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 Sonic is happy?
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 Super Dark Silver
Super Dark Silver
"Mephiles!" Silver yelled after he went in fromt of Blaze to protect her."Hm,your turning to your self again,I have to go deeper..." Then Silver was pushed por a force to the rock,he tried everything to push against it,but it was to strong.Silver yelled to Blaze "Blaze,go while tu can!"Blaze left but far enough to watch him without being seen.

Meanwhile,back at home...

"Amy,go check on Blaze,she's been in there for a while."Sonic asked.Amy went to go check on Blaze."Sonic!"Amy yelled."What?"Sonic replied."Blaze is gone!"Amy said."What!?"Sonic said."She must of left to go find Silver!"Tails said."Come...
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This articulo is MY opinion and my lista of Sonic Characters. If tu do not agree with the placement of some of the characters here on the list, please don't go off whining at me. This is my lista and tu can make your own. I'll respect your opinion so please respect mines, even if we both don't agree.

No.10) Black Doom and Mephiles the Dark

Yep, Number Ten is a draw between two of the most villianous Sonic characters ever. I amor these two, so I'm really upset that I've decided to place them so low on my list. I amor their designs because of all the detail and I also amor their personalities.
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