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Poor Misha D;
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 He really did amor her.
He really did love her.
I know there's people who say Sam and Madison were a terrible couple, she was a monster, they only had one night, they had nothing in common, etc. Well, I disagree. I think they were a wonderful couple, because they had a lot más in common than most people can see.

See, there was an underlying meaning to the two of them being together. As we know, Sam, at that time, was terrified of the monster he was supposed to become. Madison was just as terrified of the werewolf she was. So when the two of them found each other, they were able to connect on a level deeper than most of us can, even though...
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supernatural is a televisión series, which is liked por people who have an interest in occult and folklore. As season 5 of the popular series has just ended, people are eagerly waiting for the supernatural season 6. The concept of two brothers hunting monsters and devils is quite appealing to the audience.

The brothers have also hunted vampires, but whether the mostrar is based on reality o is completely fictitious is a frequently asked question. This articulo will discuss various episodes of the series and compare them with real life situations.

In the pilot episode, Dean and Sam investigate the...
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título pretty much says it all. Stuff I'll always complain about, everyone thinks "alright already, get over it!" when I talk about it. But really I'm to stubborn to do that. And the fact that I didn't even make it up to 10 just shows how awesome this mostrar is. So here they are (not in any order, btw):

1. Cassie Robinson. That truck really should've killed her, dammit.

2. tu all knew this would be on the list: They replaced Katie. Anything else I need to say?

3. And then there's a new Meg, and unlike the new Ruby, SHE'S AWESOME! Grrr.

4. Sam sucking demon blood. I mean, he's super-hot in those scenes,...
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