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Oly360 posted on Dec 02, 2009 at 08:04AM
W.T.F.!!! I cant believe they are gonna leave us hanging on a string like they did after the way they ended it. I am jaw to the floor stumped on what to say. Does anybody know how long we have to wait till next season starts?

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hace más de un año frankiefilth said…
I thought it was awesome. Very unexpected twists. The kidnap of Abel was crazy.
hace más de un año cilosybn said…
I thought it had a good ending, a bit f-ed up but a big cliffhanger like that was expected; season 3 wont start until Aug/Sept :( I hope Half Sack lives and that ATF bitch gets killed in the worst way possible! Although the entire show is pretty much based on Hamlet (producers and actors have even said this), so whatever happens you can expect some pretty messed up shit to come towards to club from here on out