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posted by lisen
As Gwen was resting on the couch, I walked into her room to look at a picture when we first met in TDI. Wow those were the days, it was hard but fun.Now, Gwen's pregnant,it's been a while but at the same time,not."You okay babe?"I ask,"my stomach is not but every thing else is fine."Are tu sure?""Yes"I was walking out of the room to lay down.It was 3am for god's sake!When I woke up, I checked to see if Gwen was on the couch,she wasn't but Bridgette was."Hey what's up" Bridgette asked,"where's Gwen?" I try to say,"She's in the master bedroom" Bridgette replies."Thanks" I open the door and she...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Ok I thought of this from that AT&T commercial. Were they guy text the girl were he his. And the third text is of her sitting in the park.

Trent hugged me goodbye. I didn’t want to say goodbye. But TDI is over and its time to go home. I gave him my number and he has mine, so I hope we can stay in touch.

I get inicial and plop myself on my bed. My phone rings and I have a picture message. It’s of Trent back in Quebec. He is standing in front o that singe that says “Welcome to Quebec”. I smile and close my phone and fall asleep.

Two days latter I got another picture message of Trent by...
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Gwen's pov!
As i breathed i heard beeping sounds coming from beside me. lights burned brightly under my closed eyes,wondering where the hell am i. "is she alive?"someone asked. "i`m not sure."another person responded. okay,now i`m getting freaked out. i felt something shock me and i sat up and shouted. "Gwen,its okay."Maria lied me back down. "w-where am i?"i asked,trying to catch my breath. "don't tu remember the horrible accident at the hotel? you're in a hospital,dear."she said. i thought it was a horrible nightmare. "where is Alice and Trent?"i sat back up. "um..well...just lay back down."she...
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*ambulance and police sirens* Trent:come on Gwen. Gwen:coming! *runs out with Nick in his arms* Duncan:*walks up and here's sirens* i didn't do it! *gets on the ground* Trent:uh what are tu here for? Duncan:band practice? Trent:not today. Duncan:what? *laughs* are tu guys having your "cuddling" time today. Trent:*blushes* n-no. Nick's not breathing! we don't have time for this! can tu watch our other kids? please. Duncan:want me to tell everyone, and Gwen's mom? *alright i know Gwen's mom died in the zombie story, but hell shes one awesome bitchy character. i had to leave her in* Trent:i...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
kelsi and comelie trebnt's sisters
klesi oh my god gwen and du can kissed
trent *acsadently flips the mesa, tabla with a glass and bamgs his head real hard and gets knocked out
commile what was that
kelsi trent r u ok omg MOM!
commile DAD!
trent's dad whats the matter
kelsi look
trent's dad how did this happen
commille we don't know when trent saw gwen and duncan besar i think he fliped out and knocked himself out
trent's mom call the docter
kelsi i'll do it
brightte gwen i need 2 talk 2 u
gwen y
brighette trent is gone
gen what do u mean por gone
brighettwe whenhe saw u and duncan kisses...
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Trent:*gives Alex to Gwen*Lilly-

Lilly:To late!I'm telling!Mom-

Trent:*shuts the door and puts tape over Lilly's mouth*

Gwen:Trent,is this necessary?

Trent:*holding Lilly's poni, pony tail* tu want her to tell my mom and......I get killed? o would tu rather keep your baby and boyfriend alive?


Lilly:*kicks Trent where it hurts*

Trent:Ow....*tries not to think about that**quietly*Marie Lilian Schauffer....what the hell?

Lilly:*tape over her mouth* *giggles*

Gwen:Did that hurt?

Trent:Not really...

Lilly:*tries to run out the room*

Trent:*still holding on to her poni, pony tail*

Lilly:*through the tape* OW!

Trent:I'll stand here all night if I have to.

Lilly:*through the tape* MOM'S COMING!


Andrea(Trent's mom):*opens the door*What's going on in-*see's everyone* Trent!

Trent:*thinking:I'm so dead...*
Trent:*snatches the phone away from Gwen*
Trent:*to phone* Sorry she can't talk right now-love tu mom bye!*hangs up*
Gwen:Why did tu do that?!
Trent:I panicked!
Gwen:You didn't tell her about Alex!
Trent:I know...
Gwen:TRENT-wait are tu crying?
Trent:*wipes a tear*no....
Gwen:Yes tu are!
Trent:I'm felling what your suppose to be felling right now.
Gwen:Listen,I'm scared too....but,It"s already done and tu have to tell your parents.Okay?
Trent:*sighs* Okay....
Gwen:*hugs Trent*
Trent:I think he"s talking to you.
Gwen:Yes Alex?
Trent:Maybe having a kid wont be so bad.
Gwen:Ya,...all tu need to do is tell your parents.
Trent:We could sneek him into my room.
Gwen:Well....Sure,I mean that should be easy...Right?
Gwen:Happy birth day!
Authours P.O.V

Um, well third chapter Kinda gets........SEcrety
Hope tu Enjoy.

Gwen Mathhias

That, so called idiotic Stacy.
Well she better rememeber I konw all her secrets, about here and Trent, she told me and Leshawna &Bridgette&Heather&Courtney.
She just never told us WHO she was dating now i know.

