Ahh, this is what tu are likely to see when tu go on VampireDiaries.net o a bunch of other TVD foros and blogs. A bunch of crybaby Delena fans bitching and complaining about not getting their way and not having Delena on the mostrar o enough Delena scenes. Here's some comentarios I found randomly. I'm just laughing at these whiners. I highlighted the ignorance in their statements. God, they are so freaking immature and childish:

1. The whole story of the vampire diaries is about a amor triángulo, triángulo de and it is what keeps us watching it so if Elena will still be standing with Stefan i have no reason to continue watching.

2. Believe me, I hear ya loud and clear! I'm tired of voting in every encuesta I can find & commenting on every website I can find regarding the Damon and Elena relationship. At this point, I would be happy for some baby steps that Kevin W. promised at the beginning of the season. So far, that hasn't happened. All I see is the Grand Canyon, with no way to cruzar, cruz it. Adding other woman to the mix as far as Damon goes doesn't help. It's like the writers are hoping to find someone the Delena fans will like to get them off the Damon/Elena train. Or, por using misinformation like the CW is prone to do....it's like the release of that foto where Elena was hugging Damon..personally, I think the network did that on purpose to get the Delena fans back because they know we are in the majority. I don't know, I'm sick of the tactics.....and very disheartened tonight:(

3. segundo of all, we are all so damn angry right now and as tu The saint perfect honest and charming Stefan was not at all what sold this show, and if it did it sold it to 20% of the people not more. As I have dicho before, the first episode was a total yawn until that window opened, we heard the two words: "Hello brother" and we stopped breathing and we are still not breathing thanks to Damon, a few episodes later it was Delena that cought our eye and we are still in amor with their chemistry and understanding. We have done everything to get the writers atention, the majority is screaming Damon with Elena and they just don't care, they dicho it was going to be a slow process not a glaciar melting process. They give so many twists and turns in one episode and why can't they just make her realise that she has feelings for both brothers as they advertised since día one? I am getting really tired. The worst part is that I am not going to be able to see the siguiente episode and I won't be able to came here and discuss the episodes with my beloved tvd family.

4. Oh wonderful, más Stelena...yes, that makes for a very interesting show....(sarcasm at it's best!)I mean, it's not like we've just had a season and a half of Stelena o anything! Oh well, looks like they are going to keep giving Damon a "chick of the week" and Stefan, well, he will get to remain a saint. Big yawn! I sincerely hope the writers find their way again because double triangles, "chicks of the week" and Saint Stefan is not what sold this mostrar to me. I don't like any of it, nor do I like what I've been lectura regarding the direction of the show. What's next, is Julie Plec, after turning this into one of her soap operas, going to go for the monster of the week thingy, too? I don't know, the only thing about that interview I liked was they are finally going to be getting rid of the werewolves. (Thank God!) I've hated that storyline since día one. Here's to hoping that everything I've been lectura is misinformation, Rose lives and ends up being the lady in Damon's tub, the new reporter Andie Starr never see's the inside of Damon's bedroom, Stefan somehow manages to become más interesting, and Elena finally admits to herself that she has feelings for both brothers. As to the others, frankly I don't care, just keep them out of each others beds and keep them a close group of friends. That doesn't seem like such a tall order, now does it?

