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 enredados fondo de pantalla
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enredados fondo de pantalla
fondo de pantalla
enredados fondo de pantalla
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Maybe she wanned to forget something,Eugene thought. Rapunzel told the one who manage the carriage to take them outside the town. Well,Eugene was kinda surprised because he thought they'll go to her tower again,because remember what she said? "I want a family." and another "But I meant only tu and me Eugene,only tu and me." So,let's see what's going to happen now!

* * * * * *
Okay,now they were outside the town and the only thing everybody could see were trees and más trees. Eugene was shocked so he leaned over Rapunzel and whispered,"Where are we going?"
"You don't remember what I said?"...
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So the week after the week long party for the lost Princess's return, I found Rapunzel on the balcony watching the sun set. "Boo" I yelled, "WHAT THE... oh hola Eugene I didn't see tu there" she dicho with her 'Gosh-that-was-embaressing' face. "You liking the new hair cutt?" I said.
"Oh um yes it's taking some getting used to though"
"I think it suits tu nicely Rapunzel"
"thanks Eugene"
She was smiling but shed seemed distracted and a little bit afraid and after looking at her eyes, she had been crying "Hey, hola whats wrong?"
"Nothing, well, I can be honest with tu right?"
"of course tu can, you...
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