Kevin Williamson: This is a story about Stefan and Elena’s amor story. I think it’s fun to watch the twists and turns that we take. Because tu know what? She doesn’t know.

Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a mostrar predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of amor for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show.

Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan.

Kevin Williamson: The thing that works so well about this mostrar is that’s a serialized mythology genre amor story. It’s about these two lost souls, these two dead souls, one human and one a vampire, who are together, their amor for each other brings them back to life. I mean that’s epic.

Julie Plec: We always dicho in the pilot it’s a girl who feels dead inside and a boy who is dead inside and how they bring each other back to life.

Kevin Williamson: One of the most important things Julie and I wanted to do this season is cement the amor between Stefan and Elena. It’s that amor story that will be the anchor of this entire show. We have to earn that.

Kevin Williamson: This mostrar is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soulmates.

Paul Wesley: Stelena will always be the core of the show, the mostrar revolves around Stelena.

Nina Dobrev: That’s what it’s about. It’s about Stefan and Elena’s undying love.

Ian somerhalder: No shit it’s always gonna be Stefan… It’s always gonna be Stefan. I don’t blame her, Stefan’s a better dude.

Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic amor story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle.