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posted by Gwemfromtdifan
*okay so sorry its been foreverr since i updated but ill try to be más responsible and after this chapter it'll be called Bite Me

Gwen's P.O.V

Trent was laying down with me in my cama and we were just staring at each other. "so... when are tu going to turn me?" i asked. "how about now?" he questioned. "perfect" i grinned. "but first, after i bite you, tu will sleep for 12 hours and wake up a vampire. Then tu can only drink deer blood o tu wont keep anything down. Then after a week tu can eat regular food. we only have to hunt every 2 weeks." he told me. I took a deep breath. "i'm ready"...
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posted by cooleeo
both:*sleeping* *Trent opens his eyes and looks at Gwen* Trent:good morning sunshine. Gwen:*groans* its a snow día mom! Trent:*laughs* *kisses her stomach* Gwen:*giggles* stop...Trent that tickles! Trent:will tu wake up? Gwen:i'm tired. Trent:i know but do tu want to find out if its a boy o a girl? Gwen:yes. Trent:well then tu are going to have to get up. Gwen:fine..ow!! Trent:whats wrong? Gwen:the baby is hurting me. Trent:is there anything i could do to make it feel better? Gwen:no. Trent:alright then. *they get ready and go to the hospital* nurse:Mr. and Mrs. Austin the doctor may see...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
gwen *looking through her shcech booka =nd the pichures of trent and all the stuff he gave her * i miss u trent
trent *breakib=n all of gwen's stuff and the stuff she gave him* y would u do that
cassy wow sabrina i hear u r dating the hot guy trent
sabrina sreously cassy i told u ovver 1,00 times u may not talk 2 me b 4 2pm
cassy is that bcuz i don't have 2 smell your ugly breath o is that your dod
cassy did u make your aponiment with extrem face makeover yet
cassy no
cassy no
sabrina anyways i have a fecha with trent bhere 4 cena plz don't imbaras me ok
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posted by trentgwenfan1
gwen at inicial on youtube waching txg vidios
duncan *knocks on her door
gwen duncan can u leave trent hrut my feelings and i don't want 2 talk
duncan well gwen trent told me he was sorry and he would kill if he dosen't get u back
gwen aww how how sweet of him i'll think about it
THE siguiente día
gwen trent can i talk 2 u
trent sure whist can i talk frist
gwen ok
trent well i want 2 get back 2 gether with u and i know i was being big jerk and i don't blam u fro not forgiveing me
gwen trent of coures i 4give u
dxc awwwwwwwwwwwww
trent what r u guys doing
courtney waching u 2 make out
duncan it's cut really looks better jow courtney kisses
courtney what
duncan nothing nothing all friends again yay
courtney just kiss me already
dxc make out
txg make out
posted by Gwemfromtdifan
Kaitlyn's p.o.v

