Okay so I was bored and decided to make up rules for a supernatural drinking game when I was rewatching a buncha episodes and realized that a lot of things are recurrent - as with any ol' mostrar and I was like, "Hey, I can totally get trashed watching an episode." How, tu say? Well I'm glad tu asked.

The supernatural Drinking Game

Drink when:
- Dean smirks
- Sam pouts/frowns
- Dean wiggles his eyebrows (in a lewd way?) hehe
- Sam huffs
- one of them says "Remember that case in..."
- one of them says "Maybe this isn't our kinda thing/department, etc."
- Sam says something about how there are different versions of the monster-of-the-week in many cultures
- Sam cuts Dean off when they're pumping townies for info
- Dean says "bitch" o "sonofabitch" and any variation of
- Sam gets emotional and wordy
- Dean refers to Sam as "college boy"
- Dean calls Sam a nerd
- Dean mentions how Sam needs to get laid
- Sam shoots Dean down (i.e. walkman EMF meter)
- Dean checks out a girl
- Dean hooks up with a girl (implied o actual)
- Dean makes a dirty joke (i.e. shoulda cleaned the pipes; i'm a sucker for happy endings)
- tu see a shot of the Metallicar
- they pull a Doublemint twins
- they put on a suit
- one of them gets taken hostage
- there's an extended/gratuitous Metallicar sequence ( CAR PORN!)
- townies kick the Winchesters out
- tu see skin
- they crack out the salt
- Dean torches something
- there's a reference to the X-Files
- there's a reference to any past/current sci-fi/supernatural show
- either of them mention the YED
- Sam has a vision

Chug it when:
- Dean gets emotional
- either of them cries
- Sam hooks up with a girl
- there's an actual sex scene
- there's a flashback of wee!winchesters
- Sam gets choked/strangled/ por a demon/inanimate object (i.e. extension cord) o otherwise pinned to a muro por a demon and calls for Dean
- Dean almost dies
- someone mistakes them for a gay couple
- someone busts them for using fake IDs o giving fake names
- either of them admit they need help (i.e. from Bobby o Ellen)
- either of them becomes the bad guy via demonic possession, viral infection, shapeshifter takes his shape, etc.)

Lol, I didn't realize how long this was until I published it. Did I, um, miss anything?