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sammy01234 posted on Oct 12, 2008 at 10:24PM
ever since i was little i watched spongebob even my dad loves it and i fell bad for my cosin hes not allowed to watch spongebob my favorite episode of sponebob would have to be when sqiudward trys his frist krabby patty and at the end he blows up because he eats to many krabby pattys

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hace más de un año spongygirl92 said…
nice to know. i liked spongebob since i was 9. my favorite episode (so far) is when spongebob messed up squidward's face, then he got a surgery to make him handsome.
hace más de un año BlueBadger said…
I've loved Spongebob ever since I was 5, and I'm proud of it! Anyway, ONE of my favorites is "Pranks A Lot". The one where Spongebob and Patrick go to a prank store and buy invisible spray. But I like "Just One Bite" and "Breath of Fresh Squidward", too. Dang, it's just so hard to have ONE favorite.
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hace más de un año chental115 said…
big smile
I love Spongebob too! My favorite epsodes are Secret Box, Band Geeks, Spongebob B.C., Squid On Strike, Shaghined, Gary Takes A Bath, Christmas Who, Bubble Buddy, and much more!!
hace más de un año metalnaunx said…
Ive always loved spongebob my favorite is band geeks an camp fire song