sons of anarchy When is season 2 starting?

HeavyD posted on Dec 06, 2008 at 01:04AM
When is season 2 starting? best show on TV and would rival any drama on TV.. mark my words..

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hace más de un año punkyvixen said…
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Hey, i also am tryin to find out when it starts, i live in the UK so it has only just started showing, but i have seen them all online and am now waiting for season 2, the info i havefoun id that they started filming in APRIl and they hope it will air in AMERICA in SEPTEMBER, which it said is about a year after the first season aired but i dont know cus im not in AMERCICA ! So what do you think ?
hace más de un año punkyvixen said…
Also it will only have 13 episodes again which is a tad disopointing i tink!