ready babe
trent:ok*kisses gwen
(after theor anafersari)
gwen*gets a call*hello
mom:gwen tomorrow when tu wake up come to my house ok
gwen:fine*gose to bed
*the siguiente dsay at gwens moms house
mom:ok your here i want to talk to tu about trent
gwenLwhat about him
mom:he is not what tu think he is
gwen:what are tu talking about
mom:look at this*pulls up a web page about vamps*
that says(vamp history) vamps...
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posted by cartooncudly999
first off I would like to say that I'm not that good at this but please read it
*Gwen's P.O.V*
I looked around my room. I looked at the clock 6:00. Did I have enough time to get ready. Of course I did. I looked in my closet and thought to myself "I can't believe I'm actually doing this"! I picked out a black dress with matching shoes. This should be good. Then I decided to take a nap.
Trent's P.O.V
"Hmm,should I wear this tux o this one". I said. tu know what, i don't think it really madders. I just took a misceláneo one and laid it down on my dresser.
8:30 Gwen's P.O.V
"oh crap I over slept" I dicho then I rushed to put on my dress.
Trent's P.O.V
"Where the heck is Gwen"he sighed. "Maybe she doesn't like me after all"
posted by trentgwenfan1
trent *sleeping*
gwen *sleeping *
trent *phone rings * ahh what *ansers it what
duncan trent me and courtv want 2 go 2 macys but we don't have a key what dp we do
trent just go to the offec and get another key and lock the door with that ok
duncan ok
trent *falls asleep *
gwen trent y were u talking in the middle of the night
trent well duncan called me and needed something
gwen ok
somefrike hola u can we hang out sometime
gwen i'm married 2 him
some frike oh ok
trent that was odd
duncan courtney they have nothing that like at all in here
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posted by cartooncudly999
This is part 2 of my story. This type it's in Trent's POV.

I got a call on my phone. The caller I.D was Gwen. I picked it up "LOOK DUNCAN STOP TRYING TO PRANK ME por MAKING ME THINK GWEN STILL WANT'S ME" I yelled but then the conversation went like this.

Gwen:no,it's really me and I do want tu back
Trent:are tu for real
Trent:did tu already break up with Duncan
Trent:what did he say
Gwen:do tu wanna go on a fecha tonight
Trent:how about 8:00
I hung up. This is the best día of my life.

Please read part 3. Sorry its so short
posted by ARadomperson
Dear diary,

I know, normally I don't write this way, but it's not my fault! He brings out the girly side of me! Blame him! I wish he would just get out of my head! I came here, to win a million green ones, and because my brother bet me to do it, and because of my contract (STUPID CHRIS! HE SHOULD DIE IN A HOLE! D: ) and now, I'm gushing over a guy! Although, he's so perfect…

With his beautiful lime-green eyes, that captured y corazón at the beginning of the series, and that are like a magnet for mine, because even when I'm with Duncan, I glance at him, just to get a glimpse of him. And whenever...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Gwen: trent how are we going to find him
trent:i don't know will find him don't worry
gwen: trent i found something this morening*hands him a note thats say*
&i god tu WORTHLESSS KID DON'T TRY TO FIND HIM CUASE tu NEVER WILL IF tu WANT YOUR KID BACK tu HAVE TO KILL YOUR HUSBEND GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gwen: how dose this person know my name?!?!?
trent: i don't know but he o she wants me dead
Trent's p.o.v.
i thought it was Gwen's mom but i couldn't tell her that she would probably freak out sence her mom...
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Trent had left the game at inicial because he had a fecha with Gwen. Trent was waiting outside for Gwen to come out. He quickly noticed a man staring at him from a distance. It was like a horror movie cliche, It was very dark with only one light. That light was staring down at the man. "Trent" he heard a voice say, it was Gwen. "Gwen" Trent dicho "You look gorgeous". "Thank you" She dicho "You're looking sharp yourself". Trent responded por besar her. "Did tu see anyone outside when tu came out?" Trent asked. "Yes" she responded. "What?" Trent asked. "A sexy looking man named Trent" Gwen answered....
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TRENT'S FAV SONG!!! not mine! She will be Loved por Maroon 5
posted by cartooncudly999
ok so i havnt made part four yet in forever (of trent and gwen forever o whatever its called XD) because i dont feel like im good at writeing this and i had a much better idea before for Mike and Zoey so yeah stay toon for that and bye also if tu like this dont get mad im doing what I fell is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!