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Sunny, entre estrellas
chad dylan cooper
sonny munroe
episode 11
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This Sunny, entre estrellas foto might contain automóvil, coche, suv, camión, auto, carro, abrigo de piel, cuello de piel, acento de pieles, acento de piel, and piel de abrigo.

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Tawni: I`ve never ever been to public school... I never thought it would be this cruel!
Nico: It`s endless, we`re friendless
Grady: It`s nothing but paaain...
Zora: And no one in this dump knows our name!
Sonny: I know tu think this is probably my fault
Tawni: (spoken) We do!
Sonny: The catty comentarios and the constant assults!
Grady: (spoken) It's cool!
Sonny: I was there once, and I'm still alone(?), so listen if tu want to survive... Inside this.....
Everyone: High School Miserable....
Tawni: I never thought I'd be invisible!
Everyone: In this High School Miserable....
Sonny: You've gotta...
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a really catchy yet super silly song.
Sunny, entre estrellas
season 2
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Sonny With A Chance - Dakota's Revenge Not in HD sorry!
Sunny, entre estrellas
full episode
season 2
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Sunny, entre estrellas
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