supernatural Fun Fact: Jared played as Dean in Gilmore Girls, and Sam in Silent Witness before supernatural happened.

supernatural Fun Fact: On the día of Halloween, Dean mentions that John has been missing for three weeks and that he didn’t worry because he was in New Orleans. Three weeks before halloween 2005 is six weeks after hurricane Katrina.

supernatural Fun Fact: Dean drinks his coffee black.

supernatural Fun Fact: When Jensen read about Dean's fear of flying, the first thing he thought was "Oh man, this is going to be a field day."

supernatural Fun Fact: Kripke chose for the Yellow-Eyed Demon to re-enter Sam’s life 22 years after to the día it disappeared. Why? The number 22 (in numerology) works towards the realization of larger goals that are beyond personal ambition….just like Sam with his “abilities”.

supernatural Fun Fact: Eric Kripke’s favorito! scene from “Home” is the guy grinding up his hand in the garbage disposal.

supernatural Fun Fact: Numerology plays an important part in “Phantom Traveler.” Dean mentions that the significance of the 40-minute flight time goes back to biblical numerology. What he didn’t mention was that to get to the plane, tu had to go through “Gate 13”, which is an unlucky number. Also, Eric Kripke made sure that there were exactly 7 survivors left from the plane crash.

supernatural Fun Fact: When the Reaper is taking the life of the young jogger, the song playing is “Don’t Fear the Reaper” por Blue Oyster Cult.

supernatural Fun Fact: “Route 666” is one of Eric Kripke’s least favorito! episodes of Supernatural. In the Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 1 he explains: “Because we couldn’t afford a whole episode of car chases, which is what I really would’ve liked, we had to fill it out with a story. We came up with this plot about the racist truck, which looking back is totally ridiculous.”

supernatural Fun Fact: The song Dean turns up at the beginning of the episode has the lyrics “A fuego of unknown origin/Took my baby away,” referring to how Jessica and their mother both died.

SPN Fun Fact:In an interview in TV Guide, Eric Kripke, the mostrar creator admitted that he got so many requests from the viewers to see Jensen and Jared with “less on”, that he created the “Skin” episode for Jensen to be shirtless, and added a scene in the episode “Hell House” for Jared to be shirtless to please the fans

supernatural Fun Fact: One of Jared and Jensen’s favorito! special effects ever used on the mostrar were all of the different types of eyes.

supernatural Fun Fact: In the episode “Provenance”, when Dean, Sam, and Sarah are examining the painting and spot the razor has moved, Jensen calls Sam, “Jared.”

supernatural Fun Fact: In Crossroad Blues, at around 15:31, during the scene when the brothers are walking up the stairs to talk to George, Jensen messes up his lines twice, but is able to cover the mistakes.

supernatural Fun Fact: “The Usual Suspects” is set in Baltimore where the death omen’s body is found in a wall. Baltimore is the place where Edgar Allan Poe died. He wrote the book “The Black Cat” where a body was hidden in a brick wall.

supernatural Fun Fact: The Usual Suspects is the first episode we see where Dean doesn’t refer to Sam as Sammy.

supernatural Fun Fact: John Winchester’s dog etiquetas read “Winchester, John, 306-00-3594, Type - AB, Non Religious”.

supernatural Fun Facts: Dean’s address in his fantasía is #53 Barker Ave, Lawrence, KS, 66044.

supernatural Fun Facts: In the episode “What is and What Should Never Be”, Carmen turns out to be the model in the El Sol cerveza ad that Dean looks at in the magazine at the end. El Sol was the cerveza the fantasía Carmen offered him earlier.

supernatural Fun Fact: In “Hollywood Babylon” when the trailer for Hell Hazers 2 begins, the movie rating screen says Hell Hazers has been approved por the “American Association for Motion Pictures.” In reality it is the “Motion Picture Association of America.” Also, it says that the film has not been rated and underneath, in small print, it says “Not Yet Written, Cast, Shot, Edited o Scored.”

supernatural Fun Fact: In the episode ‘Heart’, when Sam is in the morgue, the corpse on the mesa, tabla blinks.

supernatural Fun Fact: When Dean and Sam are running from Gordon as he’s shooting at them, they jump into a ditch to pato down, an Jensen falls into it por mistake. The editors liked it and kept it in the scene.

