bob esponja pantalones cuadrados 1st Annual Spongebob squarepants Spot Awards [And the Winners Are...]

karlyluvsam posted on Jul 27, 2012 at 02:34AM
Welcome to the nominations of the 1st Annual Spongebob Spot Awards .. my Friend run this in the Sam Winchester Spot once a year and thought we should do it here.

The rules are simple research the spot and nominate fans that you like for each category.

Props will be given after the results are in each winner of the picks will receive 10 props as there award for each Category. You Can Not Nominate yourself or Vote for Yourself

Award Categories:

best screen-cap
Best Best Contributor:
Best Video
Best Photo:
Best Wallpaper:
Best Icon:
Best fanart :
Best Link:
Best Article:
Best Pick:
Best Forum:
Best Quiz:
Most Friendly Fan:
Best Fanpop User Related Spot:
best New Fan:

if ur still confused .. click here link
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hace más de un año karlyluvsam said…
Best Best Contributor: tubby2002
Best Video _ Spongebob 100 Moments 100 Episodes > Patrick_Star54
Best Photo: spongebob ~ DoloresFreeman
Best Wallpaper: spongebob ~ misanthrope86
Best Icon: SPONGEBOB SQUARPANTS♥ buffyl0v3r44
Best fanart : im cool : BellaMetallica
Best Link: *+*New Spot Icon & Banner Forum*+* misanthrope86
Best Article: Spongebob & patricks friendship ~ PEACEROCKER
Best Pick: Do you think Spongebob should happy to have a DirectTV? Berrican
Best Forum: +*New Spot Icon & Banner Forum*+* misanthrope86
Best Quiz: : What color is Squidward ~ purplevampire
Most Friendly Fan: vidvida
Best Fanpop Related Spot: the-spongebob-squarepants-movie
best New Fan: spongebob7426
Best screen cap : The Spongebob Squarepants Movie~ misanthrope86
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