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la elección de los fans: yes
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TinyPrincess20 dicho …
This club needs updating to the newest version! :( publicado hace más de un año
FrostyPuff1 dicho …
I've been a fresa fan since I was about 4 (2002) :) I really don't like the new stuff (2009 to present) but I have a huge collection of the other stuff. From 23 DVD's, to 11 Fillys, to 38 dolls, to 7 pets, a té set and much más :). What do tu have??? (not aimed at anyone specific) publicado hace más de un año
TinyPrincess20 comentó…
I am only a fan of the newest fresa torta de frutas, tarta de (berry bitty adventures) I don't have that many stuff even though I am a massive fan of fresa shortcake, I collect fresa torta de frutas, tarta de magazines that come with free things I have fresa torta de frutas, tarta de stationary, posters and jewelry! I live in the UK and it's not as popular here as in America :'( so they don't sell much things here like muñecas it's annoying :( hace más de un año
angelicdiva dicho …
its nice cute publicado hace más de un año
Alice-Jade comentó…
It totally is hace más de un año