I'm Gwen's best friend from canada. I moved to san diego. i never told her i was a vampire and i dont plan ont it. This will be funny. "what the?"
she yelled. I shushed her but she screamed "KAITLYN!!!" i giggled. "why are tu in san diego?" she questioned. "im moving here". then she froze. "your hands were cold" she stated.
"and?" i dicho "well last time someone touched me with cold hands here they turned out to be..." she stopped. "nevermind" she said. So she must be keeping a secret. i guess ill tell her. "turned out to be a vampire" i finshed. "how'd tu know?"
she asked. "im...
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posted by Seastar4374
Trent with the weak stomach that tu have I'll do it. No I'm helping. Trent what if tu puke the bebés will to. I'll golondrina it. Trent just go in the oher room. No I'm helping. Fine. Well were done Trent. Trent where are you? In the bathroom. Not feeling so hot again? Yeah. Ok. The pizza is here. That will be $15.00 madam. Ok here tu go. Thanks bye. Trent the pizza is here. Ok I'm coming. No Trent I'll bring it out to you. Ok thanks. Ok Katie and Sadie are eating so here tu go Trent. Thanks. You're welcome. hola I feel a lot better. Can tu help me again? Yes. Ok Trent I need tu to go upstairs...
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posted by tdiCat
Trent: *yawn*. Gwen: are tu ready ? Trent: for what más fun?
Gwen: no our marriage is today, weirdo. Trent: oh right are tu excited?Gwen: más than ever. Trent: me too. Ozzy: * enters the room*. Gwen: come on Ozzy wake up Trent for me . Ozzy:* gets up and starts licking trent's face*. Trent: Ok i am up. Gwen:I thought so * pecks him three times*.
At the hotel
(Gwen's suite)
Bridgette has a black dress with a yellow belt.Gwen had a short white dress with black boots. Bridgette: tu look awesome. Gwen: tu have some pretty good taste. Bridgette: thanks ( hands her the flowers)are tu ready. Gwen:...
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posted by Seastar4374
Trent is the kind of guy that is a really relaxed and talented person. He also is very sweet, kind, cute, and fit type of guy that a girl wants. Appearantly that is the type of guy that Gwen wanted. Gwen is a cool goth chick that likes Trent. Trent didn't know until Heather read Gwen's diary to the entire world. Gwen was so embarrased after that. Trent was sitting siguiente to cody and they just exchange stuned looks. in the siguiente challange Trent was trying to talk to Gwen but she was so sad and embarrased about the diary lectura that she was just ignoring him. When they did the big sleep they were...
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Trent's pov!

Just another normal día in the life in the city. I was the guy who had the good grades in school and the scholarships from many colleges. I also had a supporting family that wanted me to go to school to get a good, 'normal' paying job. I turned all of that down to become a musician. tu all are probably thinking, "Musicians get tons of money selling their records and such!" Well, you're right, but it takes a while to get to the top. Since the pop música industry is so high these days, it is hard to get far in the wanting to rock out on the guitar. I work at a small coffee shop...
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
I sat up on my blood soaked sheets and looked around the room. blood splattered all over the wall,my posters ripped and burned,hateful words that i thought described me written in my own blood everywhere all over my room. i was dreading the new school year..and it's finally here. i had another mental break down last night because of all the pain will start all over again. the lonelyness,which i am used to but my soul feel's empty and sorrow. the people who amor to hate and bully me because of the way i act and look. i swore i would never talk. my family died in murder of my ex boyfriend...
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Trent's pov!
As we were about to head to the castle,a person in a long black chaqueta that covered its whole body was screaming into a microphone and a huge crowd formed all around the speaker listening. "do we want him to keep murdering all of us?"the person shouted. "NO!"the crowd shouted back. "are we just going to sit around and wait for más to die!"he screamed. "HELL NO!"the crowd raised their pitch forks and torches. "then lets catch that son of a perra Holmes and hang him!"i could clearly understand this is a guy because of his voice. the crowd turned around and glared at me and Dawson....
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Gwen's pov!
I was walking down the isle with my long,beautiful white dress and bouquet of flowers. i was so happy to get married to Trent. he finally cared about me and Trenton and i really appreciate that. i looked on both sides of me,people were standing,watching me walk to the altar to get to Trent. almost all of them were crying,but all of them were smiling. i saw Bridgette,Owen,Leshawna,and Alejandro standing in the front row. why are they in the front row? because they helped to get me and Trent back together. Bridgette mouthed words to me,"i told you,love never fails." i laughed inside...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent hola babe do u want 2 go 2 prom with me
gwen yes *kisses trent*
courtney did trent aske u 2 prom
gwen yeah
courtney y do u sound sad
gwen i just don't know what 2 waer
courtney me and brighette well help u
courtney hyey i found a dress
gwen no
brighette hola i found one 2
gwen ok
s=duncan hola buddy
trent uh come in
duncan who r u going 2 prom with
trenti told u i'm going with gwen
trent (pickes gwen up at 7pm
trent u look butiful
gwen thx tu look...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent guys i'm inicial
commille TRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 *hugs trent*
trent ow
comille how dose that hrut
trent my arm ccan't work 4 a couple months
comille oh
trent 's dad trent your inicial
trent dad the docter dicho i can't use my right arm 4 a couple of months
trent's ok u can stay inicial from school
comille lucjy trent how did u hrut your arm i want 2 o that
trent comille don't
commille fine
trent comille i looked on my phone when i got inicial did u send a rude texted 2 gwe
comille well shes the resson u were in the
trent so thatt dose not give...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
trent's mom is he going 2 b alright
gwen *walks in the door*
commile*wispers * ah what is that doing here
gwen is he ok
kelsi y so u can b happy when he dies
gwen no
commile we know y he is here i will say it right now it was because of
gwen how is it my fault
kelsi cuuz u kissed pardo, dun i can't even say his retared name
gwen duncan is my boyfirend his name isn't retared
kelsi sute up
comille yeah if u ever call trent ever he wont pick up cuz umm he ah whats the word kels oh yeah he hates u
duncan gwen u...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
ok fans i got something 2 tell u u know gwen myers1997 well she publicado a mean potoe of txg on the txg fansite so i made a bad artcal about gwen and duncan but out of crureostade u wnt 2 read it sry but i removed it but i will tell u what happened

