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uper Junior’s leader Leeteuk was recently raised some concerns amongst fans after it was revealed that he was hospitalized for exhaustion.

On the morning of May 8th, the idol tweeted, “Exhaustion.. I’m at the hospital getting an IV treatment.”

Super Junior completed their concierto in Vietnam before returning to Korea on the 8th. After suffering severe fatigue, Leeteuk was taken to the hospital. He’s currently receiving IV treatments and is getting an ample amount of rest.

Through estrella News, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “Leeteuk is staying at the hospital for his recovery. Should there be nothing else wrong, he will be discharged and returning to his dorm to rest.”

Netizens commented, “Please rest,” and “Work is important, but so is your health.”
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joesonghabnida joesonghabnida joesonghabnida joesonghabnida
nan naega meonjeo
dangsin-eul wihae dangsin-eul joh-ahaeyo, dangsin-eun
bakk-eulo tteol-eojin agiui beolyeojin
Shawtyui Shawtyui Shawtyui Shawty
seunou jjagsalang jjagsalang jjagsalang
jilsig chadan chadan
naega michin michin agiyeyo

nun-eul majchwoyo
geuui nunbich-eseo naneun geoscheoleom
nan nappeun aglyeong-i eotteon
nan bakk-eulo mandeul su eobsda
dangsin-ui moseub-eul sanchaeg
dangsin-eun dangsincheoleom
geudeul-eun yeogi nae ma-eum-e seoiss
nan bakk-eulo mandeul su eobsda

sabang jeongmyeon
maelyeogjeog-in dangsin-eul miso
tan-eun joh-eun yeojaibnida...
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2AM's Jo Kwon, Super Junior's Sungmin, SHINee's Jonghyun will take part in estrella King's special navidad segment, 'Christmas Boys'.

The estrella King episode will air on the 19th and the group of boys will perform the popular song My amor por Westlife.

Kim Ji Ho, a blind aspiring singer, will be featured along with the male idols; his story provoked an emotional and touching reaction from the audience during filming. Kim Ji Ho proved that his disability has not hindered him from thriving to become a healthy and confident singer.

Some of the audience members of the mostrar expressed, "This moment was a very emotional one. One would not understand the degree of emotion if they were to not see the segment."

Get ready to get your boxes of tissue ready because this episode is going to be a tear-jerker!
Super Junior was honored with the distinction of having 2010’s “Best Selling Album”, as determined por the ‘2010 Gaon Chart Awards‘ in an awards ceremony on February 9th.

The boys released their fourth full album, “Bonamana“, last año and it managed to sell a total of 200,193 album units to come in first in terms of physical album sales.

The group’s leader, Lee Teuk, expressed on stage after receiving the award, “We’re very happy to receive such a big award at a fair and authoritative awards ceremony. If America has the Billboard Charts and japón has the Oricon Charts, Korea...
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Super Junior's Shindong has recently revealed that he had thought about quitting Super Junior in the past.

On the 25th November episode of Radio estrella on Golden Fishery, Shindong expressed that when he joined Super Junior at the beginning, he was deeply hurt that his looks were vastly inferior compared to the other members.

He then felt that since he couldn't compare in terms of looks, he would become the funniest member in Super Junior. Alas, there were many in Super Junior who could evoke laughter better than him. At one point, he felt depressed since he couldn't establish what role he could play in the group and even thought of quitting.

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…”

Ok, so he’s not dressed up in furry green, but it’s looking like Super Junior’s Heechul is woefully lacking in the navidad spirit department.

On December 22nd, Heechul publicado a picture of himself with three of his fellow members, who were posing quite “merrily” siguiente to a gigantic Santa teddy bear.

In the picture, all four of the Super Junior members are dressed in suits, with Heechul and Yesung in black, and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun in white.

Maybe it’s because of their suit color, but the two men in white seem to have brighter facial expressions...
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Looks like SM Entertainment just might lose another estrella o SuJu might lose a member... After the JaeChunSu trio turned their backs against their company in regards to their unfair contract, Hankyung (Hangeng) of Super Junior decided to take their lead and attempt to opt out as well.

