When tu look at estrella Trek as a whole, tu begin to see that many of our favorito! characters say the same things in many episodes and movies, often adding (in my opinion) a strong element of comedy. I've searched for some of these "common threads" and discovered two lists of funny frases from McCoy.

Dr. McCoy (Bones) about being a doctor:
I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer. Devil in the Dark
I'm a doctor, not a psychiatrist. City on the Edge of Forever
I'm a doctor, not a mechanic. Doomsday Machine
I'm a doctor, not an escalator. Friday's Child
I'm a doctor, not an engineer. Mirror, Mirror
I'm a doctor, not a coal miner. The Empath
I'm a surgeon, not a moon shuttle conductor. Corbomite Maneuver
I'm not a magician, just an old country doctor. Deadly Years

Dr. McCoy on death:
He's dead, Jim. The Enemy Within, The Man Trap, lobo in the Fold, The Changeling
She's dead, Jim. Wolf in the Fold
He's dead, Captain. And the Children Shall Lead
He's dead. Amok Time, I, Mudd, For the World is Hollow...
She's dead. The Deadly Years
Dead. The Apple
This man is dead. Catspaw
That man's dead back there. A Piece of the Action
Very dead, Mr. Spock. Spectre of the Gun
The captain's dead. Enterprise Incident

So, do you know of any más similar frases that certain characters say every other line?
I've listed some for McCoy, but others such as Spock, Kirk, Picard, and Data all have their certain "lines." When tu put alot of these similar frases in a list, it can produce humurous results... ;)