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Why do starships have different colored Engine thrust?

The attached image is from Wookiepedia entry: Renegade Squadron

The image depicts Y-wings with a más orange-ish color, X-wings have a lavendar-ish one, the Corellian corvette has very light pink-ish ones, while the Millenium halcón has light blue-ish thrust. I believe the estrella Destroyers have similar colores to the Falcon's and the Super estrella Destroyer has darker orange-ish colors.

Is there a correlation between the color of a starship's Engine thust and:

(1). Performance (Power and/or Acceleration)


(2). Powerplant (Engine type and/or Manufacturer)

 Why do starships have different colored Engine thrust?
 New1Superion2 posted hace más de un año
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MatMor said:

If SW engines work más o less like real ones, the color variations should be probably due to the elements involved on the chemical reaction and/or the technology used to propel the ship. For example, combustive (+- orange), ion (+- blue) and plasma (+- purple) engines on the real world can emit different colors. Sometimes the "thrust line" itself shows color difference through its extension.

Performance could maybe change the intensity of a dado color (e.g. from light yellow to bright yellow).

Regarding the manufacturer, the Millenium halcón and the CR90 corvettes were built por Corellian Engineering Corporation, but have different thrust colors. Sienar built the TIE series and the Scimitar ship and they have different thrust colores also. Therefore, maybe the manufacturer itself was not determinant for the color.

Of course that, from a movie production point of view, the colores were probably chosen mostly for the sake of aesthetics.

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posted hace más de un año 
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