According to a related fuente in China, Hankyung filed a request at the Seoul Central District Court to make his contract with SM Entertainment null and void at noon on the 21st.

Hankyung, who is well-known as the only Chinese member in Super Junior, is popular amongst both the Asian youth and media. With his good...
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The first ever 2009 Melon música Awards kicked off tonight and with it being its first event ever, it was decent, but left us with much to be desired.

Below is the full lista of winners:

2009 SONG
Winner: SNSD - Gee

Melon música Awards 2009 ALBUM
Winner: G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

Melon música Awards 2009 ARTIST
Winner: SNSD

Melon música Awards 2009 NEW ARTIST
Winner: 2NE1

Melon música Awards 2009 STAR
Winner: TVXQ

Melon música Awards 2009 MANIA
Winner: TVXQ - Mirotic

Melon música Awards 2009 CURRENT STREAM
Winner: Kim Tae Woo - amor Rain

Melon música Awards 2009 SMART RADIO
Winner: SNSD

Melon música Awards 2009 ODYSSEY
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I am escritura this bcoz I really miss kang in opa and I want opa and elf to know my feelings about opa.He is not the one I like first in the group,to admit. But he's the one I amor first in suju.He has wonderful voice which is different from others . He has the ability that can make others laugh , relax and happy.He is not the one who is loved por everyone and he was talked bad things por media,some people and the others. However , he faces all of this bcoz he gets energy from his fans and members.Even he's not the most famous in suju,he is famous and loved por elf,I think.He can also act well even if not as perfect as some artisis like kim myung min,rain,etc. But he will become like them and bacome más famous after his military life. Please give amor our young woon opa......SARANHAE,OPA!
SM artists and más congratulate Super Junior on their 10th annivesary

The celebrations for Super Junior's 10th anniversary continues!

The actual día was yesterday but people are still in a festive mood. SM Entertainment's artists joined in the fun with a video montage of each group relaying their congratulations to Super Junior. This includes Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, EXO, SHINee, f(x), and TVXQ's Changmin. On parte superior, arriba of that, staff members and employees also relayed their congrats for an en general, general heartwarming video.

Feel that SM family amor above! And congratulations once again, Super Junior, on a decade of success.
Super Junior’s mega-hit, “Bonamana“, is making history on Taiwanese charts!

The song was first released last año as the título track of their fourth official album, and as of May 28th, the song still ranked as #1 on Taiwan’s biggest online música portal, KKBOX, in their ‘Top 100 weekly’ chart.

This is the 52nd week they’ve maintained their position since June of last year. Super Junior established a precedent por being the first and longest-standing artists to record consecutive rankings on the chart for a full year, making it a double achievement for the group.

While it’s wildly exciting for Super Junior to attain such formidable successes, “Sorry Sorry” also ranked #1 for 36 weeks in a row on KKBOX, as well as for 34 weeks in a row on the ezpeer+ chart.

Congratulations, Super Junior!
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul showed off his inner ‘ggangpae‘ (or ‘gangster’) through a reciente tweet.

Sporting some wild hair and a definite scowl, the idol tweeted, “I’ll see tu all tomorrow. I’m trying to keep up with my hair and beard right now~ Please look adelante, hacia adelante to it.”

fans raved over this dramatic transformation, as Heechul is well-known for being slightly feminine in his looks. Gushing over his new image, fans responded, “You’re becoming más manly. tu look cool,” and “You have so many attractive qualities to you.”
Super Junior’s Sungmin has been cast in the musical, “Jack the Ripper“, as the main lead ‘Daniel’.

Sungmin first watched the musical at the Sung Nam Art Center last year, and reportedly fell in amor with it, which encouraged him to audition for the musical in April. Thanks to his anterior experience with “Hong Gil Dong” and “Akilla“, he was able to land the role of ‘Daniel’.

Ahn Jae Wook and Um Ki Joon have also been cast for the role, and castings for ‘Jack’ include Shin Sung Woo and Lee Kun Myung. Meanwhile, Yoo Jun Sang and Kim Jun Hyun have been slotted for the role of ‘Anderson.’

