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 "and maybe we can have a triple fecha at the krusty krab!"
"and maybe we can have a triple date at the krusty krab!"
The siguiente Day
Gary: Meow? (can i have a fecha too?)
Spongebob: sure Gary! Hazal told me she got a new girl Snail
Gary: *sounds sexy* meow!
Spongebob:and maybe we can go on a triple fecha at the Krusty Krab!
meanwhile at Hazal's house
Hazal:hey Arjin! wat's for breakfast!
Mary:Meow?(can i get a fecha too?)
Hazal:I told tu Mary! we'll go on a triple fecha at the Krusty Krab with Spongebob, Patrick, and Gary!
Mary:Meow Meow! (OK)
Hazal and Spongebob:Oops! i almost forgot to give tu food
both gives their caracol food*
later at the krusty krab
SB and P:Hey girls
Both: hola boys!
so they were at the krusty krab for hours
siguiente time:Sandy will wrestle Hazal and Patrick's big sister Sam will fight Arjin (me)oh the drama!!!
 "Meow? (can i get a fecha too?)"
"Meow? (can i get a date too?)"
 "Please Welcome, Hazal and Arjin!"
"Please Welcome, Hazal and Arjin!"
French Narrator: Ahh.. Mrs. Puff's Boating School, and I hear today there will be new students, let's see.
Mrs Puff: Good Morning Class, today we will have 2 new students, please welcome, Hazal and Arjin!
Class: *wearing funny masks and clapping*
Mrs Puff: OK Girls, take a asiento wherever tu want!
Narrator: Looks like theres only room siguiente to Spongebob and Patrick.
Spongebob:Hi! I'm Spongebob! it's nice to meet you!
Hazal:Nice to meet tu too!
Patrick: I'm Patrick!
Arjin (me):Nice to meet tu Patrick!
Mrs Puff:Ok class, I just got a letter from the teacher's convention saying we need to have a school prom, if we don't, I'll get fired again.
Mrs Puff: The prom is in 3 days, so pick someone quick!
Who will Spongebob and Patrick pick? find out next!
 "Please welcome Hazal and Arjin!"
"Please welcome Hazal and Arjin!"
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bob esponja pantalones cuadrados
I feel....a disturbance
bob esponja pantalones cuadrados
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