I was Crying my corazón out in the Female toliets.
I heard someone come in, i quickly held my tears and sobbed quietly.


Someone-Gwen are tu in here, we have science in 7 minutes.
Me-Bridgette is that you
Me-Are Courtney,Heather...
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
I sat up quickly on a pull out cama on the couch. i was breathing hard. i looked around the room and saw teenagers sleeping,trash,drugs,and comida everywhere. i saw that i was naked and so was a gorgeous green eyed teen. i pulled the sheet over my body. why do i smell like i got high and i drinked to much? i found some cerveza bottles and pipes that still had drugs in it,by me and him. that was such a party last night. i pulled on my clothes and walked over to the still on computer. oh my gosh! pictures of last night's party got on the internet! my eyes widened in fear. i saw the cute...
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Gwen's pov!
i woke up in Trent's arms. being with him made me feel protected and loved. i snuggled in closer to his bare chest. "morning."he whispered. i giggled and looked at him. "good morning."i said. he kissed me on the lips and i sat up,making the sheets fall off me. Trent smiled. "did tu enjoy last night?"he said. i blushed and nodded. he grinned and got close to my face. "anything for you."he whispered before besar me. "thank you."i dicho before hugging him. "thank tu for taking me away."i said. he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. we were so close together,like nothing could...
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When Trent finally got inicial he parked his motorcycle outside of his garage. He went into his house,threw off his casco and headed into his room. There, he took off his leather chaqueta and slammed it on the ground.
After that,he sat down on his bed,put his hands on his face and cried. He felt really sad and lonely. misery and despare had finally got to him.

Trent's POV: My whole life blows! Not only did I leave my friends behind but I lost everything! I lost my girlfriend to a total b@$^@#d. I lost my nerve to mostrar my face to public and I lost my dignity to go on living! I feel like such a jackass,...
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When Mr. Mercury came home, he found red broken glass all over the side street. He began to wonder what had happened while he was gone? But he had no clue. So he went into his house and called Trent.
"Hey son, I'm home." He dicho as he walked in.
"Hi dad, tu got the ice cream?" Trent asked as he came out of his room.
"You bet," his dad said,"and it's your favorite, pistasio."
"Cool, let's eat some.!" Trent said, as he sat down on the cocina chair.
"Oh, por the way son,"Mr. Mercury said,"I happen to notice some red glass all over the curb. Did anything happen while I was gone?"
""Oh, nothing out...
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Trent's pov! LONDON,1873
I was polishing my boots when my good old chap,Owen Dawson ran into the room. "sir,we have another visitor."he dicho out of breath. "ah,another mystery to be solved,eh? send the lad o lady in."i lit my pipe. "right in here,Miss."Dawson held the door open for a lovely young women in a long black dress. "well hello madam,my name is Trent glad to me you."i jumped out of my chair and kissed her hand. she jerked her hand away. "glad to meet tu too,now i have a problem for tu to solve."she put her hands on her hips. i jumped onto the stacks of libros and searched for the...
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in chicago... gwens pov

finally im back inicial in my apartment with my dog Rocco. i let my bags down and put my medal hanging in my room with all of the other medals. that guy at st. thomas is so cute, but i dont know his name. i got dressed to go to the park to play fetch with Rocco. when i threw the frisbee i saw someone familiar, it was the cute guy at the stadium , i grabbed rocco and ran towards him. gwen: hey. trent: oh hi gwen what are tu doing here? gwen: i live here and i never got to know your name, what is it? trent: its trenton but i like to be called trent. gwen: well nice to see...
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Gwen's pov!
It was a normal día at Hell high. woops,beg my pardon. i meant Westman high. i grabbed my libros out of my locker and headed to class. "hey Gwen,check it out. i have been working out."Cody dicho trying to flex his so called muscles. i pushed him aside. "seriously Cody,you aren't turning me on so back off so i don't be late for class."i sneered and sat down at my desk. he sat on parte superior, arriba of it. now he's REALLY pushing it. "i know tu cant resist the codemister."he said. i clenched my fist in his face. "get off my escritorio o i will damage you."i said. "in what way?"he dicho flirty. i...
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This is a song of when Trent and Gwen first meet.

Loving U
Trent:Loving u would be a bummer.If i had to stay here all summer,without your Beautiful face.
Gwen:Loving me has put u under a spell.One that u would do anything for.
Trent;My life would end if we were never friends
Gwen:Well it is time to be more.
Trent:what do u mean more,what do u mean more.
Gwen:it is time To amor me propely.It is time for us to be toghether
Gwen and Trent:If loving u was a crime i would be in jail

Trent: Loving tu is the best thing.
Gwen:Being your amor is the best thing
Trent:Loving u, Loving u,Loving uuuu
Gwen:Being your Love,Being your Love,Being your Loveeeee.
posted by mastertj87
To all of the Trent&Gwen fans, I have bad news for you. Due to circumstances beyond my control, chapter 12 of Trent needs true love, will be postponed until I get some más information on season 5. Especially más info. on Trent's feelings and reactions towards the following people, Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney. But mostly it's because of the fact that I've been lectura other fans of Gwuncan and Duncey. And lately all that I've been that been lectura is nothing más than a lot of unecessary slander and rude comentarios once again. First of all, let me point out to tu all that everyone is entitled...
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