“Jack the Ripper” will begin playing at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul starting July 5th through August 14th.
Originating from Seoul and then traveling to Manila, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Yokohama, Khula Lumpur, and Taipei, Super Junior’s third Asian tour ‘Super mostrar 3‘ finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City for a mostrar in Vietnam.

On May 7th, Super Junior opened their ‘Super mostrar 3′ in Ho Chi Minh City’s Go Dau Stadium to the screams of thousands of their fans. Even though the weather was not in their favor and rain was pouring everywhere, about 9,000 fans came to the stadium to see Super Junior.

During the concert, the popular idol group performed their hit songs, including ‘Sorry...
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Hallyu idol and Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, revealed his feelings about former member Hangeng on behalf of the whole team.

Recently, Hangeng held a press conference in Hong Kong to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng“. During the interview, a reporter asked, “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured por a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did tu hear about this?”

Hangeng replied, “I didn’t know. I should call and make sure he is okay.” However, he quickly added, “Actually, I did attempt several times to get in contact… but they ignored my...
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The boys of Super Junior-M can congratulate themselves on a successful comeback, as they’ve been sweeping charts across China and Taiwan!

The group, who just kicked off full-fledged promotions for their latest mini-album “Perfection“, grabbed No. 1 on China’s “CCR-Music“, and on Taiwan’s prestigious radio program, “HIT FM Taiwan“.

Responding to the overseas domination, SM Entertainment stated, “Super Junior-M’s comeback was based on a specific strategy that would create much hype and attention in China, and we focused on competing with popular local artists. Super Junior-M succeeded in establishing themselves in the música industry.”
The boys of Super Junior were officially appointed as 2011’s honorary ambassadors for Korean cuisine.

They attended a special event at the Gwacheon Government Complex on March 3rd, through which the members revealed their very own ‘Super Junior bibimbap’ menu!

Known to be Korean cuisine fanatics, members Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, and Yesung personally created special menus for the event, which was comprised of ‘Teuk fuego Bibimbap (Leeteuk: bulgogi bibimbap),’ ‘Samgyupsal Is My Life (Shindong: samgyupsal bibimbap),’ ‘The Taste of My Hometown Hoengseong (Heechul: beef bibimbap),’...
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That’s right… GoodWill from GoodWill & MGI (an American-Finnish production duo) is officially an ELF!

Earlier, allkpop reported that GoodWill promised ELF’s that he, himself, would become an ELF if he reached 10,000 followers. It looks like the ELF’s showed their collaborative strength and dedication because… today, GoodWill reached the monumental 10,000 and became an ELF.

He publicado a series of tweets throughout the día including his acknowledgment, “IT’S OFFICIAL GUYS: I’M AN ELF!!!”

Super Junior fans even tested GoodWill’s ELF eligibility por asking, “Do tu know which member is called Cinderella?” To which he correctly answered, “Heechul, right?”
‘Gaon Chart‘ will hold a vision announcement conference for 2010/2011 on February 9th.

While that may sound a little dull, the organization plans to reveal 2010’s parte superior, arriba albums through a special awards ceremony. The nominees were based on the most online and offline album sales of 2010.

The ‘#1 album sales of 2010′ distinction went to none other than Super Junior, thanks to their fourth album, ”Bonamana“. miss A, G.NA, Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Chul and many others will also receive awards for their performance in the album and digital sales categories.

A representative from the Music...
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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has been leading a busy career ever since his debut in 2005. Super Junior is on their third Asian tour, and he’s a fixed cast member of MBC’s “Radio Star“, MBC’s “Night of Shining Memories“, and SBS’s “Young Street.”

His four dimensional personality and self-named ‘Big el espacio Star’ image is obviously working with the public, but that doesn’t mean his career was based on spur-of-the-moment decisions.

In an interview with estrella News, Heechul explained that the latter half of 2010 gave him a chance to reflect on his future.

He stated, “At the...
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