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Poor Misha D;
misha collins
french mistake
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 Sam & Dean Winchester
Sam & Dean Winchester
Here it is my SPN ABC´s for the Ultimate SPN Contest. Hope tu guys enjoy it and I´m sorry cause i´m a brain dead!

WARNING: bad speling

A - Ackles. Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, whatever i just amor him

B - Brother. The third brother? Imposter. Real Winchesters are HOT

C - CASTIEL!!! He took Dean from Hell and I amor HIM since the first time i saw him! I´m a true and loyal Castiel fan and i´m proud of it!

D - Demon. Dean as a demon was the saddest/scariest thing i´ve ever seen in SPN :(

E - EMF. I don´t want to have one. I prefer not to know what´s around me. I get scared REALLY easy....
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