misha collins
1. He has the most mesmerizing bright blue eyes that can charm anyone. Its his known trademark.

2. His full name - Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic isn't just a bit of a mouthful, it makes him sound like a Russian spy.

3. He makes short look hot - Yea so he's only 5'11 unlike Jensen and Jared who are 6'1 and 6'4 respectively, but his height doesn't stop him from being any less of a turn-on!

4. He is a published poet. So, not only is he an actor, but he can write poems as well! actuación and escritura are two amazing qualities that most actors possess, and to have your works published is proof of how talented he really is! And there's something about guy's who write poems that just rings romantic!!!!

5. He once worked as an intern at the White House! First acting, then writing, now politics!

6. He plays the role of Castiel, an ángel of the Lord on Supernatural. <3

7. His smile. It can melt anyone's hearts. From young teenage girls to middle aged women and even to the teenager's mothers!! Its a disarming, dangerous smile.

8. He's competition to Jared Padalecki. When it comes to "puppy dog eyes," as Castiel, he can challenge Sam's expression and everyone has a weakness for the supernatural men and their perrito, cachorro dog eyed expressions.

9. His perfectly chiseled lips can make even the most innocent and naive of girls think about how those gorgeous lips would taste like!

10. He's a brilliant actor and can play all sorts of roles, he doesn't just stick to one type of actuación and likes to juggle playing different personalities.

In Supernatural, he plays an ángel of God and I think that's one place where he shines in his talents. Being able to fill in the shoes of a character that is almost like an alien amongst humans, mostrando his struggle to learn the human ways and understand emotions and to control his feelings isn't an easy task, but Misha plays the role perfectly to the T.

One of the episodes of SPN that brings out his actuación skills is in season 4, in the episode "The Rapture" wherein Castiel's vessel, Jimmy Novak makes an appearance and throughout the episode we see a constant jumping shift between Misha as Jimmy and Misha as Castiel.

He's also shown that he can portray negative characters equally amazingly. In the movie Karla, he plays the role of a rapist and a murderer, Paul Bernardo and on 24 season 1, he played Alexis Drazen, a Serbian assassin with orders to murder a senator.

With his gorgeous blue eyes, his humble nature, great personality and being an ángel of the Lord makes Misha Collins not only drool-worthy but a desirable actor as well.

as Castiel
Bright blue eyes!
as Alexis Drazen
Cas' perrito, cachorro Eyes
Gorgeous Smile!
Jensen, Jared and Misha
Jimmy Novak