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posted by trentgwenfan1
ok well i am a GT fan duh por my nombre de usuario well i found out yesterday that poeple are baginmg on gwen o trent cuz of their breakup that was over a año ago!

this is a tready to stop the stupid fanwar i like trent and gwen so yea i hate this fanwar

this are the stuff deaing with the tready

1. don't go on other fansites and spam other poeple

2. treat this fansits with respect

3> don't say team trent is better o gwen is a b i t c h o trent's a queer

okk when your done lectura this sighn the tready in the commet bock with your name o ueser name

thank you
Team Gwen and Team Trent? I have had ENOUGH!Really? Like Gwen said, people break up EVERYDAY!Why do we need to make teams? I understand AGREEING with someone but teams are ridiculous. Trent and Gwen are friends still! Okay i get it! Trent's corazón was broken, but he is a big boy! (lol) He can take care of himself! And really he kinda seemed like hes over it. I mean, like he probably still likes Gwen but whatever. Lets end the teams! o all be Team SHUT UP AND GET BACK TOGETHER!

What do tu say? END THE TEAMS!
Trent and Gwen
friends o dating?
Who cares (well i kinda do but whatever)
Lets be Mature
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added by trentgwenfan1