supernatural Fun Fact: In the episode “The Magnificent Seven”, at the start of the episode when Sam is in the car lectura the Faustus book, if tu pause it to get the still picture tu can read a few paragraphs of it. These few paragraphs are word for word straight from Wikipedia.

supernatural Fun Fact: For the episode “Bedtime Stories”, Sandra McCoy, who played the Crossroad Demon, was Jared Padalecki’s girlfriend (soon to be ex-fiance) when the episode was filmed.

supernatural Fun Facts: In the episode “Time Is On My Side”, Sam and Dean says that the Doctor Benton story all sounds familiar. The graphic novel prequel ‘Supernatural; Origins’ sees John Winchester kill Doctor Benton and remove his corazón with a chainsaw. This is what they were referring to.

supernatural Fun Fact: Both Bela and Dean’s last words before they die in the episode “No Rest For The Wicked” is ‘bitch’.

supernatural Fun Fact: In “Lazarus Rising” the painting of the tiger on the muro of Sam’s hotel room is the same tiger that was on the muro of Andy’s camioneta, van in the episode “Simon Said” (season 2)

supernatural Fun Facts: Dean was named after Deanna Campbell.

supernatural Fun Fact: The Impala’s first license plate with John Winchester is C-45P4.

supernatural Fun Fact: Sam liked to do magic when he was 13.

supernatural Fun Fact: In “Criss ángel Is a Douchebag”, the song that plays both when Jeb is rehearsing on stage and when he is killed in his dressing room is a brief one verse song written specifically for the episode por Christopher Lennertz (the show’s composer) and Steve Frangadakis called “Douche Bag Theme.”

supernatural Fun Fact: The actors who play the younger and older version of Charlie in the episode “Criss ángel Is a Douche Bag” are real life father and son!

supernatural Fun Fact: All of the siren’s aliases are disney heroines: jazmín (Aladdin), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast).

supernatural Fun Facts: In the episode “It’s A Terrible Life”, Sam says that he just broke up with his fiance Madison. Madison was the werewolf that Sam fell in amor with in the episode “Heart".

supernatural Fun Fact: In “It’s A Terrible Life”, Dean says that his mother’s name is Ellen, his father’s name is Bob, and his sister’s name is Jo. This refers to Ellen Harvelle, Bobby Singer, and Jo Harvelle.

supernatural Fun Fact: Sam and Dean’s last name — Winchester — is a brand of firearm, so in this alternate life, their new last names are similar: Smith and Wesson, referring to Smith & Wesson, the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States.

supernatural Fun Fact: In “The Moster At the End of This Book”, Chuck Shurley’s pen name Carver Edlund is the last name of the two supernatural writers, Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver. The Publisher’s name Sera is also a supernatural writer, Sera Gamble.

supernatural Fun Fact: In “Lucifer Rising”, Father Lehne, Azazel’s host, is named after actor Frederic Lehne, who played the character in his anterior appearances.

supernatural Fun Facts: The title, "Good God, Y'all" offers a clue about this episode. The phrase is part of the refrain of the song "War" por Edwin Starr. This episode is the first appearance of the apocalyptic horseman, War.

supernatural Fun Fact: Jensen Ackles starred in a TV Movie called Blonde, where his best friend's name was Cass.

supernatural Fun Fact: In the episode "The End", when Dean wakes up in the future and looks out the window, a movie theater marquee can be seen that reads "Now Playing: Route 666." This was the name of an episode in season 1.

supernatural Fun Fact: "The End" was shot on the set of "Watchmen" who stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the Winchester boys' father.

supernatural Fun Fact: In "Fallen Idols", the dude who plays Abe Lincoln, also plays Glen in "Heart".

supernatural Fun Fact: In "I Believe the Children Are Our Future", in the joke shop, there is a poster for Thurston the Great Magician. The poster for young Charlie in 4.12 Criss ángel Is A Douchebag when he was the Great Dessertini was based on this poster.

supernatural Fun Facts: Dean Winchester likes to have sex during Bad Company songs. In Route 666 he had sex to “She Brings Me Love” and in Heaven and Hell, to “Ready for Love” both por Bad Company.

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