Lol, not that anyone will care, but I'm like super disappointed and feel like an idiot at the moment so I decided to share it. xD

So... after years and years of wondering what that weird island at Midnight Mountain was, I recently found out what's up there. Of course, I could've found out ages ago, but I've never used the internet for assistance on that game. I watched a video on here and it looked a little unrealistic, with the gliding and all, but I thought if that person could do it then I should be able to as well. So I was getting all excited to try it, only to find out I need a gameshark to get up there. xD Hopes and dreams crushed.

-The End.

(If tu happen to read this for whatever the reason, PLEASE don't take it seriously and think that I'm literally mad and complaining about it. Kthxbai.)