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 Jessica x Kenny
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I'm sorry if this emberses tu but tu told me tu like Kenny.
This was on the "Mr. Hankey's navidad Classics" soundtrack. I personally hate Stendy, but this is a video and song many people might not have heard.
it happened in sun valley
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A funny video about the most popular videos in youtube (sorry if someone submited this before) Enojy it
It's Pinewood Derby time in South Park, and Stan and Randy are working furiously to build the best car possible. While working on the Derby car, Randy has acquired a very special component to help Stan secure a first place victory.
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This is the third and final part of "Charlie," but the end of this just marks the end of the first "episode" of "The Charlie Arc."


Kyle, Stan, Ike, and Charlie are sitting on the floor in Kyle's room when Mrs. Broflovski (Sheila) knocks on the door and peeks in.

SHEILA: Kyle, sweetie, can I talk to tu for a minute?

KYLE: Mo-om!

SHEILA: Now, Kyle!

They walk into the hall. Stan shrugs at Charlie. Ike crawls into her lap.

IKE: Kyle.

SHEILA: Kyle, I don't think I'm comfortable with tu playing with your new friend.

KYLE: Why not?

SHEILA: Well, he's dirty and bruised… Did he get in a fight...
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[South Park Elementary. The kids arrive at the classroom and they all talk. Mr Garrison arrives]

Mr Garrison: Okay, class, take your seats. We have-

[the kids ignore him and they keep ralking]

Mr Garrison: I dicho take your goddamn seats!!

[the kids stop talking and they sit down]

Mr Garrison: Alright. So as I was saying, we have a new student that will be joining in our class.

Cartman: What? New student?

Butters: Is it a boy?

Clyde: If it is, we can mostrar him how to throw rocks at people's trucks!

All boys: Yeah!

Mr Garrison: Okay! That's enough! Anyways, to answer your question, no. It's not a boy.

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