5. I am FRUSTRATED. They have fooled us again and we keep believing them when are we going to learn? always the unbreakable amor and true amor story between a guy that watched everysingle mover from a girl because she looked like the amor of his life and the girl that fall for him in the very first "Hi". If the writers are never going to give us Damon and Elena then say it but don't play with the viewers if the triángulo, triángulo de is never going to happen tell us now so we can look for other shows to watch, and maybe just maybe we can get the storyline that they advertised in the first place. God I am so angry right now. When are they going to get it? WE WANT A TRIANGLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! just give this two (Damon and Elena) a shot because ignoring the majority of the fans is not good for them o the mostrar and the only thing that they are doing is screwing the show. I have been waiting for 33 episodes, más than a año for the triángulo, triángulo de to start. I think that that is enough. Apart from that WHAT DID HE MEAN WHEN HE dicho THAT CAROLINE'S triángulo, triángulo de WAS GOING TO HAVE A TRAGIC ENDING??????? Please please don't even say that. WORST INTERVIEW EVER. And now I must relax. Good night TVD family.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the Delena fan base. Annoying, whiny, entitled and just plain immature and childish. Seriously, JUST STFU for once and watch the mostrar for the show; let the mostrar PLAY OUT and STOP COMPLAINING! I really wish más then half the Delena fan base would STFU. There's a huge difference between having personal opinions and incessantly whining and complaining to the point where it's just really irritating. It's this kind of whining and complaining that turns me off from this fandom. I can't go anywhere anymore (forums, message boards, blogs, social networking sites etc), without Delena fans freaking bitching and complaining about their stupid ship. And no, I am not just saying this because I support Stefan/Elena, I'm saying this because I'm absolutely sick and tired of más then half of the Delena fan base and their incessant bashing of other characters/ships on this entire mostrar (especially Stelena, Bamon, Stefan and Bonnie), their constant whining and complaining about the mostrar not going the way THEY want it to, in order to suit THEIR benefits etc, etc. All their rants consist of is constant, OTT (and unnecessary) bashing of other important characters on this show. NEWSFLASH: IF tu ARE WATCHING THIS mostrar FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ONE NON-EXISTENT COUPLE, THEN I STRONGLY SUGGEST tu STOP WATCHING THE mostrar ALTOGETHER. Because this mostrar is called The Vampire Diaries, NOT The Damon Diaries, o The Delena Diaries. Delena fans are the most selfish and self-absorbed fan base I have EVER seen. o at least más then half of them are. They have absolutely no regard for any other characters on the mostrar other then their precious Damon and their stupid Delena ship. I sound like a perra for posting this but I'm just beyond annoyed. The extremism among the DE fan base has reached its all time peak. Just stop complaining and let the mostrar take its course. When Stefan/Elena break up, I don't go bitching and complaining about it on every single foros online. I wait it out and watch the mostrar for the show. Because I don't watch this mostrar for solely the romantic relationships/ships. I watch this mostrar for the STORYLINES and THE CHARACTERS. KW (Kevin Williamson), JP (Julie Plec) and the writers are going to write this mostrar THE WAY THEY WANT TO WRITE THIS SHOW. We are just the fans; we have no say in what they are going to do with their story lines and their characters. The same thing goes for l .J. Smith: L. J. Smith is going to write her libros THE WAY SHE WANTS TO WRITE THEM. We are only the readers, and we only have opinions. We don't, por any means, have any say in how she writes her novels. How L. J. writes her novels is completely up to her, the same way in which KW and JP write their mostrar is the way they want to write their show. KW and JP listen to their fans of course, but in the end, our vistas and opinions really have no significant influence on how they write their scripts, characters and story lines. MANY DELENA fans ARE TOO DAMN IGNORANT, ENTITLED AND SELFISH. Everything is about them, what benefits them. Screw everyone else and what they think including the likes of KW, JP and L. J. Smith; as long as Delena fans are getting WHAT THEY WANT, they could CARE LESS about anything o anyone else. This is why I have lost all respect for the Delena fan base as a whole because of their immature and childish behavior. I have honestly never seen anything like this; it's seriously so pathetic. When it comes right down to the truth of it, there is NOTHING that I haven't seen from them. OTT bias? CHECK. OTT bashing of other characters who are NOT Damon and/or Elena (hell, I even see DE'ers bashing Elena of all people, Elena!)? CHECK. OTT pimping of their non-existent ship? CHECK. Constant complaining about story lines and the writing? CHECK. Personal attacks against other people within the fandom who think differently then them? CHECK. Cyber-bullying and threatneing other fans who aren't Delena supporters? CHECK. Racial slurs and racist remarks and comments? CHECK. Bashing of actors who aren't Ian Somerhalder? CHECK. Sending hate mail to the own autor of this series (L. J. Smith)? CHECK. Threatening to stop watching the mostrar and to throw away their novels if Delena doesn't happen? DOUBLE CHECK. Wishing deaths upon other characters that are not Damon and Elena? <i>CHECK,/i>. I mean, they are simply UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE, and not in a good way whatsoever. I'm honestly so sick of most of them, it's not funny. And it's inevitable. Because as long as I am a fan of this show, I'm going to come across the ignorance that I publicado above. No matter where I go o what site I go to, the same ignorance is going to pop up right in front of me. It's pretty sad that I can't find any site now, where I can see people talking about the mostrar in general and having an interesting discussion about all of the characters on the show, the story lines, the writing, etc, without Delena fans spamming up their garbage on every single forum, blog o site. Because of them, I have stopped going on foros sites such as FanForum.com, CW.com, The Vampire Diaries.net forums, The Vampire Diaries FB discussion page; the lista goes on. I have stopped posting on these numerous sites because of THEM. And it sucks that I have to post my opinions and vent on Tumblr instead, because every time I (or anyone else) do/does post a comentario o opinion with some substance, logic, realism, and intelligence, then I/we are immediately cursed at and cyber bullied. This has occurred to me many times, as well as some of my friends who used to post on discussion forums. So, to the Delena fan base, I hope tu realize soon. I hope tu realize how selfish, immature, ignorant and childish your fan base as a whole really looks. Because I don't think tu realize how stupid quite a few of tu actually look. tu may be all gathered together like a group, discussing your non-existent couple happily while all the más complaining about how there is no Delena scenes happening on the show. But while tu are doing that, the people who are on the outside of your group, the "so-called minority" that tu as a fan base created for anyone who is not part of your cult, are laughing at you. We really are laughing at you, because of your immature behavior over a freaking TV SHOW. And most of us on the outside of your little group realize how selfish, ignorant and immature tu really are. I have yet to really come across a Delena fan (other then my friends IRL who are DE fans), who isn't either immature, close-minded, ignorant, rabid, o lacks any logic o sense. I have seen a few Delena fans that are quite open-mined and quite tolerant towards others but it's not common; they are unfortunately few and far between. I'm sorry that I have to say something like this but when I see the kind of immaturity in this fandom, I really must say something about it. Not only am I shocked; I'm both disgusted and disappointed.

I know I probably sound like a perra but at this point, I've gotten to the point where I really don't care anymore. I'm sick of the excessive Delena craze and the OTT bias that this ill-fated ship receives. And I can't escape it because it's everywhere that I go. Enough is enough already. It comes to the point where it is just too excessive and OTT. I know most of us Stelena fans are all nice and calm and quiet, but I'm sorry, I refuse be like that. I'm one out of the few of those so-called "quiet" Stelena fans who are not so quiet, therefore, I have absolutely no problem calling the Delena fan base out on their BS.