ok trent comes back on the plane in total drama world tour and they go 2 irace and duncan gets stote and gwen is not sad cuz duncan cheated on her and she throws a willed sick party at trent's house lol then trent and gwen start makeing out the rest of the night

if u r a dxg fan also this artcal dose not go aginst u and i am sry thids afends u
posted by trentgwenfan1
sally hola gwen this sonhaRD TO TELL u but me and trent r toghter again and he is breaking up with u
gwen what *starts 2 cry
sally yeah sry
trent *comes out of gutiar lessons* gwen whatn is wrong babe
gwen like u don't now
trent what i don't know what is wrong
gwen ok fine i will tell u sally dicho u were going 2 breack up with me and u 2 got back 2ghter again
trent what that is so not true i luv u gwen
gwen i luve u 2
gwen what i new u don't like anymore WER OVER *runs and crys*
trent GWEN IT'S NOT WHAT U THINK SALLY U FRIKEN BRAT *runs off in tears*
posted by Gwemfromtdifan
Gwen's p.o.v

Trent was thinking about turning me into a vampire. My thoughts were mixed. Then Bridge and Courtney entered the room. "heyy" dicho bridge. " i hope trent does turn tu into a vampire. he's be alone to long" dicho court. I was happy. now, if he dicho no i had bridge and court to back me up. "do tu want to spend the night?" bridge asked, courtney nodding. "i have to call mt mom, sure" i said,smiling.

Trent's p.o.v (short)

Thanks to my good hearing i knew gwen is sleeping over...:). i walked up to her room.

Duncan's p.o.v

I was watching invader zim again. "the plug thing it's not plugged in!" gir said. "HAHA" i said. there was a knock on the door.?. i opened it to find my vamp bro. oh no. " hola bro... i smell a snack" he dicho smiling. " yes but she's not for-" he ran off before i could finish. He was runnig up to gwen.
posted by sexybaby9087
Gwen was at the woods waiting for her team to get her because they had to pick up from last time "they were sopost to be here an hora ago."then she saw heather and then heather thew a rock at her head*20 min later*"OMG gwen what happen to you"said bridge "a bridge she is onconshes,we need to take her to the hospital"*an hora later*"may i help you"said the nurse"this girl is onconshes,and we need your help ASAP"said trent about to cry "please" "ok"said the nurse "lets get this girl to the emergsey room"said the body guard"im sorry guy tu have to stay"said body guard 2"GWEN!!!!!!"said bridge,geoff and trent
Gwen's pov!
i woke to birds chirping. i opened my eyes,and say that i was laying on parte superior, arriba of Trent,on a pool chair outside in his parents back yard. i remembered that Trent has to leave today,so i started to cry. his eyes shot open,and looked at me crying. "morning."he said. i just put my face on his chest,and cried. he wrapped his arms around me. how am i supposed to say goodbye to him? have a great time in heaven,i cant say that.
Trent's pov!
i heard someone crying,so i woke up and saw that Gwen was crying. i held her and just comforted her. "want some breakfast?"mom called out of the window....
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